Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 or 2 Players)

Turn POWER switch off and insert LEARNING FUN cartridge. Turn

power on and press RESET. Press any KEY or the DISC.


by pressing 1, 2, 3, or 4.



The WORD ROCKETS title screen appears. Press the DISC to begin.


One or two players try to complete flying words! Load vowels on

your wagon and launch them at the incomplete words in the sky. In

a one-player game, player tries to beat his or her best time at

completing 25 words. In a two-player game, first player to complete

25 words wins.


As an incomplete word sails across the sky, press the left or right of

the DISC to move your wagon over one of the vowels that will

complete the word. The left hand controller moves the red wagon

and the right hand controller moves the yellow wagon.

Once you are over a letter that will complete the word, press any

SIDE ACTION KEY to load the letter on the wagon. Using the DISC

again, position the wagon for launching. Take the speed and height of

the word into account when lining up the wagon. Press the SIDE

ACTION KEY again to launch!

Launch a correct vowel, hit the word, and score a point! The screen

flashes and the word changes to either red or yellow, matching the

color of the wagon that launched it. (Note: In a two player game, if

both players hit the word with a correct vowel at the same time, the

word will turn yellow, but both players will score a point.)

If the vowel will not correctly complete the word, it will bounce off.

Note: As soon as you launch a vowel, another one will appear in its

place. You can't load another vowel until the last one you launched is

off the screen. If no vowel on screen will complete the current word,

launch one and hope one you need appears.


The score for the red wagon appears in the upper left corner, the

score for the yellow wagon appears in the upper right. A clock is at

top center to time yourself when playing alone -- how fast can you

complete 25 words?


Game ends when a player scores 25 points (25 words completed).

Press RESET to play another game.  



The WORD HUNT title screen appears. Press the DISC. You are asked

for the number of players. On the left hand controller, press 1 to play

by yourself, 2 to play against a friend. Press ENTER to start the game.


Control a monkey to pick up letters to spell 3 words of up to 8 letters

each. Think fast! The player with the highest score at the end of five

3-minute turns wins!


15 letters are scattered on screen. The clock at top center starts to

count down from 3 minutes. The left hand controller controls the

blue monkey. In a two player game, the right hand controller

controls the white monkey.

Use the DISC to move your monkey. Stop the monkey covering a

letter you want to pick up and press any SIDE ACTION KEY. Your

monkey picks up the letter with its tail. Move the monkey and letter

out of the jungle to your half of the scoring area at the bottom of the

screen. Drop the letter by again pressing any SIDE ACTION KEY, then

run back into the jungle for another letter.

Pick up letters, in order, to spell any word of eight letters or less. As

you drop the letters, they automatically line up. When you finish the

word, press ENTER. (If the word is 8 letters long, you don't need to

press ENTER.)

You can make corrections by pressing CLEAR to erase the last letter.

You can press CLEAR as many times as needed.

If you accidentally pick up a letter you don't need, quickly dump it

in the trash can located at the bottom center of the jungle. Move your

monkey to cover the trash can, then press any SIDE ACTION KEY.

In a two player game, you can cause trouble by watching what your

opponent is trying to spell -- then grabbing the letters first and

throwing them away! Careful -- two can play at that game!

When time runs out (3 minutes) or both players complete 3 words,

it's time to check the words. An arrow points to the first word on the

left. If the white player (on the right) wishes to challenge the word,

check in the dictionary. If the word is not correctly spelled, the blue

player must press his own CLEAR button (notice that the OK! on

screen shows yes and no in the colors of the players who must

answer). The word is erased from the screen and does not count

toward the blue player's score. If the word is not challenged, or if is

checked and found to be correct, blue player presses ENTER and 1

point is added to the blue player's score for each letter in the word.

When playing by yourself, check your own words, pressing ENTER

(correct) or CLEAR (wrong).

In a two-player game, after blue player's words are verified, repeat

for the white player's words. After all words have been verified,

there is a pause and another 3-minute turn starts. There are 5 turns

in a game. To play another game, press RESET.  



The CROSSWORDS title screen appears. Press the DISC.


Two players take turns spelling words on the grid. Each word must

connect to another. Highest score after 20 moves wins.

At the beginning of the game, 7 letters are selected at random for

each player. The letters for the left player (Tan) appear in a column

at the left of the screen; the letters for the right player (Green)

appear in a column at the right.

Tan looks for a word that can be spelled from the letters in his or her

column. Not all letters have to be used, but each letter can only be

used once. For example, if the letters in the column are R X E A K W

B, the word "BEAR" could be spelled.

To place a word on the grid takes three steps:

1. Press the hand controller DISC to select where the word will start

on the grid. As you press the DISC, squares on the grid will light up.

When the square you want the first letter to go is lighted, release the


2. Press 1 if you want the word to be spelled from the lighted square

to the right. Press 2 if you want it spelled from the lighted square

down. At the top of the grid is a reminder: 1 for right, 2 for down.

You can also press 3 to pass when you cannot spell a word from the

letters you have. The reminder is shown in the color of the player

whose turn it is.

3. Press the numbers on the hand controller that are next to the

letters that spell the word, then press ENTER. For example, to spell

"BEAR" from the letters above, you would press 7 then 3 then 4 then

1 then ENTER. (If you change your mind or press the wrong number,

you can correct it if you haven't pressed ENTER yet: press CLEAR to

take back the last letter placed on the grid. You can press CLEAR

repeatedly to take back as many letters as you need; press it enough

times and you can return to step 2.) At the top of the screen is a

reminder that you can press 1 through 7 (1-7), CLEAR (c), or ENTER

(e). Again, the reminder is shown in the color of the player whose

turn it is.  

Green may now ACCEPT or CHALLENGE Tan's word. To accept, Green

presses ENTER and Tan receives 1 point per letter in the word. (For

the example "BEAR," Tan receives 4 points.)

If Green challenges, the word is looked up in a dictionary. If the

word is spelled correctly, Green presses ENTER and Tan receives the

points. If the word is spelled incorrectly, Tan must press CLEAR

repeatedly, removing the word from the board, and then ENTER to

pass the turn to Green. Green presses ENTER, then it's his or her turn

to place a word on the grid following the three steps above. (Note the

color of the reminder line at top to see who has the option of

pressing ENTER.)

The second word on the grid and each word thereafter must connect

to a word already on the grid. For example, if Green had the letters O

C H Q Y B G, he or she could spell the word "HOBBY" using the B

already on the grid (worth 5 points).  

If a word does not connect to a previous word when ENTER is

pressed, the buzzer sounds and the word is automatically cleared.

Try again.

If you add a word to the grid that extends a word already on the

grid, you get points both for the word you add AND the extended

word. For example, Tan adds "SUN" to the grid such that it turns

"BEAR" into "BEARS". Tan gets 3 points for "SUN" and 5 points for

"BEARS". Look for ways to extend the beginning and end of words:

"NOT" can become "NOTE" and "HOE" can become "SHOE".

When you place letters, EVERY new word formed must be a real

word, otherwise NONE of them will be allowed.


At the end of your turn, new letters fill in the blanks left by letters

used. If you cannot spell a word from the letters in your column, you

can get 7 new letters by pressing 3. The penalty for doing this is

losing your turn.


The highest score at the end of 20 moves wins the game. Tan's score

appears in the upper left corner, Green's in the upper right. The

current move is shown at lower left.  



The MEMORY FUN title screen appears. Press the DISC. You are asked

for  the level number you want to play at. Using the left hand

controller, answer from  1 (easiest) to 44 (hardest), then press

ENTER. You are then asked for the number of players. Press 1 to play

by yourself or 2 to play against a friend, then press ENTER. If you

answered 2 players, you will then be asked if you want to take turns

(press 1, then ENTER) or play at the same time (press 2, then ENTER).


Uncover letters hidden by squares on the grid, looking for pairs that

match. Players compete for the highest number of matches.


Using the DISC, point your arrow to a square on the grid (the left

hand controller moves the red arrow; in a two-player game, the right

hand controller moves the blue arrow). Press any SIDE ACTION KEY.

The letter underneath the square is revealed. Select another square

and again press any SIDE ACTION KEY. If the letters match, you score

a point. If they don't, they are covered again and you keep searching.

Some squares have no letters underneath. These squares match with

nothing, not even another empty square.


Two players either take turns or play at the same time. When taking

turns, only one arrow (red or blue) appears on screen at a time.

If both play at the same time, the game becomes one not only of

memory, but also speed, strategy, and dexterity! Keep track not only

of the letters you reveal, but also those of your opponent. Your

opponent may uncover a letter that's the same as one you've

uncovered -- but since letters appear in the players' colors and only

letters of the same color can match, you'll have to wait until the

letters are covered again. Then it's a race to see who can get to them

first! Think ahead -- you can block your opponent's match by

uncovering a letter he or she was going to uncover!


The game ends when all letters have been matched. How well both

players did is displayed in their colors:

Score: Number of matches made.

Turns: Number of pairs revealed.

Percentage right: Percentage of pairs revealed that were matches.

Time: Total time of the game.

Average time per score: Time of game divided by number of matches

player made.  

Player with higher score wins. If playing by yourself, work on

increasing your percentage right while decreasing your average time

per score.

Press RESET to play another game.


�1987, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.