Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 or 2 Players)

Big time is here! Daredevil you! You'll prove once and for all that no

one can outrace you, outshine you, in the frenzied world of



You CHOOSE or DESIGN your own course -- long straights, S turns,

jumps, or combination of these. Get it easy or rough! You select the

number of laps and the type of confrontation you want -- you alone

against the clock, you against another player, or you against the

computer! Play it normal or in reverse direction! You are on your

own now! Go! Clock starts! Watch YOUR TIME at the FINISH LINE! Or

lay back...and watch the computer race its own bike!




DISC: Steering



Choose the Course Number and watch course design on map:

Press 1 for Largest Course

Press 2 for Rough Course

Press 3 for Popular Course

Press 4 for Custom Course

Press 5 for Last Designed Course

Press any number key to continue.

Select the Number of Laps:

Press desired number on keypad. Press 0 for 10 Laps (maximum).

Enter Play Option:

Press 1 for 1 Player

Press 2 for 2 Players

Press 3 for 1 Player against the Computer

Press 4 for 1-bike Spectator Game

Press 5 for 2-bike Spectator Game

Select Steering Option:

Press 1 for Directional (screen oriented)

Press 2 for Left/Right (bike oriented)

If 2-player game, each player must select the steering option on his

Hand Controller.

If 1-player game, press 1 or 2 on LEFT Hand Controller.

Choose Reverse Driving Direction:

Press 1 for Reverse

Press 2 for Forward

Use LEFT Hand Controller to control the RED BIKE.

Use RIGHT Hand Controller to control the BLACK BIKE.


As the race starts (clock's running!), press either TOP Action Button

to make your bike move. Press longer to make it move FASTER. Use

Disc to steer your bike. If you selected "Directional" steering, press

DISC in the direction you want your bike to go. Bike will turn to that

direction. Release Disc after direction is reached. If you selected

"Left/Right" steering, press DISC left to turn left; press DISC right to

turn right.

Touch your DISC SLIGHTLY and DON'T OVERSTEER...otherwise your

motorcycle will go berserk before your eyes, hurtle onto the grass,

and land your brave rider on top of his head!

Take advantage of a straight -- ACCELERATE! Keep pressing TOP

Action Button!

Slow down BEFORE you reach a curve. Press either BOTTOM Action

Button to brake. Touch DISC slightly to steer it doesn't side-

slip and skid off the road.

So many things can go wrong in a race...

Don't just zoom at top speed through a jump -- slow down a bit and

be careful...or you might end up eating dirt again!


One player controls the red bike, the other the black. At time zero,

both bikes start at the line of departure...and WHHHRRRRR out and

away they go! Watch both clocks begin to race, too!

If a bike gets too far behind, it will cause the other bike to

temporarily both bikes appear on the screen at the same

time. The bike that is frozen also has its clock frozen. Then the action

picks up again, both bikes and both clocks running.

Hitting another bike, with intent or by mistake, will mess your game

and smack you down to the ground. So, try to avoid it.


When you choose Course #4 before the game starts, you are given an

opportunity to DESIGN your own race course. A map will be

displayed immediately on the screen for you to start work. Use Disc

to select a piece of the course, then press ENTER. Select another piece

and ENTER. Press CLEAR anytime you want to remove a piece you

already picked but won't use after all. And so on, until your design is


Press ENTER to exit to the Number of Laps selection. Select the

number of laps, then move on to the next game option selections as

your normally do before starting a game. And play on the course you

have just designed!

To play again on it, you will have to Press 5 (Last Designed Course)

when choosing the Course Number at the start of your game option



Winning means CROSSING the FINISH LINE, whether there are 1 or 2

bikes in the race. Bikes will drive off the screen and the clocks will

stop. Player with the lowest time is the winner.

The maximum time possible is 999 sec. If you take longer than that,

your time will always show 999!

PLAY AGAIN...To start again, press a number key on any keypad.

Watch the following message on your screen:

Same Race?

Press 1 for Yes.

Press 2 for No.


SLIDES. Traction is reduced when your bike goes faster. Start your

turn in advance of a turn or else your bike will slide.

JUMPS. When your bike hits a jump, it will go into the air and land

later. The faster your bike takes a jump, the higher and farther it

will go.

COLLISIONS. If your bike goes all the way off the course, it will spin

and turn you upside down. Then the computer will assist you back

onto the track. Computer-controlled bikes can crash too. If a bike hits

another, both bikes will spin and riders will turn upside down.

DISQUALIFIED. A bike that goes too far backwards on a course will

be disqualified. This occurs in a 2-player game or computer vs.

player game.


(c)1983, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.