Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 Or 2 Players)

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Your thief's robbing a local bank. Police are in hot pursuit! Make

tracks down the vault corridors. Swipe gold coins and other treasures

as you go! Keep one step ahead of the law! Lock doors and throw

cops off your trail! Collide with a cop...he's "caught"! Keep on the run!




TO LOCK A DOOR: any side button



To begin the game, press RESET. You see the LOCK 'N' CHASE Title

Screen. Now choose your speed:

Press BLUE (1) for the slowest speed.

Press GREEN (2) for the slow speed.

Press RED (3) for a fast speed.

Press DISC for the fastest speed.

A dot in the upper right corner of the screen indicates which speed

you choose. The color of the dot matches the speed button. For

example, if you press the slowest speed, you see a blue dot. A white

dot appears when you press the Disc.


If you are playing alone, press 1 on either Hand Controller, then

press ENTER. If you are playing against another person, press 2 on

either Controller, then press ENTER.


After a moment's delay, the thief automatically enters the vault. The

escape doors lock shut! He can't go through either escape door until

all the gold coins are picked up. The four police officers begin to

chase him down!

Press the DISC on your Hand Controller to move the thief around the

corridors. Press the Disc edge in the direction you want him to go.

The thief can dodge police by running through the open side doors.

When he exits through one side, he quickly enters on the other side.

Be careful! Don't run smack into a policeman on the other side!

NOTE: There are four side doors, but only TWO are open at a time!

Sometimes the top two are open, and sometimes the bottom two are

open. This changes at random so watch out.

Your thief picks up gold coins as he runs. Once the thief has gotten all

the gold coins, run him through he top or bottom escape door! You

foiled the cops! Play begins again with a whole new set of gold  coins

to pick up! Points are mounting!

Sometimes "treasures" appear in the center of the screen. You have

to land on these fast...they only appear for a short time!

As the thief collides with police, he's "caught"! Action stops and your

next thief enters the vault.

The game ends when all your thieves are "caught". Score shows.

Reset the game and start again.


LOCK DOORS: Automatic doors are constantly locking and unlocking in

the vault. They are solid green when locked and disappear when

unlocked. Police and the thief can't get through these doors until they

unlock and disappear.

Give the cops the slip by locking doors behind you! To do this, press

any LOCK DOOR (side) button on the Hand Controller, and the last

door the thief came through locks shut! These doors are red. You can

only lock two doors at a time. After a few seconds, the doors

automatically unlock. Try not to run into any door...you might stick to


Doors lock horizontally or vertically at the "light" lines in the


THE THIEVES: You start with 5 thieves. There is only one in the vault

at a time. Maneuver the thief and try to give cops the slip!

After one thief is caught, another enters the vault. The number of

thieves you have left shows on the screen. When your last thief is

caught, the jig is up, and the game ends!

When you rack up 20,000 points, you get another thief!

THE POLICE: Four police officers are constantly tailing the thief!

Sometimes you can run right through one. But you never know when

this will happen!

THE MONEY: There are gold coins throughout the vault. Pick them up

and your scores rises. When the cash bag or one of the ten treasures

appears on the screen, run over it quickly! When the thief grabs the

loot, the screen shows how many points you got.


* You can lock the thief behind doors to keep the cops away. Hope

they move on and you can escape when the door unlocks!

* The police can come through the open side doors too...so don't stay

around these areas!

* You can set the speed for the next game and at the same time keep

the high score from the last game. Do this at the end of game by

pressing 1, 2 or 3 for the slow speeds or press any LOCK DOOR (side)

button for fastest speed. [NOTE: a bug in the program keeps this from

working properly. Pressing the LOCK DOOR button will replay the

game at the SAME speed instead of FASTEST. There is no way to go

from a slower speed to the fastest while keeping the high score.]

* When the police are tailing close in any of the four corners, try to

trap him in the corner by locking a door behind and in front of him.

Get extra points for this!


The scores show on the screen at all times: left player's score on the

left, right player's on the right, and highest score since RESET in the


Each gold coin the thief picks up is worth 20 points.


Your thief can pick up four cash bags while he cleans out each vault:

Get 1st cash bag: 500 points.

Get 2nd cash bag: 1000 points.

Get 3rd cash bag: 2000 points.

Get 4th cash bag: 4000 points.


As the thief cleans out the vault the FIRST time he picks up hats.

HAT = 200 points.

As the thief cleans out the vault the SECOND time he picks up crowns.

CROWN = 300 points.

As the thief cleans out the vault the THIRD time he picks up

briefcases. BRIEFCASE = 500 points.

As the thief cleans out the vault the FOURTH time he picks up

phones. PHONE = 100 points.

Discover 6 more treasures when you advance to higher levels.

When you get 100,000 points, the game automatically sets up at the

highest speed!

Once you get 300,000 points, the scoring begins at zero again. At the

end of each game you will see a number under the center score.

[NOTE: A bug in the program keeps this number from showing up in

a one-player game.] This tells you how many times you have reached

300,000. You can reach 300,000 a total of 200 times...for a possible

score of 60 million! Good luck!


�1982, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.