Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 Player)

*Trademark of Namco, used under license.


At the beginning of the game, Dig Dug burrows his way to the center

of the earth. Once he's there, you control him with the hand

controller Disc. Dig your own tunnels, or break into existing ones.

Stun or explode monsters with your air gun, or drop rocks on them.

When no monsters are left on screen, the game continues at the next

level, harder than before!


There are two types of monsters; Pooka and Fygar. They are easy to

tell apart since Fygar breathes fire. If you are in the same tunnel

with them, they'll attack. If they catch you, your turn is over!

If you don't go after them quickly, watch out, because they will come

after you! Pooka and Fygar cannot dig tunnels, but they can become

GHOSTS and pass right through the ground, directly toward YOU!

Once they pass into a tunnel, they again become solid.


So how can you defend yourself? Your main weapon is your air gun.

Press any SIDE ACTION KEY to shoot your air hose in the direction

you are facing. If you hit a monster, keep pressing a SIDE ACTION

KEY to inflate him. You can pump the key a couple of times to stun

the monster, letting you walk right past him, or you can keep

pumping or hold the key down to inflate the monster until he pops.


Another way to stop a monster is to drop a rock on him. Tunnel

underneath a rock when a monster is chasing you. If you're

tunneling upward, make a sharp turn just before you reach the rock

and let it fall on him! If you're tunneling sideways, time it so that the

rock falls just as the monster runs underneath.

With good timing you can drop a rock on two or more monsters for

big points! You can even drop a rock on a monster while he is a

ghost! Be careful! You can accidentally drop a rock on you!


Now and then, a vegetable will appear in the center of the earth for

several seconds. Gobble it for extra points!


When no monsters are left on the screen, the round is over. The

game continues with new monsters at a more difficult level. The

round number is shown in the upper right corner.


Turn POWER switch OFF and insert DIG DUG cartridge. Turn power ON

and press RESET. Press any KEY or the DISC to start game.

You start the game with three turns (notice you have two helmets "in

reserve" in the lower left corner). Your turn ends when you are

caught by a monster or hit by a falling rock.

You earn an extra turn at 10,000 points, 40,000 points, and every

40,000 points thereafter. Each extra turn you earn adds a helmet at

lower left.

You can pause the game by pressing the number 1 key and the

number 9 key on either hand controller at the same time. The screen

will go black. Press any KEY or the DISC to resume play.

The game ends when you run out of turns. Press the DISC to play



Your score is shown in the upper left corner. Your high score so far

(since pressing RESET) is shown at the top center. You earn points in

the following ways:

��Burrowing: Each chunk of dirt you dig is worth 5 points.

��Popping Monsters: How many points you earn for blowing up

Pooka and Fygar depends on how deep in the earth you are. On the

surface or top layer you earn 200 points. In the middle layer you

earn 300 points. In the bottom layer, you earn 500 points.

��Popping Fygar from the Side: Since this is much more dangerous

(Fygar breathes fire left and right!), you earn DOUBLE the points

listed above.

��Dropping Rocks: The more monsters you hit with one rock, the

more points you get! 1,000 for 1 monster, 2,500 for 2 monsters,

4,000 for 3 monsters, and 2,000 points for each one after that!

��Picking up Vegetables: The carrot in Round 1 is worth 400 points,

the turnip in Round 2 is worth 600, and the mushroom in Round 3 is

worth 800. In higher rounds, you will find zucchinis, tomatoes, and

other vegetables. How much are they worth? Gobble 'em and find



�1987, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.