Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 or 2 Players)

*A trademark of and used under license from Konami Industry Co.


Are you ready? START YOUR ENGINE! You're in the engineer's seat

with full control...or so you think! This railway challenges you with

troubles galore!


Score as many points as possible by arranging track sections and

routing the Train to pick up passengers at the stations. Don't delay or

they get angry, riot and blow up stations! Avoid Crazy Train or Loop

Sweeper collisions -- they're out to get you! And Crazy Tracks side-

track you off in another direction! Panic at the wrong time and it

may hurt! You have 3 Trains...keep playing until you lose all 3! Pick

up all passengers on a screen and a new screen appears, with an

even greater challenge!



ENTER: Panic Button

The SWITCH is controlled by your disc. This allows you to SWITCH

pieces of track into the blank square. By touching the RIGHT side of

the disc, the piece of track to the LEFT of the blank is moved RIGHT

into the blank. Touch the LEFT side of the disc, the piece of track to

the RIGHT of the blank is moved LEFT into the blank. Press the TOP

of the disc, the piece of track BELOW the blank is moved UP into the

blank. Press the BOTTOM of the disc, the piece of track ABOVE the

blank is moved DOWN into the blank. Note that you are not moving

the blank, but are instead moving the pieces of track.

The ACCELERATOR is controlled by any side button. Pressing the

button causes your Train to accelerate. Your Train automatically

slows sown whenever you are NOT pressing the ACCELERATOR.

Pressing the PANIC BUTTON causes the track your Train is on, along

with your Train, to be interchanged with some other track on the

screen. Panic at the right time and it can help!


To begin the game, press RESET. When game title appears, choose

your playing speed. For the fastest speed possible, press the disc. The

1, 2, and 3 buttons give you slower speeds (3 is slowest).


Once you select your playing speed and press the correct key, the

computer will ask: 1 or 2 Players?

Press Key 1 for a 1-Player game.

Press Key 2 for a 2-Player game.

Press any of the Side Buttons for Auto Play.

In the 2-Player game, players alternate after each Train. During play,

player up is shown in the lower right corner of the screen.

Player 1 uses LEFT keypad.

Player 2 uses RIGHT keypad.

Player-up must press the outer edge of disc to begin action.


After a moment's delay, the action begins!

There are between 8 and 12 train stations along the edges of the

screen. With each new screen, there are passengers waiting at each

station (shown by a pair of faces, some happy and some not so

happy!) A YELLOW light speeds in front of your Train, indicating the

route you are taking. When passengers see that they are on your

route, they become happy...but change your route and they become

angry until they see the YELLOW light. You arrange those sections of

track on which your Train will roll. Hurry to pick up all the

passengers! Stay alert! Press the PANIC BUTTON to avoid crashing

into any TRAIN STOPS! Don't run out of railway! Use the disc to

SWITCH pieces of track into the blank!

To complete a screen, you must pick up passengers at all of the

stations; if any of the stations have blown up, you are awarded a

"CLEAR" after you complete the screen. If you are diligent and do not

allow any stations to blow up, you are awarded a "PERFECT CLEAR."

Sound easy? This is just the least of your worries!


After some time, passengers waiting at a station get restless. They

offer a reward (BONUS points) if you hurry over to pick them up.

Sometimes this reward is offered even after the passengers have

been picked up. Listen for the sound of a horn and watch for the

BONUS display on the screen. This reward decreases with time and if

you let it go to zero, one of two terrible things can happen!

* The people at the station riot, and blow up the station!

* The people construct a CRAZY TRAIN (a real "Loose Caboose") that

comes chasing after you!

If you crash into a CRAZY TRAIN, that "Loose Caboose" will cost you a

Train! Watch out for that bunch!

And that's not all! Stations are also blown up if a CRAZY TRAIN

crashes with another CRAZY TRAIN, or a LOOP SWEEPER while in a



These guys will straighten you right out! To keep you from going in

circles, the train-riding public has gotten together and developed a

strange contraption called a LOOP SWEEPER! After traveling in a

closed loop for some time, the LOOP SWEEPER starts flashing, warning

you of its construction. If you fail to break the loop, the LOOP

SWEEPER will be completed and quickly travel down the track trying

to crash into you!


These tracks will take YOU for a ride! On certain screens you'll find

CRAZY TRACKS, which send you off in another direction...and chances

are it's not the one in which you want to go!


If you panic at the right time, it can help...pressing this button causes

the track your Train is on, along with your Train, to be interchanged

with some other track on the screen. And each time the PANIC

BUTTON is used successfully, it cause the addition of one pair of

TRAIN STOPS to some piece of track.

But watch out! Panic at the wrong time and it can hurt...the PANIC

BUTTON is DEACTIVATED if there is a Crazy Train or Loop Sweeper

on the same piece of track as your Train! And if you PANIC while in

a train station, both your Train and the station blow up!


You start out with 3 Trains. Only one appears on the track at a time.

Route that Train and pick up as many passengers as possible!

Each time you lose a Train, another enters the track. Keep in mind

the many ways you can lose trains:

* Run out of track (hit the blank)

* Run into a train stop

* Crash into a Crazy Train

* Crash into a Loop Sweeper

* Be in a station when it is blown up

* Panic while in a station

The number of trains you have left shows on the screen. When you

crash your last Train or it is blown up...it's the end of the line for you

and the game!


The score is shown when you lose a Train or "CLEAR" a screen.

For each track section crossed: 10 points

For passengers picked up at stations: 100 points

Station Reward (bonus): Varies with time

For each Crazy Track crossed: 150 points

Clear a screen: 1000 points

Perfect Clear: 5000 points

Bonus Trains at 10000 points and every 70000 points thereafter!

Each new screen offers you a tougher challenge with more and more

excitement...CRAZY TRAINS go faster, more TRAIN STOPS appear, and

STATION REWARDS decrease in value a lot quicker!


When game is over, play again by pressing ANY SIDE ACTION



* The piece of track that your Train is on may be switched into the

blank. The Train will move with the track.

* Learn to identify in which direction a track goes (straight, right or

left) by the color of the track.

* The piece of track your Train is on is lighted with a stationary

yellow light. Use this light as an indicator of when you have safely

moved onto the next piece of track.

* Go for the BONUS stations first! Score more points than those

offered for picking up passengers at regular stations!

* Try to arrange track sections so that 2 CRAZY TRAINS crash. It will

cause the addition of one pair of TRAIN STOPS on the tracks where

the collisions occurred. A fixed hazard is easier to deal with than a

moving one!

* Use your PANIC BUTTON wisely! Remember when used

successfully, it cause the addition of one pair of TRAIN STOPS (a fixed

hazard) to some piece of track...and those TRAIN STOPS carry over to

the next screen!


(c)1982, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.