Worm Whomper


Release 1983

Produced by Cheshire Engineering for Activision

Design/Program: Tom Loughry


Welcome to Felton Pinkerton's farm where corn grows high at harvesting time. But, wait! Wave after wave of horrible corn huskers are slithering, sliding, oozing toward your corn crops. The corn must be saved! The worms must be whomped! Run to the shed, grab your B-U-G pesticide and spray, Spray, SPRAY! Worm Whomper. Watch what crops up!


Worm Whomper was an original Intellivision game programmed at Cheshire Engineering under contract to Activision.

PLAYING TIPS: From designer Tom Loughry in the Worm Whomper instruction manual:

“As you will undoubtedly discover, protecting corn from invading bugs can be a full-time chore. And even then, there will always be at least one hungry bug that will survive the battle. Here are some pointers to help you control the number of bugs and increase the productivity of your crop.

"First of all, remember to spray the larger bugs first. They move the fastest and take the most spray to destroy.

"Also, it is especially important to exterminate the moths as soon as they appear. Although they don't actually destroy the corn themselves, they do lay eggs that mature into hungry caterpillars. If moths have the chance to lay their eggs close to the corn, the caterpillars will only have a short distance to travel and feast.

"Another strategy is to save your plough balls for the later waves of attack. All of the bugswill be moving much faster and that's when you'll need the plough balls most.

"Finally, only defend those sections of the field that have the corn growing on them. Don't even worry about the sections of the field that have lost their corn, unless new stalks appear."

FUN FACT: Players who sent a photo to Activision showing a score of 75,000 or more received an "Activision Worm Whompers" emblem.