Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 or 2 Players)

*BUMP 'N' JUMP is a trademark of Data East USA, Inc., used under



Bump 'em and jump 'em! Blast 'em and crash 'em. Send cars

screeching off the road! Watch out for obstacles and tricky turns.

Peel down the road but don't total your car. Bump and jump your

way to tougher and tougher roadways. Go for a high score!



DISC: Steer your car

To begin the game, press RESET then press the DISC. Now choose the

numbers of players.

FOR A 1 PLAYER GAME press 1 on either hand controller keypad and

press ENTER. In a one player game, it's you against computer-

controlled cars. Use the left hand controller to play the game.

FOR A 2 PLAYER GAME press 2 on either hand controller keypad and

press ENTER. In a two player game, players take turns against

computer-controlled cars. Player 1 uses the left hand controller and

player 2 uses the right hand controller. This game begins with player

1 in the driver's seat. When a player crashes, it's the other player's

turn on the road!


The game begins immediately with you at the wheel of the red car.

You're on the open road, surrounded by a pack of cars. They're out to

bump you off the road...smash you into the railings...and crash you

into trees and water.

Use the Hand Controller Disc as your steering wheel and react

quickly. Press the edge in the direction you want to steer the car.

Also use the Disc as your gas pedal. Press the top of the Disc to

accelerate, and press the bottom to decelerate. Chase cars down and

bump them into the weeds! Crash as many of them as you can!

Watch the roadway. Be on the lookout for obstacles in your way.

Build up speed through the straightaways, tighten your steering

through the curves. Don't hug the side or you could get bumped off!

When you approach water make a split second decision. Accelerate

and jump over it. Or drive on the causeway that runs along the

side...if there is one!

When you reach the end of a roadway, you get bonus points! Then

the action automatically begins on the next roadway. Each one is a

little tougher than the last. The game ends when you crash all of

your cars!


YOUR CAR. Start the game with 5 red cars. You drive one at a time. Go

from a cruising speed of 20 mph to flat out 220 mph. Look at the

screen to see your current speed.

Each time you crash, you lose a car. The number of cars left shows on

the screen. Crash all your cars and you're retired.

When you reach the first 20,000 points, you get another car!

BUMPING: Bump into cars and send them reeling off the road to

crash! Bump with the front of your ca and you lose speed. Get

bumped from behind and you gain speed. Try bumping from

different directions and at different angles. The faster your speed,

the further you will bump the other car. But be careful...any time you

make contact with another car, your car ricochets too. Use the Disc to

quickly regain your course.

JUMPING: To jump press any ACTION BUTTON. Your car gets bigger

as it jumps into the air, then gets smaller as it lands again. Be careful

when you jump. If you come down in the water or onto the edge of

the roadway...you will crash!

You can jump any time, as long as you're going 100 m.p.h. or faster.

Jump when you are boxed in...jump onto another car to crash

it...jump to fly over water. The faster your speed, the farther your

car will jump. Use the Disc when you're in mid-air to control your

landing point.

If you've got lightning reflexes, jump...and land on the island in the

water...then jump to the roadway. You get bonus points for landing

on the island!

ROADWAYS: There are lots of different roadways. As you progress

through the game, the roadways get more difficult, with more road

debris, center islands, water and turns.

Every time you approach water you will hear a beep and see "!".

Keep your eyes peeled. Sometimes there's a causeway on the side so

you can drive around the water. Sometimes the only was to get over

the water is to jump! You never know until you get there. Response

time is critical.

You complete a roadway when your car drives up to the gas pump

and refuels. You see your score, the number of cars that crashed,

bonus points, the roadway number you are about to begin and the

season you will drive through next. (The scenery along the roadways

is a different color for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.)

CRASHING: A car crashes when it runs into the railing of trees at the

side of the road...when it hits debris in the road...or when it runs into

the water. But you have an edge on the other cars. You can jump on

top of one and it will crash! When another car bites the dust look at

the crash site to see the points you get for that car.

When you crash, you lose a car. Then your next car is automatically

placed on the road before your crash site.

TYPES OF CARS: There are 10 types of computer cars on the road. Get

to know 'em!

* The tractor is really heavy and cannot be bumped very far. It

always drives straight ahead and very slowly.

* The cycle is extremely light and can be bumped a long way. It

drives at medium speed and weaves back and forth a lot.

* The skull car travels really fast and is fairly light. It frequently

heads straight toward your car!

* The race car is super light, goes really fast and zig zags across the

road occasionally.

* The dump truck moves fast and sporadically dumps debris on the

road. It explodes on contact!

* The white car is fairly light, can be bumped a long distance and

frequently heads straight toward your car.

* The yellow truck is the second heaviest vehicle. It weaves back &

forth a lot.

* The green car is very light and can be bumped a long way. It zig

zags a lot.

* The blue car is really light and fast, and weaves back & forth a lot.

*�The brown car is fairly light, can be bumped a long distance and

zig zags a lot.


When you crash all of your cars, press RESET or ENTER to begin a

new game.


You accumulate points as you drive through each roadway. The

further you drive, the more points you get. You also get points for

each car that crashes. Cars are worth different points. Get 1000

bonus points if you land on an island in the water. Your score shows

on the screen at the end of each roadway, or when you crash.

Make it to the end of a roadway and you get bonus points too:

* Get bonus points for each car you crash:

1st roadway: 300 points times the number of cars crashed.

2nd roadway: 400 points times the number of cars crashed.

3rd through infinity: 500 points times the number of cars crashed.

* Get 50,000 points if you don't crash another car during an entire



* Keep your speed over 100 m.p.h. so you can jump at any time!

* Steer your car toward the center of the roadway. If you're near the

side you could get bumped off the road and crash!

* Drive between two cars so you can bump back and forth!

* Watch out on the causeways, they can be tricky. Another car can

speed ahead and block your way. If you bump into it, you'll likely

crash into the side.


(c)1982, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.