Intellivision Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 Player)


Your man is trapped in the maze. Robots relentlessly track him down.

Keep him away from spiders and bats. Watch out for robot fire! React

quickly. The key to survival is to destroy them -- before they get the

man! Rack up as many points as you can! It's you against

the end!


To begin the game, select RESET. You see the NIGHT STALKER Title

Screen. Now choose your speed:  

Press 3 for the slowest speed.

Press 2 for medium speed.

Press 1 for medium fast speed.

Press RETURN for the fastest speed.


The game begins immediately, with the man inside the center

bunker. His loaded weapon is lying in the maze and is flashing. The

man must leave the bunker and land on the weapon to pick it up.

Use the ARROW KEYS to move the man through the maze.

Once the man has picked up the weapon, he has six bullets and can

now shoot in four different directions.

Press 8 on the KEYPAD to shoot straight up.

Press 2 on the KEYPAD to shoot down.

Press 4 on the KEYPAD to shoot left.

Press 6 on the KEYPAD to shoot right.


BUNKER: There is only one safe place for the man to hide...and that's

inside the bunker, in the center of the maze. When he's inside,

spiders and bats cannot bite him, and the robot's bullets will not

harm him -- until the Black Robot appears (see below).

IMPORTANT: If your man isn't all the way inside the bunker, he can

be blasted by robot fire!

MAN: You start off with 6 men. After one man is shot, the next one

appears inside the bunker, and the number of men you have left

shows on the screen. Each time you rack up about 10,000 points, you

get another man. When your last man is downed by robot fire, the

game is over!

WEAPON: The man's main defense in the creature-infested maze is

his loaded weapon. Each weapon holds six shots, and will drop bats,

spiders and robots in their tracks.

IMPORTANT: Time your shots carefully!  Once you fire, you cannot

shoot again until that bullet disappears from the screen. While his

bullet is traveling, the man can run to dodge alien fire.

The man is out of bullets when you see the weapon flashing on the

screen. The man must then land on top of the weapon to pick it up.

Occasionally you might have bullets left after you have fired off six

shots. When the weapon ran out of ammunition, the next loaded

weapon was placed right where your man was standing and he

automatically picked it up. Keep on shooting!

SPIDER: A single menacing spider creeps throughout the maze, ready

to bite the man whenever they come in contact. Once the man is

bitten, he falls down, paralyzed for a few seconds. When he's down,

he cannot fire his weapon or run. He's vulnerable to robot attack!

To avoid being bitten, fire off a shot. If it hits the spider, he vanishes.

But another quickly appears in the spider's web and begins to crawl

around. The robot's fire does not zap the spider!

The spider web is a semi-protected area. All the maze creatures and

the man can enter the web. Sometimes the bullets from the man and

the robot will penetrate the web. Sometimes they will not.  

BATS: Two bats, hanging upside down, awaken and wing their way    

through the pathways of the maze. Either bat can bite the man when

they come in contact. The man falls down and is paralyzed the same

as when bitten by a spider. He cannot shoot or move.

After you shoot a bat, or a bat is hit by robot fire, it is replaced by

another. But if it isn't a direct hit, the bat is still there to torment


IMPORTANT: The game changes once your score is over 5,000 points.

Now when a bat is hit by robot fire or your shot, a gray robot takes

its place. If both bats get hit, you will have 3 robots and no bats after

the man!

ROBOTS: The man's most persistent enemy in the maze is the robot.

In the course of the game you will encounter five different types. As

your score gets higher, the robots become more and more

sophisticated. Each new robot has all the characteristics of the

previous robot, plus new features.

All robots fire at the man! They have unlimited ammunition. Their

shots are the same as the man's...only one bullet shows on the screen

at a time.

When the man's bullet hits a robot, he explodes. Another robot

quickly replaces him. Robots always enter the maze at the lower left


Now let's take a look at these adversaries:

Gray Robot: This robot is slow on the attack. He patrols the maze at

random, shooting only when he sees the man. After 5,000 points,

when a bat is shot, this robot takes its place in the maze!

Blue Robot: After 5,000 points, a blue robot appears on the screen.

He's more determined to track the man wherever he goes! He's hard

to lose!

White Robot: After 15,000 points, the white robot appears and

aggressively seeks out the man. The white robot's shield protects him

from the man's bullets. It takes 3 bullets to penetrate the shield and

blow this robot away!

Black Robot: After 30,000 points, the black robot appears and

advances with power! He is capable of firing white "energy bolts"

that absorb the man's bullets on contact.

After 50,000 points, this robot shoots yellow "energy bolts." These

can now crash into the bunker and slowly wear it away. Once the

bunker is gone, there's no safe place for the man to hide.  

Invisible Robot: He's in the maze after 80,000 points, and is the

ultimate aggressor! It's a sneak attack! His bullets are visible.  That's

your only clue about where he is!


Destroy a spider and earn 100 points.

Destroy a bat and earn 300 points.

Destroy the blue robot and earn 500 points.

Destroy the white robot and earn 1,000 points.

Destroy the black robot and earn 2000 points.

Destroy the invisible robot and earn 4000 points.


Once an aggressive robot is after the man, lay in wait at corners and

intersections. When the robot advances, get off a shot and quickly


For the white, black and invisible robots, it's helpful to count your

bullets. Try to use your last bullet to blast the robot. This gives you

some time to run and pick up the weapon while the next robot enters

the maze.

Knock off sleeping bats for quick points!


(c) 1982, 1997 Intellivision Productions, Inc.

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