Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 or 2 Players)

You begin each mission at the bottom of the screen and advance

toward the top, into enemy territory. Run in the direction you press

the hand controller DISC; release the DISC to stop. As you advance,

more of the battlefield moves onto screen from the top. You can only

advance -- your movements left, right, and down are limited to the

area currently on screen.

Armed only with a machine gun and hand grenades, you will face

wave after wave of enemy soldiers -- attacking on foot, from behind

barricades, or from trenches. Learn their different weapons and

patterns -- you'll need both strategy and dexterity to defeat them!

Your goal each mission is the gates to the enemy stronghold that will

appear at the top of the screen -- if you get that far. The doors open

as you approach -- enter to complete the mission. Be careful! The

doors are well guarded!

Successfully complete the mission and take a well deserved break,

Then you're off on a new mission -- harder than before!


You are armed with a machine gun with unlimited ammunition. Press

either TOP SIDE ACTION KEY to shoot in the direction you are running

or facing.

You start with 6 hand grenades. Press either BOTTOM ACTION KEY to

lob a grenade forward.

You can capture extra grenades from the enemy. On the ground next

to some enemy positions are stockpiles of 1, 3, or 6 grenades. Pick

them up simply by running over them.

You carry the number of grenades you have left after a mission into

the next  one.


Learn to recognize the ranks and weapons of the enemy -- they

require  different strategies to defeat:

Foot soldiers attack you directly with machine guns and hand

grenades.  Rifle troops fire from behind fixed barricades. Artillery

soldiers launch mortar shells. Trench soldiers shoot from below

ground, safe from your machine gun  fire. Motor troops try to run

you over and can't be stopped! Bazooka teams work in pairs, laying

down a constant screen of bazooka blasts. Generals are unarmed, but

aggressive and deadly in hand-to-hand combat.


On some missions you will encounter a prisoner of war (blue)

guarded by two enemy soldiers (light blue). As you approach, the

guards will attempt to escort the P.O.W. off the battlefield. Shoot both

guards to free the prisoner before they leave the screen. Once safe,

the prisoner gives a victory wave and disappears.


Turn POWER switch off and insert COMMANDO cartridge. Turn power

on and press RESET. The COMMANDO title screen appears. Select

number of  players and difficulty level:

ONE PLAYER: Press 1 or the DISC.




You start with five turns. Your turn ends when you're hit by the

enemy, or  fall into a lake or trench.

You earn an extra turn at 10,000 points and for every 50,000 points

you score thereafter.

You can pause the game by pressing the number 1 key and the

number 9 key on either hand controller at the same time. The screen

will go black. Press any KEY or the DISC to resume play.

The game ends when you run out of turns. Press RESET to play again.


Players take turns, the first player using the LEFT HAND

CONTROLLER,  the second player using the RIGHT HAND CONTROLLER.

When a player is hit  by the enemy, there is a pause as both players'

scores are shown, then the other player's turn begins.

Since a player can earn extra turns, the game can end for either

player with the other player having one or more turns left. The

remaining player continues until out of turns.


Your score is shown on the screen between turns and at the end of

missions.  You receive points for each enemy soldier hit:

Foot Soldiers: 300 pts.

Aggressive Foot Soldiers: 400 pts.

Rifle Troops: 500 pts.

Bazooka Teams: 600 pts.

Artillery Soldiers: 700 pts.

Trench Soldiers: 800 pts.

P.O.W. Guards: 1000 pts.

Generals: 2000 pts.

Picking Up Stockpile of Grenades: 1000 pts.

Successfully Completing Mission: 5000 pts.


�1987, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.