Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 or 2 Players)

*Trademark of and licensed by Children's Television Workshop, Inc.

Imagine you're a Gorilla walking through the jungle. Behind every

tree lurks an animated animal, and behind every animal, a problem

in addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division! You can escape

the clutches of the

animal by solving the problem in math, but if you miss, you'll have

to jump in the river where you'll encounter the ferocious crocodiles!

Note to Parents: Gone are the days of laborious arithmetic drills! THE

ELECTRIC COMPANY MATH FUN by Mattel Electronics is an exciting

and enjoyable way for children of elementary school age to improve

their math skills. Developed in conjunction with the famous

Children's Television Workshop (The Electric Company), THE

ELECTRIC COMPANY MATH FUN takes the "sting" out of learning by

using the latest, most progressive techniques. For a change your child

can LOOK FORWARD to solving problems ranging from one digit

addition (9 + 3 = 12), to four digit long-division (1050 divided by 25

= 42).

The game can be played in two ways:

1. Two players can compete against each other. This is fun and

exciting. If the two players are different ages, they can each choose a

different skill level (the game offers 18 levels of difficulty). The

computer will also automatically adjust to compensate in case one

player gets too far ahead of the other.

2. One child can play alone, developing speed and accuracy at his

own pace.

As his competency increases he can move to the higher levels of

difficulty. The computer will also automatically adjust the level of

difficulty according to how the player is progressing.

3. Give children pencils and paper. For starters, try playing a game

with your child! THE ELECTRIC COMPANY MATH FUN can be

enjoyable for you, too!

OBJECT OF THE GAME: To correctly answer as many of your problems

as possible in the shortest possible time. The game can be played by

one player alone trying to improve his speed and accuracy, or two

players can compete against each other in an exciting contest! Each

player chooses the number of problems he wants to encounter, as

well as the level of difficulty of those problems. The computer will

also automatically adjust the level of difficulty according to how well

each player is progressing.



Use these keys (1 thru 9 + 0) to give your answers to the problems.

You also use these keys to select the number of problems you want

to encounter, as well as their level of difficulty.


You must press ENTER at the following times:

* After choosing your Number of Problems (See HOW-TO-PLAY #3)

* After choosing your Level of Difficulty (HOW-TO-PLAY #4)

* After giving your Answer (HOW-TO-PLAY #6)

* After a wrong answer, you must press ENTER again to continue play



If you change your mind about your answer (or number of problems

and level of difficulty), press ERASE (CLEAR) before pressing ENTER.

Your first answer will disappear and you can then answer again.

Once you have pressed ENTER you cannot change your answer.


Your ELECTRIC COMPANY MATH FUN Game has 18 levels of difficulty

which are divided into Color and Skill levels as follows:

COLOR LEVELS (from easiest to hardest): 1-Black, 2-Blue, 3-Yellow, 4-

Purple, 5-Red

SKILL LEVELS WITHIN COLOR LEVELS (from easiest to hardest): 1, 2,

3, 4 (Red only has two skill levels: 1 & 2)

Color and skill levels must be combined to produce the level of

difficulty you want. Thus Black #1 would be the easiest level, and

Red #2 the most difficult.


If you have answered incorrectly, the computer will automatically

replace your wrong answer with the correct one. If you want to see

your original answer, press the CHECK ANSWER disc. Your answer

will appear in white numbers.


1. Press RESET.

2. Now press the ENTER Key on you Hand Controller to begin play.

3. You will se "Player #1, No. of Problems," on your TV screen. Player


(right Hand Controller) then presses the Number Keys to select the

total number of problems he wants to answer. The maximum

number of problems you can select is 99. It may be advisable,

however, to start with 10 or fewer. For 10 problems you would press

Key #1 followed by Key #0. The number 10 will appear on your

screen. Then press ENTER.

4. You will then see "Level" and a whit square. Player #1 will choose

his Level of Difficulty:

A. First, press the key corresponding to the Color Level you want --

1-Black, 2-Blue, 3-Yellow, 4-Purple, 5-Red (black is easiest, red is

hardest). The white square will change to the color chosen.

B. Next, choose the Skill Level by pressing the Number Key for the

level you want. There are four Skill Levels for each of the first four

Color Levels, and two Skill Levels for the Red Color Level. The

number of the Skill Level you have chosen will appear.

C. Press ENTER.

5. Player #2 can now choose his own Number of Problems and Level

of Difficulty. (If only one player wants to play, he can enter zero

number of problems on the other Hand Controller--press "0" followed

by ENTER.)

6. Two Gorillas will appear, one for each player, with a wide flowing

river in between. As each Gorilla runs along the river bank he will

encounter an obstacle in the form of a jungle animal accompanied by

a problem in math. You answer the problem by pressing the Number

Keys followed by ENTER (or ERASE [CLEAR] if you want to change

your answer).

A. If you answer correctly, the numbers in your problem will change

in color from white to either black or yellow (whichever is the color

of your Gorilla). The problem will then leave the screen entirely.

Your Gorilla will run along to the beat of a drum and the next animal

and problem will appear automatically.

B. If you answer incorrectly, the numbers in your problem will

change in color from white to blue, and the correct answer will

automatically replace your incorrect one. (Press CHECK ANSWER Disc

if you want to see your original wrong answer.) You must then press

ENTER again, at which point your Gorilla will be forced to jump into

the river where he will be confronted by a crocodile and a new

problem will appear.

You must answer the new problem correctly in order to get your

Gorilla back on dry land. If you give another wrong answer while

your Gorilla is in the river, you must press ENTER again to make the

next problem appear. Your Gorilla cannot jump out of the river until

you answer correctly. (The computer will auto-adjust the Level of

Difficulty in case your Gorilla is having trouble getting out of the


7. Continue play until you have answered all your problems. Your

score will be kept by the slashmark numbers at the top of the screen.

The first digit is the number of problems you have answered

correctly, and the second is the total number you have attempted up

to that point.

Thus 3/5 means you have answered three problems correctly out of

the five you've encountered so far. When you have answered all

your problems your total score will be shown. Also, the time it took

for you to complete your problems will appear beneath your final


8. When you have answered all your problems your Gorilla will do a

victory dance and leave the screen. If one player has finished before

another, the game continues until the second player has answered all

his problems. If your Gorilla is in the river when you answer your

last problem, he will jump out and leave the screen whether you

answer correctly or not.

9. TO KEEP SCORE: both players try same number of problems. Give

yourself 100 points for each right answer.

Then figure out how long it took to answer the problems. (Multiply


minute by 60 and add on the extra seconds.)

Subtract the total number of seconds from the right answer score.


If you got 7 right in 2 mins. and 10 secs.:

Your points: 700

Subtract: 130 (2 x 60 + 10)


10. To start a new game, press RESET.


(c)1982, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.