Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 Player)


Take a lap around one of four tracks, passing other cars. If you

complete the lap fast enough, you qualify for one of the top five

starting positions in the big race!


Turn the POWER switch OFF and insert the POLE POSITION cartridge.

Turn POWER switch ON and press RESET. The POLE POSITION title

screen appears. Press any key.


You have four racetracks of varying difficulty to choose from:

1. FUJI SPEEDWAY (The classic POLE POSITION track!)

2. MADISON 500



Press the number of the track you want.


Press the TOP of the hand controller DISC to speed up; release the

DISC to slow down. Press the LEFT and RIGHT of the DISC to steer.

Pressing LEFT or RIGHT on the TOP half of the DISC will cause you to

speed up while turning; pressing LEFT or RIGHT on the BOTTOM half

of the DISC will keep your speed constant while turning.

You begin in low gear (indicated by the gear shift knob at the upper

right of the screen being UP). To shift into high gear, press either

BOTTOM SIDE ACTION KEY. High gear is indicated by the gear shift

knob being DOWN. Shift back into low by pressing either TOP SIDE

ACTION KEY. CRASH! Hit another car or a billboard and ka-BOOM!

your car goes up in flames. Don't worry -- plenty more where that

came from. As long as you have time remaining, you're given a new

car. Keep going -- and try to make up for lost time!


To qualify for the big race, you must complete one lap of the

racetrack in under 75 seconds. Wait for the green light, then gun it!

Be careful! You're not alone on the track. The qualifying lap ends if

you reach the finish line in under 75 seconds, otherwise you can

continue until 90 seconds have elapsed (you did not qualify -- game

is over). If you have completed the lap in less than 75 seconds, you

qualify for one of the top five positions in the big race. Your starting

position is determined by your qualifying lap time:

Less Than 75 Seconds: Position 5 -- 800 pts

Less Than 71 Seconds: Position 4 -- 1000 pts

Less Than 69 Seconds: Position 3 -- 1400 pts

Less Than 67 Seconds: Position 2 -- 2000 pts

Less Than 65 Seconds: Pole Position! -- 4000 pts


You begin in your assigned starting position. Wait for the green light,

then GO! Break away from the pack as soon as you can and head for

the finish line! You have 90 seconds to race. Finish the first lap in

less than 85 seconds and you are given additional time to complete

the next lap:


less than 85 seconds: 20 seconds extra

less than 81 seconds: 25 seconds extra

less than 77 seconds: 30 seconds extra

less than 75 seconds: 35 seconds extra

less than 71 seconds: 40 seconds extra

less than 69 seconds: 45 seconds extra

less than 67 seconds: 50 seconds extra

less than 65 seconds: 60 seconds extra

Every time you complete a lap in the given time, you are given more

time. But watch out! More cars appear on the track with each new



Every .005 miles completed is worth 10 points; each of the four

courses is a slightly different length, but a lap around any of them

earns approximately 5,000 points. You also get 50 points for each car

you pass, and bonus points for qualifying (see QUALIFYING, above).

Your score appears in the upper left of the screen.


Next to your score are two clocks: your time remaining (TM) and

your lap time (LAP). TM shows the number of seconds you have left.

It starts at 90 and counts down to zero. If you earn extra time, it is

added to TM. LAP counts the number of seconds it takes you to run

the course. It starts at zero and counts up. When you cross the finish

line, LAP freezes and blinks, showing your time for the lap. After

blinking several times, it will switch to counting your current lap as

you continue around the track.


The race ends when you run out of time (TM counts down to O). To

race again, press any number on the KEYPAD.


Shift to low gear to slow down FAST! Shift into low for just a moment

or two for extra maneuverability through a tight pack of cars!

Always start in low gear. If you crash, shift into low gear


Shift from low gear to high around 130mph for best acceleration.

Watch the road signs to prepare for turns! You can drive on the

grass, but it will slow you down. Still, you may want to use the grass

now and then for passing. Just watch out for road signs!


�1988, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.