Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 or 2 Players)


Object of the game is to defeat your opponent in the ring using

strength, strategy, and a hint of sneakiness. Each match consists of a

series of four-minute rounds. The first wrestler to pin his opponent

to the mat for a count of three seconds is the winner.

You control a wrestler selected from 12 different characters. Your

opponent is a wrestler controlled by a friend or by the computer. If

you choose a TAG-TEAM MATCH, you and your opponent each

control TWO wrestlers who take turns in the ring.

There are 26 possible moves in SUPER PRO WRESTLING -- drops,

kicks, punches, etc. Before each match, you choose 4 to 9 moves

(depending upon your selected skill level) that you will use in that

match. During the match, YOU control when you use your moves

against your opponent.


Turn power OFF, insert cartridge, turn power ON, and press RESET.

SUPER PRO WRESTLING title screen appears. Press any KEY.


Press 1 to select ONE-ON-ONE (each player controls ONE wrestler) or

press 2 to select TAG TEAM (each player controls TWO wrestlers that

take turns during the match).


Select ONE PLAYER (press 1 on your hand controller and 2 on the

other controller), TWO PLAYERS (press 1 on both controllers), or NO

PLAYERS (press 2 on both controllers) to watch the computer play

itself and learn its strategy.

Onscreen information for player using the LEFT hand controller is in

GREEN; onscreen information for player using the RIGHT hand

controller is in BLUE. When playing against the computer, you can

use either controller. The other controller becomes the "computer's"



How many moves you can make during the match is determined by

your selected skill level: the lower the skill level, the fewer the


1. Beginner: 4 moves

2. Amateur: 5 moves

3. Rookie: 6 moves

4. Veteran: 7 moves

5. Professional: 8 moves

6. Super Pro: 9 moves

Each player presses the key, 1 to 6, to select skill level. Players may

select different skill levels to handicap the match.


Press the TOP or BOTTOM of the DISC to review the 12 wrestlers you

have to choose from. Judge their relative strengths and weaknesses

when making your choice.

Beneath each wrestler's name are his statistics: Height, Weight,

Strength (St), Coordination (Co), and Ego (Eg).

Height: The taller you are, the more you'll hurt your opponent when

you throw him.

Weight: The heavier you are, the more you'll hurt your opponent

when you land on him. (BUT, the heavier you are, the slower you are,

both walking and running.)

Strength: The stronger you are, the more you'll hurt your opponent

when you punch or kick him.

Coordination: The more coordinated you are, the more likely you are

to take control when in a grapple. (Whenever two wrestlers walk

toward each other and touch, they go into a grapple, grasping each

other's body.)

Ego: The bigger your ego is, the more likely you are to stop after a

successful move and gloat. The crowd will roar its approval and

you'll gain stamina, but it'll give your opponent a chance to recover

or to attack!

All of the wrestlers are, overall, evenly matched. Your strategy lies in

selecting moves that exploit a particular wrestler's strengths and

your skill in timing the use of chose moves will determine the victor.

When the wrestler you want is on screen, press ENTER.

For a TAG TEAM MATCH, select TWO wrestlers. Consider your

strategy when determining to choose two players with similar

statistics or ones that have different strong points.

When playing alone, select a wrestler (or wrestlers) for the computer

on the hand controller you aren't using.


Each player pre-selects the 4 to 9 moves he or she will use during

the match. There are 26 moves to choose from, described in detail

later. Player 1 chooses first, then player 2.

Press the TOP or BOTTOM of the DISC to cycle through the move

names. When one you want is highlighted in yellow, press ONE OF


then be assigned that move. During the match, press that number to

use the move.

The highest number you can assign is determined by your skill level.

For example, a ROOKIE can assign 6 moves to KEYS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

After assigning all your available keys, press ENTER.

After Player 1 presses ENTER, Player 2 selects moves in the same


When competing against the computer, it will select its own moves,

or you may override its selection using the other hand controller.

Press ENTER on the computer's hand controller to continue.


The match starts with the wrestlers entering the arena. Once in the

ring, the LEFT hand-controller wrestler (GREEN onscreen information)

is in the bottom left corner, the RIGHT hand-controller wrestler

(BLUE onscreen information) is in the top right. Let the battle begin!

The match consists of a series of four-minute rounds. There are an

unlimited number of rounds; the match continues until a player wins

or until a draw is declared. Before each round, Lola the Round Girl

will display the round number. While Lola is on screen, either player

may press CLEAR to display a menu of the moves selected and what

keys they are assigned to. Each player must press ENTER to continue

(press ENTER on both hand controllers when playing the computer).


Use one of your pre-selected moves against your opponent by

pressing the key you assigned to that move. Make sure you know

when you can use a certain move (while running, in a grapple, etc.)

by familiarizing yourself with the list of moves BEFORE you play!

In addition to the pre-selected moves, either player can control other

actions of the wrestlers:

Walking: Press the DISC in the direction you want to walk; release

the DISC to stop. You always face your opponent when walking or


Grappling: Walk up to your opponent. When you touch, the two of

you go into a grapple, grasping each other's body. You can walk away

from a grapple or press a numeric key to use a pre-selected grapple

move (quickly, before your opponent does).

Running: Press the DISC to start walking, then, while still pressing the

DISC, press any SIDE ACTION KEY to start running. Press DISC again

to stop. You face the direction you are running.

Climbing Ropes: You can climb either of the two TOP corner posts:

when next to a post, press the TOP of the DISC. When at the top of

the post, you have until a count of 5 to either use a pre-selected

jumping move (one of your assigned keys) or to climb down. Climb

down by pressing the BOTTOM of the DISC. STAY ON THE ROPES TOO


eyes on the warning timers in the upper corners of the screen.

Climbing In or Out Of The Ring: If your opponent is thrown from the

ring, you can climb out and chase him down. Move to the bottom of

the ring and press the BOTTOM of the DISC. You have until a count of

20 when outside the ring to fight. To climb back into the ring, move

your wrestler to the base of the ring and press the TOP of the DISC.


THE WINNER! Again, keep your eyes on the warning timers in the

upper corners of the screen.

Picking Up a Downed Opponent: If your opponent is on the mat, stand

over him and press CLEAR to lift him into a staggering position. As he

hears the cuckoos, you'll have time to make your next move.

Switch to Other Wrestler (TAG TEAM MATCH ONLY): When you start

getting tired (losing stamina), move back to your starting corner (left

controller: lower left; right controller: upper right) and press 0

(ZERO). You will switch to your other wrestler. Wrestlers' stamina is

replenished when not fighting. The longer you leave your Tag Team

partner out of the match, the more his stamina will increase.

Pinning Your Opponent: The winning move! Your opponent is down --

stand over him and press ENTER. You will land on top of him and the

count to 3 will begin. During the count, you are unable to use other

moves (hand controller disabled). If your opponent is strong enough

to get you off of him, your controller will again become active and

play resumes.

Escaping A Pin: Rapidly press the DISC: if you still have the stamina

you can bump him off and stand up. In an emergency, press ANY

SIDE KEY for a burst of power that will usually get you to your feet,

but at the cost of much of your Stamina.

If you have the "Possum Roll" move assigned to a KEY, you can try

this move to get up and away in one smooth motion.


As you suffer damage at the hands of your opponent (or at your own

hands if you mis-time your moves), you will notice your stamina

score (at the bottom of the ring) begin to drop. The lower it gets, the

more vulnerable to being pinned you become. When each round

ends, you will recover a little, preparing you for the next round's

barrage. Keep your eye on the "Round Timer", located at the bottom

center of the ring. If you have been hurt a lot, you may wish to avoid

conflicts until the round ends.

IMPORTANT: Whenever a wrestler is GLOATING, his stamina is



A wrestler is declared the WINNER when:

1. His opponent is pinned for a count of 3 or:

2. His opponent is on the ropes for a of 5 or:

3. His opponent is out of the ring for a count of 20.

A match is declared a DRAW when:

1. BOTH players are on the ropes for a count of 5 or:

2. BOTH players are out of ring for a count of 20.


You have three options for playing a new match:

1. Choose New Wrestlers: Gives both players the option to choose a

new wrestler and new moves.

2. Choose New Moves: Both players keep the same wrestlers, but

have the option to change some or all of their moves.

3. Restart the Match: Play again, both players using the same

wrestlers and moves.


When selecting your moves, choose a good cross section of different

types so you're covered no matter what situation you find yourself

in. When assigning them to numbers, group moves by type. When

playing at the Super Pro level, for example, you might assign running

moves to the top row (1, 2, 3), grappling moves to the middle row (4,

5,6), and defensive moves to the bottom row (7, 8, 9). If there is a

move you consistently choose, such as the defensive Possum Roll, you

might want to always assign it to the same number so its use

becomes reflex.



When wrestlers walk toward each other, they will automatically go

into a grapple, grasping each other's body. The following moves can

only be used when players are in a grapple. Rapidly press and

release the KEY assigned the move: your timing and your wrestler's

ability will determine its   success.

Body Slam: Hoist your opponent over your head and heave him to

the mat. If you are standing near either side of the ring, you will

heave him OUT of the ring. You only use this move in the ring.

Knee Butt: Give your opponent a swift knee between his legs. This

should make him think twice about grappling with you!

Face Masher: Following a brief headlock, quickly bash your

opponent's face. The coordinated you are, the more bashes you will


Iron Claw: Grab your opponent's face and give him a good shaking.

The more coordinated you are, the more shaking you'll do and the

more he'll be hurt!

Brain Buster: Lift your opponent over your head, turn him upside

down, then drop him on his noggin. He'll see stars!

Back Breaker: Lift your opponent over your head, then drop his back

onto your knee. His bones will crrrrrrrunch!

Spin Heave: Grab your opponent by his heels, spin him around, then

let go and watch him fly out of the ring onto the cement floor! You

may only use this move in the ring.

Flip Kick: Surprise your opponent with an agile back flip that ends

with a square kick to his jaw.

Suplex: Spin around behind your opponent and lift him onto your

shoulder. Before he can admire the view, drop him head-first to the


Rainbow Punch: Headlock your opponent, then belt him with a

devastating uppercut. The rainbow part is what he looks like as he

floats up through the air and then drops like a stone outside the ring.

You may only use this move in the ring.

Rope Sling: Headlock your opponent, then whip him across your body

and start him running helplessly into the ropes. While he is running,

move away from his path and prepare to belt him with some other

move. Act quickly; he'll come to his senses soon!

Head Butt: Give your opponent a good piece of your mind...with your

head still around it. After this brief skull session is completed, only

one wrestler will be left on his feet-you.

Pile Driver: Lift your opponent upside-down, with his head even with

your waist. Then sit down. You'll land softly, but he'll get a splitting



The following defensive move can only be made when you are flat on

the mat (or, if outside the ring, on the floor).

Possum Roll: After your opponent has in some way crashed YOU to

the canvas, you lie there waiting for his next attack. Then, after he

has committed himself, you roll away, leaving only air between him

and the mat. This is also handy for getting back up to your feet if the

enemy is standing near you.


These moves can only be made starting from a standing, stopped

position. Once you press the KEY assigned the move, it'll proceed,

with success based on your wrestler's abilities, how close your

opponent is, and your timing.

Quick Jab: A quick punch with no wind-up. Watch your opponent's

head snap back in pain! Good up-close move: you can get many of

these off very quickly.

Bazooka Punch: A devastating punch, which, if landed, causes your

opponent to go flying across the ring. This punch requires a wind-up,

during which your opponent may be able to attack you.


These moves can only be used from a running start. Run toward your

opponent (or into the ropes and bounce toward him), then press the

KEY assigned the move when you are close. Timing is essential or

you'll miss him entirely!

Chest Smash: Jump at your opponent, smashing into him chest first.

If you miss, you land flat on your face!

Drop Kick: Jump at your opponent, smashing into him feet-first. If

you miss, you land flat on your back, vulnerable to a pinning!

Cross Chop: Hit your opponent with your elbows. Does a lot of damage

if timed correctly!

Clothesline: Smash your standing or staggering opponent in the neck

with your out-stretched arm, dropping him to the mat.

Mega-Leap: Defensive move to escape your opponent. Jump, execute

a full somersault for good measure, and land in the opposite corner

of the ring. Also handy for getting back into the ring when used

directly at the base of the ring.


The following move can only be made when you are standing on the


Giant Splash: Launch yourself as a human projectile onto your

opponent. If you miss, though, this one is VERY painful.


The following moves can be made in more than one type of situation.

Duck And Cover (standing or running): Defensive move. You simply

duck out of your opponent's way. Whether he's running or jumping

at you, he'll miss or trip over you and fall to the mat.

Power Kick (standing or running): The most deadly kick in your

arsenal. When landed correctly your opponent will go sailing out of

the ring, where he will experience a very painful landing. You may

only use this move in the ring.

Elbow Drop (running or on-the-ropes): A vicious drop to your

opponent's body with your elbow leading the way! This move may

be performed TWO ways: if your opponent is down, you can run at

him to do the drop or, if you've climbed the ropes, you can drop on

him while he's up.

Flying Sit Drop (running or on-the-ropes): Same as the Elbow Drop

(above), but with your caboose leading the way (and the larger your

caboose, the larger his pain)!


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