Lady Bug


Release 1983

Released in Europe by CBS Electronics

Based on the Universal Co, Ltd arcade gamei


You're in control of a hungry Lady Bug. Using the disc, help her traverse a tricky maze, gobbling up dots and hears. But -- also in her path are poisonous skulls. And just when she thinks she's in the clear, ravenous insects begin to pursue her! Dodge them by passing through the turnstiles. But be careful about it or they'll sneak through right behind her and continue the chase! Will the Lady Bug goggle up all the dots and thwart her pursuers or become a tasty tidbit for them?


Guide the Ladybug around the maze. Eat hearts and letters to increase your score.

New enemies enter the maze when the border is lit.

Move the maze doors to escape enemies, but avoid the poisonous skulls.

Each new maze becomes more difficult; enemies moving faster, but rewards are greater.

Development History

Versions were released for Atari 2600, ColecoVision and Intellivision.