Cartridge Instructions

(For 2 Players)

Face-off! It's pro action on the "ice" - the thrill, speed and excitement of NHL

hockey! Steal the puck "Skate" down the rink! Watch out for your opponents

defense men! Break away and take it over the blue line. Shoot! It's a goal! Stay

alert for the computer "Referee!" Draw a penalty and your team defends short-

handed! You'll play by many of the rules that govern the pros in the "fastest

sport on earth!"

OBJECT OF THE GAME is to score more goals than your opponent in three 20-minute

periods. Each goal scores 1 point. No overtime. Tie-score at the end of 3rd

period will stand. (All times are simulated.)


SHOOT BUTTON (Upper Side Buttons): Sends puck across "ice" at faster Shooting


PASS BUTTON (Lower Side Buttons): Sends puck across "ice" at slower Pass speed.

DIRECTION DISC: Use to "skate" offense and defense control men in any of 16

directions. Press edge of disc corresponding to direction you want man to move.

Men skate in forward direction only.

INTELLIVISION HOCKEY is a game of action and coordination. When the Direction

Disc and the Shoot button work together smoothly, you'll have the edge! Get the

feel of the controls before you play. Find the way of working the controls that

feels most comfortable and gives you quick reactions.


To make your player swing his stick two things must happen. You must hold down

the Direction Disc while you press either the Shoot button or the Pass button!

When stick hits the puck you'll hear a "Whack!"

Important: Direction you are pressing on Direction Disc determines direction in

which puck is release (passing or shooting).


HOCKEY can be played at 4 different speeds. Unless you select a slower speed,

game will automatically be played at Pro speed . . . FAST!

To select one of 3 SLOWER speeds, press button [1], [2] or [3] on the Hand


The FASTEST, Pro speed means everything goes faster! Passes, shots on goal,

rebounds all speed up! Players "skate" faster. The computer-controlled goalies

develop new quickness! At Pro speed, your reactions will have to be very fast!

Until you get familiar with the game, you'll probably want to begin at a slower



PRESS DIRECTION DISC to bring rink up on your screen. Action takes place on a

modified hockey rink, designed to scale. You'll notice the familiar red center

line, two blue lines and face-off circle at center ice. Each end of the rink has

a net with goal crease. Each team has a penalty box.


Team scores, penalty time, time remaining in the period are continuously

displayed over the rink. You tell periods by checking the red bar graphs. One

for 1st Period, two bars for 2nd Period, etc.


Each team consists of three men plus a goalie. Home team wears TAN. Visitors

wear LIGHT GREEN. On offense you control the man with the puck. As soon as

Control Man gets the puck he will change color. From TAN to DARK BROWN for the

Home team. From LIGHT GREEN to LIGHT BLUE for the Visitors. Computer controls

both goalies. On defense you control one man at time, your Defensive Captain.

Defensive Captain will also change colors for easy identification.

You won't see the computer Referee. But you will hear his "whistle!" Both teams

automatically "skate" on to the ice when rink appears on your TV screen.

Simulated "Crowd Roar" will bring them on!

At the start of the game, Home team defends net at the left end of the rink and

Visitor team defends net at the right end. Goalies take up position in the goal

crease of the net they are defending. At the end of each period, the teams

automatically leave the ice. Teams do no change ends.


The face-off is like a toss of a coin to determine possession of the puck and

start the action!

Both Home and Visitor Control Man assume positions facing each other in the

center face-off circle. Remaining two team members for each team take positions

to either side and behind their team's Control Man. Press Direction Disc and the

teams face-off! THE PUCK SUDDENLY APPEARS in the center of the face-off circle.

THE PERIOD CLOCK STARTS at 20 minutes (simulated time.)

"SKATE" YOUR CONTROL MAN TOWARD THE PUCK. Try for possession before your

opponent! When either you or your opponent has possession of the puck, the match

begins! To take control of the puck, player must make stick contact. Remember:

puck may be stolen at any time by any player -- goalies included! If the face-

off does not give your team possession, skate away from your opponent and defend

your goal.



(Control Man is the man with the puck)

You've won the face-off! You've got the puck, now get moving! PRESS THE

DIRECTION DISC to move your Control Man. He starts slow and gains speed quickly

moving ONLY AS LONG AS YOU HOLD DOWN THE DISC. If you change his direction, he

slows down to make the turn. Your Control Man can skate anywhere in the ice,

even behind the net.

Press edge of disc in direction you want man to move.

TO PASS THE PUCK, press the Direction Disc in the direction you want the pass to

be released. Your Control Man will turn to face this direction; however, you can

release your pass before Control Man is completely turned. Hold the Direction

Disc down while pressing EITHER LOWER BUTTON on sides of Hand Controller. a

"WHACK" sounds as your man "hits" the puck. Puck is released in the direction

you pressed the Disc when you pressed the Pass button.

Passing is not instantaneous. There is a slight delay between the time you press

Pass Button and contact is made with the puck.

Remember that your Control Man has to bring his stick around and then hit the

puck, so press Pass Button slightly before you want to actually contact the


NOTE: You cannot control the movement of your intended receiver UNTIL he

captures the puck. He then becomes the Control Man and changes color. Former

Control Man changes to team color.



Goals will not come easy! The computer-controlled goalie is hard to beat --like

a pro! Rebounds are your best bet! Keep your shots coming! (Remember to hold the

Direction Disc down while you press the Shoot button! Nothing happens unless

both Disc & button are used!)


Shoot HARD! Get in close and try to knock the goalie down! As long As he's down,

you've got an opening to shoot through. When the goalie gets back up, his tough

defense resumes.


You've outfoxed the goalie and shot the puck into your opponent's net! It's a

Goal! The clock stops! The "CROWD" roars!  Computer displays 1 point for your



(Control Man is your Defensive Captain)

Your opponent has the puck. You must do three things:

1) Prevent your opponent from scoring a goal.

2) Gain possession of the puck

3) Avoid penalties that leave your defense short-handed.

USE THE DIRECTION DISC to move your Defensive Captain in any of 16 directions.

Remember: Defensive Captain can "skate" anywhere on the ice.

1. Prevent your opponent from scoring!


Your goalie is a fully animated, computer-controlled member of your team. He can

and does come out of the goal crease to steal or intercept the puck. When a

goalie gains possession, he immediately passes the puck to the nearest member of

his team. Computer controls all movements of the goalie.

2. Get possession of the puck!

Still, your first line of defense must be offense. Get the puck! Possession is

the name of the game!


"Skate" your Defensive Captain into the path of the puck when your opponent's

man releases a pass or shoots! This not only blocks a score, but gives you

possession of the puck as well! And stay alert for rebounds off the boards, any

free puck, any time!


When your opponent's man has the puck, trip him up and get the steal! It's legal

-- providing opponent's man does have the puck. "Skate" close to the man with

the puck and press either Pass or Shoot Button while holding the Direction Disc

down. Your Control Man will swing his stick and, if close enough, send your

opponent's man for a tumble! Tripped man will sit inactive on the ice for a

couple of seconds. (It's impossible to trip a goalie or a member of you own


3. Avoid penalties that leave your defense short-handed.


Two-minute penalties can be called for tripping an opposing player without the

puck. Ref's "WHISTLE" will sound. Guilty player will leave the ice and go into

the penalty box for two minutes. (All times simulated.) Play will automatically

stop. It's a free puck and your team must defend, one player short. No more than

one player from each side can be sent to the penalty boxes at the same time.

It's impossible to trip with one of your men in the penalty box. (You can swing

your stick, but nothing will happen.) Penalty time remaining will be displayed

continuously. When penalty time is up or a goal is scored on the short-handed

team, that team's player in the box will automatically return to the ice. Play

will continue without interruption. If both teams have a player in the penalty

box and either team scores, both team players remain in the penalty box, since

neither team is playing short-handed. If period ends before the full two minutes

penalty time is up, player in the box will still automatically leave the ice

with the rest of his team. Both teams will begin the next period at full

strength, regardless of penalty time remaining.


If you trip an opposing player without the puck, computer "Ref" might call a

penalty. Only "might!" "Ref" will call a tripping penalty only about one out of

three times! When you team is down a couple of goals or your goalie is in

trouble, go for the trip and steal the puck. The odds are in your favor!


"Crowd" Roar: When teams take the "ice." When goals are scored. At the end of

the match (3rd period ends).

"Ref's Whistle": When penalties are called.

Buzzer: At the end of each period.

"Stick Handling": Whenever a player's stick is swung.

Contact "Whack": When stick hits puck, or puck hits boards.

"Bump!" It's a Trip!: Sound does not always mean "Ref" will call a tripping



COORDINATE Direction Disc with Pass or Shoot buttons. When both controls work

together smoothly, you have an edge!

WATCH YOUR TIMING! Don't "skate" so fast that your team loses control of the

puck. Possession is the name of the game!

WORK ON PASSING! Get the puck down the rink promptly.

GET THE REBOUNDS! Rebounds are the surest way to score. Keep your shots coming.

GO FOR IT! Play aggressively, especially on defense. Go after the puck and steal

it away! Remember: computer "Ref" will call only one out of three tripping



(c)1979, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.

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