Intellivision Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 or 2 Players)

For ONE or TWO players. Play for top score. Or play against somebody



Go for high score by making a frog jump off a lily pad and catch

insects with his flashing tongue!  Flying critters float across, high or

low, anywhere on your TV screen.  They even reverse direction!  

Jump your frog too late and you'll miss.  Jump him too far and he

lands in the pond.  You'll have to wait for him to swim back to the

pad before trying again.  Day or night action.  May the best "croaker"



1: DAY


Clear: FIXED ARC (easy)

0: DIR (DIRection -- harder)

Enter: DIR & TONGUE (hardest)

Disc: JUMP

Side action button used with DIR & TONGUE mode only.


EASY (Clear)...frog will jump the same way (in a fixed arc) every


HARDER (0)...You control direction (arc) frog will take.

HARDERST (Enter)...You control both direction (arc) and when frog's

tongue will flick out to catch bug.

(Use side buttons to control flick of frog's tongue.)

NOTE: In the two player game, both players do not have to use the

same skill level. Adults can give little kids a break by selecting one

of the two harder (control) levels.

Skill level may be changed after a game begins. (More than one

change if you like.)


DAY (1)...two frogs, side-by-side on lily pads. Game continues until

sundown. As the sun sets, you're running out of scoring time.  

Game's over when sky goes black and all bugs have gone away. Stars

come out.  Frogs "sleep" (won't move). Croaking sound.  

NIGHT (3)...same two frogs and lily pads. Bugs twinkle like fireflies.

Scoring time continues so long as the moon shines.

Game's over when stars come out and frogs "sleep." Croaking sound.

(Each game lasts 3 minutes -- Day or Night.)


1. Press reset (Title appears).

2. Select Day or Night. (Begin game). Game's over, press reset again.

Select Day or Night. (New game.)

For DAYTIME DAY (1) on keypad.

You will automatically be in the EASY skill level game.

GAME STARTS at once. Stay alert! Insects will begin to fly across

your TV screen. They'll come high or low, anywhere at random.

PRESS DISC to make frog jump, catch bugs! When you get you frog

close enough to catch a bug, tongue will flash out automatically. Frog

will "swallow" bug, earning points.

Press edges of Disc for right or left movement.

Frog will always jump from on lily-pad to the other each time you

press the Disc.  (Same arc.)

When frog jumps too far, he lands in the water. You MUST WAIT for

him to swim back to his pad, before trying another jump. (No jumps

from the water.)

For NIGHTTIME action... press NIGHT on keypad overlay.

You will automatically be in the HARDER mode. You CONTROL the

frog's direction as he jumps. (Tongue is still automatic.)

GAME STARTS at once.  Stay alert!  Insects will begin to fly across the

darkened TV screen.  The bugs will sparkle like fireflies.  They'll

come high or low, anywhere at random.

PRESS DISC to control how the frog jumps. (Tongue is still automatic.)

* Press Disc edges for right or left jumps. Frog will NOT always travel

in the same arc from one lily pad to the other.

* How far frog jumps depends on HOW LONG you hold down the Disc.

Tap the Disc, your frog will jump only a short distance. Hold Disc

down and frog will jump for distance.

* With practice, you should be able to jump your frog across the

screen to catch a far-ranging bug, or just make him turn around

where he is and catch a low-flying bug. (He can't catch flies with the

back of his head!)  You have full directional control. (Tongue is


Maneuver your frog as close to as many bugs as you can before the

moon goes down and the stars come out. (Game time is up after 3



At ANY TIME after a game begins you can change the skill level.  

(One player or both players, individually.)

Press FIXED ARC (Clear) on your keypad for the easy game.

Press DIR (0) on your keypad for the harder mode. (Full directional


Press DIR & TONGUE (Enter) on your keypad for hardest game of all.

(Full direction control and control of frog's tongue.)

Use DISC to control frog's jumps.

Use ANY side action button to control exactly when frog will flick out

his tongue to catch and swallow a bug.


There are 4 different kinds of bugs.  Each has a different point value:

5, 10, 15 and 35 points.

Harder to catch bugs are worth extra points. They fly faster and

change direction more often. They're the small bugs.

Running score totals at the top of your screen in contrasting colors.


DON'T GO IN THE WATER. Your frog will be out of action (can't score)

if he falls in the pond. Before you can try again, you MUST WAIT

until he swims back to the pad.

AUTOMATIC TONGUE works best when frog ISN'T on the way up or

down. In other words, time your jump to get close to the bug at the

highest or lowest part of the jump.

MAKE UP YOUR MIND. High-scoring bug or low-scoring bug? Watch

your running score totals.  If you need some sure points to get back

in the game, low-scoring bugs are EASIER to catch.

WATCH YOUR TIME. Day or night, game time (scoring) time is 3

minutes. Watch for the changing sky -- from daylight to sunset and

darkness -- from full moon at night to fading moonlight. Changes in

the sky mean you're running out of time.

Maybe you're NOT alone!

In the ONE PLAYER game, the computer CAN BEAT you by working

the frog you're not using automatically. A second set of score totals

will appear.

Wherever a frog is NOT jumped for 10 seconds at the start of a game

or 20 seconds during a game, computer will take over and jump the

frog automatically!


When a game is OVER (after 3 minutes) you must press RESET button

to bring back the title frame. Select DAY or NIGHT next and new

game begins.


(c) 1982, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.

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