(For 1 Player)

Start the game and HERE THEY COME -- 4 rows of menacing monsters

-- an armada of trouble! You begin with 6 laser guns and 3 bunkers.

The descending targets drop bombs on you and your bunkers. Hit the

elusive red flying saucer for big points and some damage repair!

Every time you clear the screen of targets, the challenge gets tougher

-- more bombs, guided missiles, and many, many surprises! Fire



Score as many points as possible for shooting descending Space

Armada targets, before any of them "land". Each time a screenful of

targets is cleared a new Armada appears with higher point

values...and sometimes new offensive weapons.


Side Buttons Fires Laser

The Disc moves your Laser Left and Right

Keypad Button [1] Selects Game

Keypad Button [2] Selects Practice Mode


When you see the Space Armada title, press the disc or any button

on either Hand Controller. The screen shows: Game or Practice?

To start Game Mode, press GAME [1], then Enter.

If you select PRACTICE MODE [2], you will be able to play the game at

the beginning, but at a slower speed. (PRACTICE MODE has greater

usefulness when you have cleared the screen a few times and want

to get a "replay" of a more difficult target situation -- see below).

At the beginning of the game, you have 32 moving targets, arranged

in 4 rows.

You also start with 6 laser guns, one visible in the center of the

picture and 5 more in reserve.

The targets move left and right and the entire Armada descends

every time any target reaches either side of the screen.

To Hit A Target: Move your laser gun left or right by pressing the left

or right half of the Direction Disc...

NOW -- when you're clear of the bunkers, FIRE by pressing any

button on the sides of the Hand Controller. You have unlimited

ammunition -- BUT you can only shoot fast enough to have one laser

round on the screen at a time -- so MAKE YOUR SHOTS COUNT!

THE ARMADA ATTACKS! The first Armada attack is with white

bombs that wiggle as they fall. They come down slowly enough so

that you can move away before your laser gun is hit. (If you lose all

your guns the game is over.)

If you win that battle by clearing all 32 targets from the screen

before any of them reach the ground, you get another Armada. Every

time a bomb hits one of your bunkers, it chips a piece away, and in

your second battle your bunker protection will be reduced.

By the third battle, a new kind of bomb will start to fall. It's longer

than the first kind, and brown. It explodes when it lands, and even a

near miss will take out one of your laser guns.

After a hit, the game pauses briefly. When it restarts, one of your

reserve guns appears and you can resume firing. Normally, your

replacement gun appears in the center. However, if you want it to be

located at the left or right, press that side of the Disc during the


If you keep on clearing the screen, the targets start moving faster,

and new forms of attack take place. There are "guided missiles" --

pulsing violet projectiles that will fall to earth and move horizontally

to blow up your gun, unless they hit one of your bunkers.

If you fire your laser when you're directly underneath one of these

missiles or brown bombs, you can blow them up in midair -- with a

direct hit.

Later on, if you keep clearing the screen, the Armada attack gets

more and more challenging, and introduces some surprises that will

always make the game interesting!

Be prepared, as the game goes on, to confront a variety of battle

situations, including targets that become invisible. You must shoot

them anyway! If you forget to hit any of them, they will reappear

when they land, and the game will be over.


Every screenful of targets is worth more than the preceding Armada.

The first set of targets are worth 10 points each; the second set are

20 points, and so on (you do not score any points when you hit a

bomb or projectile). The red flying saucer at the top of the screen

gives you bonus points when you hit it...a random number from 1 to

32, times the current value of each target. So, hitting the flying

saucer in the fifth screen could give you over 1,500 points!

Hitting the flying saucer gives you something more -- repair of your

most-damaged bunker. This is especially important during the later

battles, when you REALLY need protection from guided missile


Every time one of your laser guns is hit, the game pauses and you

see the current score, as well as a count of your guns in reserve (a "+"

means you have more reserve lasers than are shown)...

You also get a score update when you finish clearing the screen of


The game is over, and your final score shown, when you lose all your

laser guns, or when any target gets all the way to the bottom of the



When the game is over, you can have a replay of the last screenful of

targets and battle situation you played. Press ENTER, then PRACTICE,

then ENTER again. All your bunkers will be restored and you will

have 6 laser guns. The situation will be at a slightly slower speed

than it was during the regular game, so you can refine your strategy

and improve your playing skill. This particular screen will be

represented repeatedly, unless you lose all your guns or allow one of

the targets to land.

If you select Practice Mode at the beginning of the game, you'll get

the first screen at a slower-than-normal speed.


�1981, 1997 Intellivision Productions, Inc.