Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 or 2 Players)




"Made Fresh Daily!"

Number of Turns at Beginning of Game: 5

Number of Peppers at Beginning of Game: 5

Extra Turn: every 20,000pts.

Extra Pepper Comes With Every Side Order


"Our Exclusive Recipe!"

Red Meatballs, per kick: 50pts.

Tan Mashed Potatoes, per kick: 50pts.

White Rice Balls, per kick: 50pts.

Green Lettuce Heads, per kick: 50pts.

Yellow Macaroni, per kick: 50pts.


"At Least We Admit It"

Hot Dogs, Bananas, Cherries, Mugsy (the Mug o' Root Beer)

Any one Rotten Food, squashed: 500pts.

Any two Rotten Foods, squashed together: 1000pts.

Any three Rotten Foods, squashed together: 2000pts.

Any four Rotten Foods, squashed together: 4000pts.

Any five Rotten Foods, squashed together: 8000pts.


"To Make Your Meal Complete"

Cup of Coffee: 250pts. + 1 EXTRA PEPPER

Hot Fudge Sundae: 250pts. + 1 EXTRA PEPPER

Double Thick Malt: 250pts. + 1 EXTRA PEPPER

Can of Soda Pop: 250pts. + 1 EXTRA PEPPER

Hamburger Bun: 250pts. + 1 EXTRA PEPPER


"All you can eat!"

(Available After Every Four Plates Completed)

Each (Non-Flashing) Food Ball Eaten: 1000pts.



    He's back! Peter Pepper, that brave chef who will face any ordeal

to get the lunch done, has taken on the task of short order cook at

Ray's Diner.

    Unfortunately, there's some Rotten Food in the diner (probably

spoiled when it was still Baby Food) -- Hot Dogs, Cherries, Bananas,

and their leader Mugsy, the Mug o' Root Beer!

    The Rotten Food has thrown lunch all over the diner -- Meatballs,

Lettuce Heads, Rice, Mashed Potatoes, and Macaroni are everywhere!

Peter Pepper has to get lunch back on the plate before the Rotten

Food gets HIM!


    With the POWER switch OFF, insert the cartridge. Turn the POWER

switch ON, press RESET, and press the DISC. Select 1 or 2 players and

the difficulty level (1 through 4, 4 being hardest).

    If you are playing a 2 player game, BOTH players must choose a

difficulty level (Player 1 using the left hand controller, Player 2

using the right hand controller). The two difficulty levels do not have

to be the same.


    You control Peter Pepper by pressing the hand controller DISC.

Run around Ray's Diner, kicking Food Balls down the ramps to the

plate at the bottom of the screen. Avoid the Rotten Food -- Hot Dogs,

Bananas, Cherries, and Mugsy. If they catch you, your turn is over!

Save yourself by squashing them under rolling Food Balls, shaking

pepper on them, or running away! And watch your step! In some

parts of the diner, the floor is constantly moving, opening up holes

that you might fall through (ending your turn) or that might whisk

you -- or Rotten Food -- up and down. When you've kicked all the

Food Balls onto the plate, you do the Peter Pepper victory wave and

the game continues in a different part of the diner, harder than

before! Complete four plates and go to the Blue Plate Special -- an

all-you-can-eat bonus round!

    Your score appears at the top center of the screen.


    Food Balls (red Meatballs, green Lettuce Heads, white Rice, tan

Mashed Potatoes, and yellow Macaroni) are scattered throughout the

diner. Walk into one to kick it -- BAM! -- 50 points. The Food Ball

will roll across the floor, down ramps, and over ledges. If it's close

enough to the bottom of the screen, it will roll right onto the plate.

    You have to wait till the Food Ball stops rolling before you can kick


    If a piece of Rotten Food gets in the way of a rolling Food Ball,

SQUISH! -- good-bye Rotten Food, hello 500 points! Squash more than

one piece of Rotten Food with the same roll and the points multiply

-- 1,000 points (abbreviated 1K), 2,000 points (2K), up to 8,000

points (8K)!

    There are always five pieces of Rotten Food in the diner. After you

squash one, it will get up after a moment and start chasing you




    Sometimes you just can't avoid Rotten Food -- that's why you're

carrying pepper! One shake of pepper momentarily stops Rotten Food

in its tracks, giving you a chance to get away! It's safe to touch

Rotten Food when it's stopped, but be careful! It will start moving

again at any second!

    To shake pepper, press any SIDE BUTTON on the hand controller.

Peppering takes a little practice -- the pepper sprays ONLY in the

direction you are facing. If Rotten Food is chasing you, you will have

to TURN AROUND to pepper it.

    A well-timed shake of pepper can stop more than one piece of

Rotten Food.

    Use your pepper carefully. You start the game with only five

shakes worth, although you can get more by picking up Side Orders.

The number of peppers you have left is shown by the number in the

upper right corner.


    As the plate fills at the bottom, Side Orders will appear in the

diner -- Ice Cream Sundaes, Cans of Pop, and Hamburger Buns. Pick

up a side order for 250 points and an extra shake of pepper! And the

more Side Orders you pick up, the more Food Balls will appear in the

Blue Plate Special bonus round!


    You start the game with five turns. Your turn ends when you fall

through the floor or are caught by Rotten Food. The number of turns

you have left is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.

    You earn an extra turn each time you score 20,000 points.

    With two players, you alternate turns. Player 1 uses the left hand

controller, Player 2 uses the right.

    Since players can earn extra turns, one player may run out of

turns before the other one ("Player 1 GAME OVER!"). The other

player keeps playing for however many turns are left.

    You can pause the game by pressing the 1 and 9 on either hand

controller at the same time. The screen will go black. Press any key

or the DISC to resume play.

    The game ends when both players run out of turns. Press any key

or the DISC to start a new game.


    Each time you complete a plate, you move to a different part of

the diner and the game play becomes harder. The level you are on is

shown by the number in the lower right corner.


    Every time you fill four plates (finish four game screens) you play

the Blue Plate Special bonus round! Food Balls start raining across the

screen -- all for you! Each one you eat (just run into it) is worth 1000

points! The number of Food Balls that appear is determined by how

well you did picking up Side Orders on the previous four screens.

    Just one warning: DON'T EAT THE FLASHING FOOD BALLS! If a

flashing Food Ball hits you, not only is the Blue Plate Special over,

you LOSE A TURN! If you don't have any more turns left, THE GAME



�1987, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.