Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 or 2 Players)


Score more goals than your opponent. Each goal scores 1 point. Game

ends after three 20 minute periods (no overtime).


Turn power OFF and insert cartridge. Turn power switch ON and press

RESET. SLAP SHOT -- SUPER PRO HOCKEY title screen appears. Press

any hand controller key or the DISC to continue.

You can play SLAP SHOT -- SUPER PRO HOCKEY against the computer or

against a friend. You can be either the Home Team or the Visiting


Using either hand controller, select 1 for the Home Team to be

controlled by the left hand controller, 2 for the Home Team to be

controlled by the computer. Press ENTER.

Select the skill level of the Home Team. You can play SLAP SHOT --

SUPER PRO HOCKEY at any of four team skill levels, which determine

the maximum speed of skaters and their shots. Select the skill level

for the Home Team -- 1 (AMATEUR) to 4 (SUPER PRO), then press

ENTER. The lower the skill level for your team, the greater the

challenge for YOU.

The Home Team has now been signed up; repeat the procedure for the

Visitor Team, which is controlled either by the right hand controller or

by the computer.

Note: The two teams can play at different skill levels; use these levels

to handicap players. An experienced player with a rookie team is a fair

match for a novice with a super pro team.


The Home Team's net is at the left of the screen; the Visitor Team's

net is at the right. Above each net is that team's penalty box; in the

center of the rink is the red face-off circle; and, at the top of the

screen, the scoreboard.

In the center of the scoreboard is the time remaining in the period.

This clock starts at 20 minutes and counts down (simulated time).

Above the clock are 1 to 3 red lights, indicating the period.


The players skate onto the ice. There are four players on a side, one of

whom is the goalie. The Home Team is wearing TAN, the Visiting Team

is wearing BLUE.

You control one player at a time using the hand controller DISC. If you

are the Home Team, the player you control will change from TAN to

RED; if you control the Visitor Team, the player you control will change

from DARK BLUE to LIGHT BLUE. The other players on your team will

automatically back you up.

Note: Both goalies are always under automatic control.

The player you control skates in the direction you press the DISC. The

player starts slow, but gains speed quickly ONLY AS LONG AS YOU HOLD

DOWN ON THE DISC. If you let go of the disc, the player slows to a stop.

If you change direction, the player slows down to make the turn. To

reach maximum speed, keep the disk held in one direction.

When playing offense, you always control the player with the puck.

When a player on your team receives the puck in a pass, control will

automatically switch to the receiving player. (You never control your

goalie; after receiving the puck, your goalie will immediately pass to

one of your other players.)

When playing defense, you choose which player you control by pressing

0 (Zero). Each time you press 0, control switches to the next member

of your team. (You cannot select the goalie.)


A face-off occurs at the beginning of each period and after every goal

to determine which team gets possession of the puck. A Home and a

Visitor player assume positions facing each other in the face-off

circle. Remaining team members assume positions around the rink.

Either player presses the DISC. After a moment (in order to make it

fair for both sides) the puck appears in the center of the face-off

circle and the 20 minute clock (simulated time) starts counting down.

Skate toward the puck -- the player who touches the puck with the

stick takes possession.



Press 1 through 9 (except 5) to pass or shoot the puck. The position

of these eight keys on the hand controller determine the direction of

the shot; for example, press 2 to shoot up, press 9 to shoot diagonally

down to the right.

The speed of the puck depends on how fast you are moving in the

direction of the shot!

Note: You MUST release the DISC before shooting!


These are your hardest and fastest shots! Pressing either TOP SIDE

KEY shoots the puck in the direction you are skating. Pressing either

BOTTOM SIDE KEY shoots it even faster!



You can intercept the puck by skating into its path, making contact

with your stick. Always stay alert for rebounds and free pucks! Other

members of your team can also intercept; control will automatically

switch to the player with the puck.


You can steal the puck by tripping the player with possession. Skate

next to the player and swing your stick (press a SIDE KEY). If you're

close enough, the player will momentarily tumble, leaving the puck free

and the player you stole the puck from flat on the ice!

Note: You cannot trip a goalie or a member of your own team.


It is illegal to trip a player who does not have possession of the puck. If

you do it (and if you're CAUGHT) the referee's whistle will sound and

you'll be sent to the penalty box for 2 minutes. A clock appears next to

the box to count down the penalty (simulated time).

No more than one player from each team can be sent to the penalty

boxes at the same time; if you have a player in the penalty box, it is

impossible to trip an opposing player.

When penalty time is up or a goal is scored against the short-handed

team, the player returns to the ice. If both teams have a player in the

penalty boxes and either team scores, neither player returns to the ice

since neither team is short-handed.

Penalty time remaining does not carry over from one period to the



A hard, long shot can knock the goalie down. While the goalie is down,

the net is defenseless! Regain control of the puck and shoot!

Although illegal, you can frequently get away with tripping a player

without the puck. Tripping a player set to receive a pass gives you a

chance to steal the puck -- if you're willing to risk getting caught.

To get around an opposing player, try passing the puck directly to him!

As soon as he gets possession, trip him, steal the puck back, and keep

moving! Similarly, let the opposing player take the puck in a face-off,

then trip him and steal the puck! Take advantage of the time the player

is down!


�1987, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.