Intellivision Cartridge Instructions

(For 2 Players)

"General quarters! General quarters!" All hands man your battle

stations! Enemy ships off the port bow. You and your opponent are

warring fleet Admirals. Check enemy position on the Strategy Chart.

Deploy battleship, submarine & PT boat. Stand by to engage enemy!

Check your bearings on the Battle Chart - commence firing!!! Dispatch

second squadron to repel enemy attackers approaching home base.

The battle rages on for naval supremacy!!

OBJECT OF THE GAME is to employ battle strategy to engage and sink

enemy ships. Victory goes to the player who commands his troop

transport or aircraft carrier into opponent's harbor during the

strategy phase. (If both players have lost these ships, then any other

ship can take the harbor and win!)









[8] ENGAGE/RETREAT: Engage or Battle Retreat


[clear] CREATE: To Select Ships

[0] STOP: Stops Controlled Ships

[enter] DEPLOY: Deploys Squadron/Switches Command

Upper Side Buttons -- AIM: Identify Enemy Targets

Lower Side Buttons -- FIRE: Fire Guns & Torpedoes

DISC: Moves Squadron & Crosshair


STRATEGY: In the Strategy Phase, opponent's home bases are shown

on your TV screen in different colors on opposite sides of an island

dotted ocean. Players deploy fleets from their harbor, lay mines,

maneuver into combat position, repair and regroup fleets. In the

Strategy Phase, all ships are the same shape. To differentiate one

navy from another, opposing fleets face in opposite directions and

are different colors.

Fleets that hit islands or the sides of the TV screen stop and wait for

your directional command. There's no damage to a fleet hitting land

in this phase.

COMBAT: In the Combat Phase, the battle zone and one fleet from

each navy are enlarged on your screen. Opponent's engage in ship-

to-ship warfare. Types of ships now become visible. You know your

opponent's strength! And he knows yours!!!

Keep ships away from land. In this phase running aground will

damage or possibly sink the ship.


SHIP'S CHARACTERISTICS: Both players have 13 ships to form up to

four fleets. Each type of ship has different strengths and weaknesses.

For example, even though a PT boat can be sunk with only one hit,

it's fast, can dodge most enemy fire, and delivers a strong punch! A

troop transport has weak armaments, but is able to take several hits.

Check ships' characteristics on the following chart. With a little

practice, you'll know which ships to deploy for certain strategy



(The following chart lists information about the individual ships, and

shows ships' relative characteristics. The most helpful comparison

might be between weapon strength and ship's resilience. Subtract

one ship's weapon strength from another ship's resilience. The higher

number determines whether a ship will sink or withstand one attack.

Examples: A troop transport with weapon strength of 7, will sink a

PT boat with resilience of 5. But if a sub with strength 20 hits a mine

sweeper, resilience 20, the latter won't sink until the next hit.

Players each have 13 ships.)


Number of Ships: 1

Speed: 30 knots

Resilience: 25 moderate armor

Weapon Type: Gun

Weapon Strength: 10 moderate

Weapon Range: long

Acceleration & Maneuverability: slow


Number of Ships: 1

Speed: 30 knots

Resilience: 25 heavy armor

Weapon Type: Gun

Weapon Strength: 7 weak

Weapon Range: very short

Acceleration & Maneuverability: sluggish


Number of Ships: 2

Speed: 35 knots

Resilience: 30 very heavy armor

Weapon Type: Gun

Weapon Strength: 12 strong

Weapon Range: long

Acceleration & Maneuverability: average


Number of Ships: 1

Speed: 35 knots

Resilience: 15 light armor

Weapon Type: Torpedo

Weapon Strength: 20 very strong

Weapon Range: very long

Acceleration & Maneuverability: quick


Number of Ships: 3

Speed: 40 knots

Resilience: 15 light armor

Weapon Type: Gun

Weapon Strength: 9 moderate

Weapon Range: moderate

Acceleration & Maneuverability: quick


Number of Ships: 2

Speed: 40 knots

Resilience: 5 none

Weapon Type: Torpedo

Weapon Strength: 12 strong

Weapon Range: short

Acceleration & Maneuverability: very quick


Number of Ships: 1

Speed: 20 knots

Resilience: 15 light armor

Weapon Type: Gun

Weapon Strength: 6 weak

Weapon Range: very short

Acceleration & Maneuverability: average


Number of Ships: 2

Speed: 30 knots if not activated/15 if sweeping

Resilience: 20 light armor

Weapon Type: Gun

Weapon Strength: 6 weak

Weapon Range: very strong

Acceleration & Maneuverability: average


* Resilience is amount of damage a ship can take before sinking

(mines, collisions, torpedoes, shells).

* Weapon Strength is amount of damage a ship delivers. Mines give a

relative damage of 20 (example: one mine would sink a PT boat).

Hitting land results in relative damage of 12 (in one second).

FORM YOUR FLEETS: You can deploy a fleet with one, two or three

different ships in it. (You can deploy a 1 ship fleet.) Press CREATE,

enter 1-3 ships individually on the keypad, press DEPLOY. You'll hear

a buzz if you try to enter two of the same kind of ships in one fleet,

or if that ship's already deployed or sunk. Your flagship is the first

ship you enter. If the first ship is destroyed, the second becomes the


CONTROL YOUR FLEETS: In the Strategy Phase, you control only one

fleet at a time: the one that's flashing. To switch command from fleet

to fleet, press DEPLOY until the fleet you want to move flashes.

Now press the edge of the DIRECTION DISC in the direction you want

the fleet to move. Once the fleet is moving, you can let up on the

DISC. The fleet will continue in that direction until you press STOP.

FLEET SPEED: The fleet speed is as fast as its slowest ship. Larger

ships accelerate more slowly to top speed than smaller ships. They

also turn and stop more slowly.


Torpedoes from the submarine are the most powerful offensive

weapons. The PT boat's torpedo packs less of a wallop. Torpedoes hit

anything in their path up to the crosshair position so it's only

necessary to aim beyond the target.

Gun strength varies from ship to ship (see chart above). Gun range is

all important. If you aim in front of, or beyond the enemy, you'll

hear a splash when the salvo hits the water. Shells only hit the

targeted position.

The mine layer can lay four mine fields, one at a time, in the course

of the game. To lay a mine field, first command the fleet with the

mine layer in it. Push the mine layer button on the keypad and the

mine is invisibly placed at the fleet's current location. You'll hear a

buzz if there's no mine layer in that fleet, or if you attempt to lay

more than 4 mine fields. Remember where you placed your mines.

Mines are only effective in the Strategy Phase, and are active until


Mines detonate when the opponent's flagship cruises over the mine.

There's an explosion and the flagship is damaged or sinks. Whether

or not the ships sinks depends on that ship's resilience (see chart)

and the number of hits already incurred (weakening that ship's

resilience). Mines continue to blast as long as the fleet stays in the

mine field. Get out of the area fast!

Mine Sweeper: Each player has two mine sweepers to protect its fleet

from four enemy mine fields. To activate mine sweeper, first control

fleet it's in. Then push mine sweeper button on the keypad, and

control with Disc. Activated mine sweepers move slowly and mines

are removed silently. (To de-activate sweeper, push STOP.)

Important: You cannot lay or sweep a mine if you are operating the


First let up on the disc, proceed to lay a mine or activate a sweeper,

then resume using the disc.


In the Strategy Phase, when you hear the call-to-battle stations, two

opposing fleets are in combat range. These fleets flash and all ship

motion temporarily stops. If neither player wants to engage in battle,

after a few seconds, the fleets automatically begin moving again. BUT

if either player presses ENGAGE, the game goes to the Combat Phase...

Your ability to maneuver the controls, take aim and dodge enemy

fire - all at the same time - makes the difference between victory

and defeat.

CONTROL SHIP: During the Combat Phase, you control only one ship at

a time. Control is initially set on the flagship. Press DIRECTION DISC

to move the ship. Release Disc and the ship glides to a stop. To control

another ship, press that ship's button on the keypad, then move it

with the Disc. All other ships stop.

TARGET THE ENEMY: Press AIM, and the crosshair is activated and

appears on the TV screen. Move it away from the ship by holding

down AIM BUTTON and pressing the Disc at the same time. The

crosshair moves a maximum distance, equal to that ship's weapon


Important: Release AIM button before firing.

If the enemy ship is beyond range, release AIM and press the Disc

only. This moves the ship and the extended crosshair.

Once you're in range, press AIM and the Disc to control crosshair

again. When the crosshair is over the enemy ship, press the FIRE

button. Crosshair disappears and you see the weapon being fired.

(Whenever you want crosshair to disappear, press STOP, change

control to another ship, or fire weapon.)

RETREATING: You're face to face with the enemy on the Combat

Chart. His strength is overpowering. Take evasive action! Press

RETREAT and you'll hear the retreat sound. Press your Direction Disc

to dodge enemy fire. After 15 seconds, chart goes back to the

Strategy Phase.

REPAIR & REGROUP FLEET: You want to repair ships that lost

resilience by taking hits and running into land. Or after seeing enemy

strength, you want to regroup and deploy a different combination of

ships. In either case, steer the fleet into you harbor in the Strategy

Phase, push STOP. Now deploy your new fleet. Partially damaged

ships are as good as new. Mine layers, however, do not re-load. No

matter how many times they're brought back for repairs, they lay

four mine fields total. You can repair and/or regroup 3 times only!



1. Tap the DIRECTION DISC once and the Strategy Phase chart

appears on your TV screen. Sonar beeps get you in the mood for Sea



2. Press CREATE [clear], then enter 1-3 ships. Press DEPLOY [enter].

The first fleet now appears in your harbor. If you change your mind

before pressing DEPLOY, just push CREATE and begin again.

IMPORTANT: All ships look alike. Remember what ships you deploy!

3. Press the edge of the Direction Disc and move the fleet out of your

harbor. Remember, you don't have to keep pressing the Disc. It will

continue in one direction until you press STOP. Decide on your

strategy. Hold other fleets in the harbor until later, or deploy another

fleet now.

4. Protect your home base! Lay a mine just outside the harbor. Or lay

one on the approach path. Lure enemy into mine zone.


5. Call-to-battle stations! Fleets are flashing. Press ENGAGE [8]. You've

got a battleship, the enemy has a submarine. You've got more

resilience, but he's got torpedo strength. Battle it out.

6. Press AIM [upper side button] and zero in on his ship. You've

backed him into land. He's losing resilience.

7. Enemy has your ship in his site, he fires... Outmaneuver him. Move

your ship before the weapon hits that spot!

8. Target the sub, press FIRE!!! [lower side button]. You can't aim

again until the shot disappears. You're vulnerable. Watch out. His

torpedo is passing dangerously close.

9. You scored a direct hit!!! The sub is blown out of the water in the

midst of explosion. Cease fire. You've won this battle.

10. After either ship is sunk, the battle automatically goes back to

the Strategy Chart on the TV screen. Now go for his home base!!!


Learn the ship's characteristics, employ strategy plays, and be quick

with the controls.

Remember what ships you've deployed. One or two fleets are easier

to remember at a time. Hold fleet in reserve to protect home base.

Try to guess enemy ships in the Strategy Phase. Watch their speed,

how they move. For example, if they move erratically, they could be

laying mines.

Decide on one approach channel to enemy harbor. There's less chance

of hitting mines.

A ship with strong resilience might want to stay in target position,

take a hit from the enemy, then shoot at him before he has time to

aim again.

Remember opponent's ships and keep track of enemy position. You

might want to regroup and chase down opponent's weak fleet.

Catch the enemy off guard. Go for quick victory!  


(c)1980, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.

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