Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 Player)





Terrorist forces have taken over the island city of New Seeburg.

Luckily, civilians have been evacuated from the city, but the enemy

is destroying buildings and bridges, causing millions of dollars in

damage. Fires are burning out of control throughout the island.

Our intelligence reports show that their troops are well equipped

with heavily armed combat helicopters. The only way to fight 'em is

in the air, so we're sending you up in the top secret JAF-3000

helicopter. This copter is equipped with laser cannons to blast the

enemy out of the sky, water cannons to put out fires, and a

sophisticated radar system. This baby is highly maneuverable, with

advanced jet air-brakes that stop you with change back for your


You have the fire power, but you'll need brains. The enemy isn't just

going to sit pretty waiting for you to blow him to bits. You'll have to

watch for his patterns to outsmart him. And of course, he'll be

gunning for you.

You'll be flying a series of missions, each more difficult than the one

before. Every mission, though, has the same goal -- eliminate the

terrorists! You must also put out as many fires as possible. You can

return to home base twice -- and only twice -- per mission to repair

your chopper and refuel.

One last warning. This isn't some game, this is combat. None of this

"three lives" foolishness. Crash your copter and it's all over -- you're


So watch your tail out there. Now, let's scramble!


Note: Always turn the POWER switch OFF before inserting or

removing the cartridge.


Press any key to go from the HOVER FORCE title screen to the Briefing

Screen. The Briefing Screen outlines the controls you will use to

operate your copter. Now press any key to go to the radar screen.


The numbers on the top row of this screen show, from left to right,

the amount of damage done so far by terrorists (in millions of

dollars), the number of fires you have extinguished, and the number

of terrorist helicopters you have shot down.

On the right side of the screen are the systems indicators and gauges.

These will tell you the status of your helicopter. At this time, they

are off.

On the left side of the screen is the radar window. When your

helicopter is in flight, this window will show your position relative to

the terrorist helicopters over the city. At this time, radar is off.

Currently in the radar window are your Qualification Levels: CADET,

RANGER, and ACE. The difficulty of your missions will depend on

your selection. Press the number key corresponding to your

qualification (1 = CADET, 2 = RANGER, 3 = ACE), then press ENTER.


In the radar window you will see the flight sequence begin. Your

indicators and gauges blink on. You are airborne!


Once aloft, the screen automatically switches to your aerial view. In

the center of the screen you see your gunsight. Below you is your

home base -- Hover Force Headquarters on Force Island. Notice the

two helipad targets. You will need to land on one of these helipads

for repairs or at the end of a mission.

You're ready to head into New Seeburg to engage the enemy!


(Jet Assisted Fighter)


Familiarize yourself with the hand controller. To fly your copter, you

will use the WHEEL, the SIDE KEYS, and the bottom row of keypad

buttons (CLEAR, 0, and ENTER):


Use the WHEEL to control the direction of your flight. The longer you

travel in one direction, the faster you go, up to your maximum speed.


Press UPPER SIDE KEYS to shoot. Use lasers to blow up terrorist

helicopters. Warning: if you miss the copters, your shots can damage

buildings and bridges.


Press LOWER SIDE KEYS to shoot. Use water to put out fires. Water

cannons have no affect on terrorist helicopters and do not damage

the city.


Press CLEAR to stop your helicopter in mid-air. Use air brakes when

you need to maneuver quickly.


Press 0 (ZERO) to switch between radar screen and aerial view.

Switch to radar screen to see radar map, systems status, and damage

reports. Switch to aerial view to shoot terrorists and put out fires.


Press ENTER to land when over home base. You must have gunsight

aligned over one of the two helipads or your copter will not respond.

You can only land twice per mission! If you try to land a third time

without eliminating all terrorist helicopters, you will crash! When

you land after successfully completing a mission, you are given a

mission rating (from 1 to 100, 100 being PERFECT) that takes into

account the total amount of damage to the city, the number of fires

you put out, and the skill level of the terrorists you shot down.

To PAUSE the action, press 1 and 9 on the keypad at the same time.

Resume by pressing any button, side key, or the wheel.


Your fuel level on take-off is 300 gallons. When the fuel level drops

below 50 gallons, the gauge will start flashing red. This is your

warning to return to home base -- when your fuel level drops to

zero, your helicopter will crash!

While your engine system is fully operational, its status indicator

blinks green. Terrorist hits suffered by your helicopter while it is

traveling southeast (towards the bottom right of the screen) will

damage your engine. When hit, its indicator will blink yellow or red,

depending on the severity of damage. Return to home base for


When the status indicator becomes solid red, the engine is destroyed.

Your helicopter will crash!

Your engine is fully repaired and refueled whenever you successfully

return to home base.


While your navigation system is fully operational, its status indicator  

blinks green. Terrorist hits suffered by your helicopter while it is

traveling southwest (towards the bottom left of the screen) will

damage your navigation system. When hit, its indicator it will blink

yellow or red, depending on the severity of damage.

When the status indicator becomes solid red, the navigation system

is destroyed. When your navigation system is damaged or destroyed,

the helicopter will not respond properly to the wheel control,

although it is possible to compensate for the damage and still fly.

Your navigation system is fully repaired whenever you successfully

return to home base.


Your laser cannon charge on take-off is 300 units. When the charge

drops below 50, the LASER gauge will start flashing red. When your

laser charge drops to zero, you can no longer attack terrorist copters.

Your water cannon charge on take-off is 300 gallons. When the water

level drops below 50, the H2O gauge will start flashing red. When

your water level drops to zero, you can no longer put out fires.

While your cannon system is fully operational, its status indicators

blink green. Terrorist hits suffered by your helicopter while it is

traveling northeast (towards the top right of the screen) will damage

your cannon system. When hit, its indicators will blink yellow or red,

depending on the severity of damage.

When damaged, the cannons will fire intermittently, no matter what

the laser and water levels are. Note that as the cannon system

becomes damaged, both the laser and water cannons are affected


When the status indicators become solid red, the cannon system is

destroyed. You can no longer shoot laser or water.

Your laser and water cannons are fully repaired and recharged

whenever you successfully return to home base.


While your helicopter is in the air, the radar window shows a map of

the island with major landmarks (bridges, parks) and your location

over the city (indicated by the small white helicopter).

As the radar sweep (the vertical white line) passes over the map,

blips will appear briefly showing the location of terrorist helicopters

(yellow blips) and fires (red blips).

Your wheel control can be used to pilot your helicopter while viewing

the radar map. While you view the map, however, terrorists can still

fire at your helicopter, but you cannot fire at them!

Terrorist hits suffered by your helicopter while it is traveling

northwest (towards the top left of the screen) will damage your

radar system. After a certain number of hits, fires will no longer

show on radar. After more damage, terrorist helicopters will not

show. Finally, after severe damage, your position will no longer

appear onscreen.

Your radar system is fully repaired whenever you successfully

return to home base. Note: your home base is on Force Island,

highlighted on the map above.


Intelligence reports estimate there are 20 different enemy copter

types of varying skill levels. Some have been identified by their skill

and patterns and are listed below. The success of your missions

depends upon you identifying and reacting to the enemy patterns!


SEEKERS -- Yellow copters that fly toward you, shoot, then fly away.

(Perhaps trying to lead you into an ambush!)

SLOW TROUBLE -- Purple copters that stay over one location in the

city, but ascend and attack as you draw near them.

BORDER PATROLS -- Copters that fly the perimeter of the city,

starting fires at diverse points. Some will fly faster than you -- think

ahead to lie in wait for them.


SPIRALS -- Two types of low-flying copters that fly in spiral

patterns, making them difficult to line up in your gunsight.

TEASERS -- Purple strafers that home in on you, shoot, then do their

best to stay JUST OUTSIDE your gunning range.


SCORPIONS -- High-flying yellow copters of several types that have

one thing in common: they are persistent, aggressive fighters.

FLYING TOADS -- Red copters that do nothing at all...until you draw

near. Then they become VERY destructive.

PARK RANGERS -- Copters that fly from park to park looking for

something -- or someone -- to shoot at. Usually found in pairs.


� Navigate using the radar map as much as possible. Switch to the

aerial view when directly over a red or yellow blip. (If you switch to

the aerial view when over a yellow blip and don't see an enemy

copter, its best to switch back to radar immediately.)

� Terrorist helicopters are easier to shoot down if you aim at their

main rotors.

� Whenever possible, engage the enemy over water, streets, or

parks, so you don't damage structures if you miss.

� Terrorists shoot at buildings even when you can't see them

onscreen. Not every shot that hits a building starts a fire, but if you

hear an explosion without seeing one, it means that a shot has

started a fire somewhere on the island.

� Some of the copters are impossible to catch if you simply try to

chase them. Use strategy! Watch their movements on the radar map

to see what patterns they follow, then lie in wait!

� You cannot fly beyond the island due to the mission instructions

programmed into your navigation system. Some terrorist copters can

fly beyond your range. Lie in wait for them to return.

� When one or more of your copter's systems is heavily damaged, fly

in a direction that will affect a stronger system in the event you are

hit until you can land for repairs.

� You should familiarize yourself with the landmarks of New Seeburg

as you fly over the island, such as the location of the parks, of

industrial areas, and of Force Island. If your radar is knocked out,

you can still navigate visually.

� Highest ratings are achieved by destroying enemy helicopters in

the least amount of time with the lowest overall amount of damage

to the city. Concentrate on destroying low-flying enemy copters (that

shoot at buildings) before destroying higher flying copters (that

shoot at YOU). Fires should be put out as quickly as possible.


Your overall rating (1 to 100, 100 being PERFECT) based on total

damage to the city, number of fires you put out, and the skill level of

the terrorist helicopters you shot down, will appear in the radar


Press any SIDE KEY to start over.


�1986, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.