The following tables list all 125 cartridges released for the Intellivision video game system, including those requiring Intellivoice and the Entertainment Computer System (ECS). Games are listed here only under their original release titles and publisher; some games were repackaged (by Sears and Intellivision Inc ) with slightly different titles to avoid using licensed trademarks. Some of the games in our CD-ROM, Intellipack and Flashback collections also use slightly different titles for the same reason

Mattel Electronics Games

TitleProgrammer (Company)ReleaseNotes
ABPA® Backgammon Kevin Miller (APh) Test market: 1979 Official release: Oct 16, 1980 (#13)Also released as "Backgammon"
ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® CartridgeTom Loughry (APh)August 16,1982 (#35)Also identified in some later Mattel Electronics catalogs as "ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® Cloudy Mountain Cartridge"; re-released by Intellivision Productions, Inc. as "Adventure" and as "Crown of Kings" for legal reasons
ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® Treasure Of Tarmin® CartridgeTom Loughry (APh)1983Re-released by Intellivision Productions, Inc. as "Minotaur" for legal reasons
Armor BattleChris Kinglsey (APh)Test market: 1979 Official release: Sep 4, 1980 (#7)One of the original four games released in test markets in 1979
AstrosmashJohn Sohl (Mattel)Oct 15, 1981 (#23)Originally intended to be part of the red-boxed "Action Network"; moved at last minute to newly formed blue-boxed "Space Action Network." Labels with white lettering on red had already been printed and were used.
Auto RacingLarry Zwick (APh)Oct 3, 1980 (#9)Two versions were released, one with "realistic steering" and one with easier "point in the direction you want to go" steering.
B-17 BomberJohn Sohl, Bill Fisher & Stephen Roney (Mattel)Jul 23, 1982Requires Intellivoice module
Bomb SquadGene Smith (Mattel)1982Requires the Intellivoice module
BoxingTom Loughry (APh)Oct 21, 1981 (#22)
Bump 'N' Jump®Joe Jacobs & Dennis Clark (Technology Consultants)1983Based on the Data East arcade game
BurgerTime®Ray Kaestner (Mattel)1983Based on the Data East arcade game
Buzz BombersMike Breen (Mattel)1983
CheckersDavid Rolfe (APh)Sep 17, 1980 (#8)Released in the United Kingdom as "Draughts"
The Electric Company® Math FunKimo Yap (APh)Test market: 1979 Official release: Oct 16, 1980 (#15)
The Electric Company® Word FunKevin Miller (APh)Nov 5, 1980 (#17)
Frog BogTom Soulanille & Peter Kaminski (APh)May 25 , 1982 (#32)
Horse RacingChris Hawley (APh)Oct 3, 1980 (#12)
Jetson's® Way With WordsJosh Jeffe (Mattel)1983Requires the ECS module and Computer Keyboard
Kool-Aid Man®Mark Kennedy (Mattel)1983
Las Vegas Poker & BlackjackDavid Rolfe (APh)Test market: 1979 Official release:Aug 25, 1980 (#3)Included with the Master Component 1980-1982, making it the most common Intellivision game (over 2 million copies)
Las Vegas RouletteJohn Brooks (APh)Oct 3, 1980 (#11)
Lock 'N' Chase®Mike Winans (Mattel)July 9, 1982 (#34)Based on the Data East arcade game.
Loco-Motion®Daniel Bass (Mattel)1983Based on the Konami arcade game
Major League BaseballDavid Rolfe (APh)Sep 4, 1980 (#5)Although not the first released, the first game programmed for the Intellivision console; also released as "Baseball" and "Big League Baseball"
Masters of the Universe®: The Power of He-Man®Ray Kaesnter & Rick Koenig (Mattel)1983
Melody BlasterRick Sinatra (Mattel)1983Only game released that requires the ECS module and Music Keyboard; originally promoted as a musical version of the popular Astrosmash
Mind StrikeDavid Warhohl (Mattel)1983Requires the ECS module and Computer Keyboard
Mission X®John Tomlinson (Mattel)1983Based on the Data East arcade game
MotocrossRick Koenig (Mattel)1983
Mr. Basic Meets Bits 'N' Bytesunknown (Mattel)1983Requires the ECS module and Computer Keyboard.
NASL® SoccerKevin Miller (APh)Sep 4, 1980 (#6)Also released as "Soccer"
NBA® BasketballKen Smith (APh)Aug 25, 1980 (#1)Also released as "Basketball"
NFL® FootballKen Smith and Kevin Miller (APh)Aug 27, 1980 (#2)Also released as "Football"
NHL® HockeyKen Smith (APh)Oct 3, 1980 (#10)Also released as "Hockey"
Night StalkerSteve Montero (Mattel)May 16, 1982 (#29)
PBA® BowlingRick Levine & Mike Minkoff (MattelJul 31, 1981 (#21)Also released as "Bowling"
PGA® GolfScott Bishop (APh)Nov 5, 1980 (#18)Also released as "Golf"
PinballMinhchau Tran & Bob Newstadt (Mattel)1983
ReversiGreg Favor (APh)May 11, 1982 (#31)
Royal DealerRich O'Keefe (APh)1982 (#37)
Scooby Doo's® Maze Chase Mark Kennedy (Mattel)1983Requires the ECS module and Computer Keyboard
Sea BattleKen Smith (APh)Oct 3, 1980 (#14)
Shark! Shark!Ji Wen Tsao (Mattel)Dec 6, 1982 (#42)
Sharp ShotFrank Evans (APh)Oct 28, 1982 (#42)Collection of simple games originally developed for the interactive TV show "Poww!"
SnafuMike Minkoff (Mattel)Oct 15, 1981 (#24)
Space ArmadaJohn Brooks & Chris Hawley (APh)Oct 15, 1981 (#25)Originally released as part of the red-boxed "Action Network."
Space BattleHal Finney (APh)Aug 25, 1980 (#4)Originally released as part of the red-boxed "Action Network." Consumer complaints of the game being "too easy" led to the addition of a new harder level. The harder version was released as part of the new blue-boxed "Space Action Network"
Space HawkBill Fisher (Mattel)Apr 19, 1982 (#28)
Space SpartansBill Fisher & Stephen Roney (Mattel)June 29. 1982First game to require the Intellivoice module
Star StrikeHal Finney & Brett Stutz (APh)Dec 22, 1981 (#27)
Sub HuntTom Loughry (APh)May 6, 1982 (#30)
TennisGavin Claypool (APh)Dec 10, 1980 (#19)
Triple ActionRich O'Keefe (APh)Oct 15, 1981 (#26)Includes three games: Tanks, Racing and Bi-planes
TRON® Deadly DiscsSteve Sents (Mattel)1982 (#36)
TRON® Maze-A-TronRuss Haft (Mattel)Oct 6, 1982 (#39)
TRON® Solar SailerKeith Robinson (Mattel)1983Requires the Intellivoice module
U.S. Ski Team® SkiingScott Reynolds (APh)Dec 10, 1980 (#20)Also released as "Skiing"
USCF Chessunknown (Teletape Inc.), Russ Ludwick (Mattel)Nov 23, 1982 (#41)Also released as "Chess"
UtopiaDon Daglow (Mattel)Jun 3, 1982 (#33)
VectronMark Urbaniec (Mattel)1983
World Series Major League® BaseballEddie Dombrower (Mattel)1983Requires the ECS module and computer keyboard; uses the Intellivoice module (not required) for voice enhancement


TitleProgrammer (Company)ReleaseNotes
BeamriderDavid Rolfe (Cheshire)1983David Rolfe took the idea for Beamrider from a notebook of ideas kept by friend and former APh workmate Tom Loughry
The Dreadnaught FactorTom Loughry (Cheshire)1983
Happy TrailsCarol B. Shaw (Activision)1983
PitfallDavid Crane (Activision)1982
River RaidPeter Kaminski (Activision)1983
StampedeBob Whitehead (Activision)1982
Worm WhomperTom Loughry (Cheshire)1983


TitleProgrammer (Company)ReleaseNotes
CentipedeMark Kennedy (Atari)1983
DefenderPeter Farson (Atari)1983
Pac-ManMike Winans (Atari)1983Licensed from Atari and re-released by INTV Corp. without the Atari title screen


TitleProgrammer (Company)ReleaseNotes
Donkey Kongunknown1982
Donkey Kong Jr.unknown1983
Lady Bugunknown1983
Mouse Trapunknown1982

Dextell, Ltd

TitleProgrammer (Company)ReleaseNotes
Championship TennisPatrick Aubry & John Fiddes (Mattel Electronics France/Nice Ideas)1985Uses code originally developed for the unreleased 4-player Super Tennis cartridge for the ECS module. Also released by INTV Corp.
World Cup SoccerMark Grant & Armand Barraud (Mattel Electronics France/Nice Ideas)1985Uses code originally developed for the unreleased 4-player NASL Super Soccer for the ECS module


TitleProgrammer (Company)ReleaseNotes
Atlantis Pat Ransil (Imagic)1982
Beauty and the BeastWendell Brown (Imagic)1982
Demon AttackGary Kato (Imagic)1982
DraculaAlan Smith (Imagic)1983
DragonfireAlan Smith (Imagic)1982
FathomDave Durran (Imagic)1983
Ice TrekPatrick Schmitz (Imagic)1983
MicrosurgeonRick Levine (Imagic)1982
Nova BlastWendell Brown (Imagic)1983
SafecrackerMarvin Mednick (Imagic)1983
Swords & SerpentsBrian P. Dougherty (Imagic)1982
Tropical TroubleSteve DeFrisco (Imagic)1982
Truckin'Rick Levine (Imagic)1983
White WaterDouglas A. Fults (Imagic)1983


TitleProgrammer (Company)ReleaseNotes
Blockade RunnerSteve Willey (Interphase)1983
Sewer SamSteve Willey (Interphase)1983

Parker Brothers

TitleProgrammer (Company)ReleaseNotes
Star Wars®: The Empire Strikes Back®unknown1983
Super Cobraunknown1983


TitleProgrammer (Company)ReleaseNotes
Congo BongoMike Noll (Beck-0Tech)1983

INTV Corporation

TitleProgrammer (Company)ReleaseNotes
Body Slam: Super Pro WrestlingSteve Ettinger (Realtime)1988
Chip Shot: Super Pro GolfSteve Ettinger (Realtime)1987Golf aficianado Steve Ettinger programmed this game from scratch, unlike other "Super Pro" games that were built on top of previously released Sports games
CommandoJohn Tomlinson (Realtime)1987
Dig DugMark Kennedy (Atari)1987Programmed at Atari by former Mattel programmer Mark Kennedy; game was never debugged nor released by Atari. INTV purchased the rights to debug and release the game
DinerRay Kaestner (Realtime)1987Sequel to BurgerTime; game mechanics were originally developed for a Masters of the Universe sequel, but were used here instead because rights to BurgerTime were cheaper
Hover ForceSteve Ettinger (Mattel/Realtime)1986
Learning Fun IMark Urbaniec (Realtime)1987
Learning Fun IIDave Warhohl (Realtime)1987
Mountain Madness: Super Pro SkiingRay Kaestner (Realtime)1988Uses the game code from the earlier U.S. Ski Team Skiing cartridge, adding a number of features
Pole PositionMark Urbaniec (Realtime)1988
Slam Dunk: Super Pro BasketballSteve Ettinger (Realtime)1987Uses the game code from the earlier NBA Basketball cartridge, adding a computer opponent and number of other features
Slap Shot: Super Pro HockeyRay Kaestner (Realtime)1987Uses the game code from the earlier NHL Hockey cartridge, adding a computer player and other features
Spiker: Super Pro VolleyballSteve Ettinger (Realtime)1989
Stadium Mud BuggiesRick Koenig (Realtime)1989Only game developed for both Intellivision and the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), as "Monster Truck Rally." Before release, INTV sold the rights, including the name, to the NES version to another publisher and changed the name of the Intellivision version to "Stadium Mud Buggies." The graphics in the game, however, were not changed and remain monster trucks
Super Pro DecathlonScott Robitelle (Realtime)1988
Super Pro FootballJohn Tomlinson & Dave Warhol (Realtime)1986Uses the game code from the earlier NFL Football cartridge, adding a computer opponent and number of other features
Thin IceJulie Hoshizaki (Mattel)1986
Thunder CastleDavid Warhohl & Connie Goldman (Mattel)1986
Tower of DoomDaniel Bass (Mattel), John Tomlinson (Realtime)1987Identified in early catalogs as ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Tower of Mystery Cartridge
Triple ChallengeDavid Warhohl (Realtime)1987Includes three games: Chess, Checkers and Backgammon, using the game code from the three earlier Intellivision cartridges APBA Backgammon, USCF Chess and Checkers
World Championship BaseballDan Dickerson (APh)1986Uses the game code from the earlier Major League Baseball cartridge, adding a computer opponent and a number of other features