Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 or 2 Players)


To hit the ball over the net in such a manner that the opposing team

is unable to return it within 3 hits of the ball. You control offensive

moves (sets and spikes) and defensive moves (digs and blocks). Only

the team that serves (puts the ball into play) can score points. If the

serving team fails to score, a side out is awarded and the service

changes to the opposing team.

First team to score at least 15 points with a 2 point advantage wins

the game. Three games out of five wins the match.


Turn power switch OFF and insert cartridge. turn power switch ON

and press RESET. SPIKER -- SUPER PRO VOLLEYBALL title screen

appears. Press any hand controller KEY or the DISC to continue.


Using either hand controller, press 1 to play TWO ON TWO (outdoor)

or press 2 to play SIX ON SIX (indoor). Outdoor Volleyball is

generally harder, but it is also more fun as you get better. Both

games follow the same rules. Press ENTER after making your



You can play SPIKER -- SUPER PRO VOLLEYBALL against the

computer, against a friend, or you and a friend can team up against

the computer (outdoor volleyball only). You can use the left hand

controller (the red team) or the right (the blue team). Or you can let

the computer control both teams, giving you a demonstration of

game play (very instructional for beginners).

A menu of your options appears on screen, showing various

combinations of HUMAN and COMPUTER teams. What side of the

screen a team appears on indicates which hand controller will control

the team. For example, selecting HUMAN VS. COMPUTER means you

will play a computer controlled team, and you will use the LEFT hand

controller. Select COMPUTER VS. HUMAN and you will use the RIGHT

hand controller. The other hand controller is the computer's

controller, used only in selecting its skill level.

For TWO ON TWO, extra options appear on screen: 2 HUMANS VS.

COMPUTER and COMPUTER VS. 2 HUMANS. These options allow two

players to team up against the computer team. All the rules below

apply, except that you always control the same onscreen player.

After making your selection by pressing the appropriate NUMERIC

KEY, press ENTER.


Select a skill level for each team by pressing 1 (low) to 6 (high) on

that team's hand controller. To play against an easy computer-

controlled team, select a low number for the computer (using its

hand controller) and a higher number for yourself. When two friends

compete, assign the better player the lower number, handicapping

him or her with the worse team. Press ENTER after each controller

after selecting the levels.


Once skill levels have been entered, the game begins. For the first

game, the red team is on the left of the screen, the blue team is on

the right. Teams switch sides after each game. The team on the left

serves first each game.


The team scores appear in the upper left and right corners of the

screen in the teams' colors. The points scored in the current game

appear over the number of games won in the match so far.


You control serving, offensive moves, and defensive moves. You can

aim your shots to various zones on each side of the net using the 1

through 9 keys, mapped as they are on the hand controller. That is,

press 1 to aim to upper left; 9 to aim to lower right; 5 to aim to the

center and so forth.

On the left side of the court, the zones 3, 6, and 9 are along the net;

on the right side, zones 1, 4 and 7 are along the net.


The ball automatically goes to the server on the side with possession

of the ball. Use the DISC to move back and forth along the back line.

Serving requires two presses of numeric keys, and both timing and

strategy are required.

When you press the keys determines the accuracy of the serve: the

first press tosses the ball up, the second press hits it. Time the

second press carefully -- too early or too late could cause you to hit

the ball into the net, out of bounds, or miss it entirely.

Which keys you press determine the speed and direction of the

serve: the first number you press selects the speed, the second

number selects a zone on your opponent's side. Use logic -- a fast

serve to a zone close to the net won't go over! And remember that

the serve will only be accurate if your timing is correct!


You only have control of one of your team's players at a time,

indicated by the orange player for the Reds, the light blue player for

the Blues. Whenever the ball is in the air, your player closest to

where the ball will land is automatically selected as the one you


You can manually select a different player to control by pressing

CLEAR and ENTER to cycle through your other team members.

Whichever team members you do not control will play to the best of

their abilities, based on the skill level you selected for them.

When playing in cooperative mode, you always control the same



Press the edge of the DISC to make your controlled player run in the

direction pressed.


When the ball comes onto your side of the net, you may pass (hit) it

to a teammate. You may only pass the ball twice before hitting it

back over the net.

If you control the player closest to the ball (the usual case), move to

meet the ball as it comes down. If you get there in time, you will

automatically hit the ball. If you don't control the player, then he'll

automatically attempt to hit it (the higher the team's skill level, the

more likely he is to succeed).

If you control the player, you can pass to a particular teammate by

pressing the NUMERIC KEY matching the teammate's zone BEFORE

THE BALL IS HIT. You may select the zone, then run to hit the ball, or

vice versa. For example, to pass the ball to your teammate standing

in the center of your court, press 5, then use the DISC to run and

meet the ball.

Important: Do not press a NUMERIC KEY while pressing the DISC or

the key press will be ignored and you'll stop!

You can change your mind and press a different NUMERIC KEY as

long as you do it BEFORE THE BALL IS HIT.

Note: It is not necessary to select a zone. If you do not press a

NUMERIC KEY before a hit, a zone will be selected for you at random.

You may wish to take advantage of this and let all your shots be

selected for you until you learn the feel of the controls. As you get

better, you will want to aim all your shots, except when there isn't

time, as with a dig (wild, unaimed hit just intended to keep the ball

in play, usually in response to other team's unblocked spike).


Since the third hit must go over the net, the player making that hit

will automatically aim for a zone on the other side. If you control the

player, you can determine which zone you'll aim for by pressing the

matching NUMERIC KEY before the ball is hit. If you do not press a

numeric key, a random zone will be selected.

Instead of passing, you can hit the ball over the net on the first or

second hit by pressing 0 (zero), then the NUMERIC KEY of the target

zone BEFORE THE BALL IS HIT. For example, the ball is coming over

the net. To immediately return it toward the center of the opposing

court, press 0, then 5, then use the DISC to run and meet the ball.

Again, it is not necessary to select a target zone. If you do not press a

NUMERIC KEY, key, a zone will be selected for you at random.


When you're too far from the ball to reach it in time by running

(pressing the DISC), you can dive for it: WHILE PRESSING THE DISC,

press either LOWER SIDE KEY. You'll dive in the direction you're

running. Diving will cause you to move twice as fast, but you'll have

no control over the zone you hit the ball to -- if you hit it!


Your primary offensive move is the spike. On the second hit, the ball

is passed (set) to you near the net. Press either TOP SIDE KEY to jump

and hit the ball full force down over the net. It will take practice to

learn the timing needed to jump high enough to make the spike

effective. As with normal hitting over the net, you can press a

NUMERIC KEY to aim the ball before spiking.

Warning: Since the spike travels in a straight line, spikes aimed

toward the three closest opposing zones are most likely to ram right

into the net. Aim for the middle or back of the opposing court until

you have mastered the spike. But a successful spike to the near zones

is almost unstoppable!

You can spike on the first or second hit by pressing 0, then a zone to

aim to. You can also use this move to fake out your opponent: on the

first or second hit you can jump without spiking -- just aim to a zone

on your side of the net (don't press 0 first). With proper timing, you

can jump and at the last instant decide if you'll spike it over or pass

to a teammate.


To double the speed of your spikes, run toward the ball (press the

DISC) and then press either TOP SIDE KEY while still pressing the

DISC. You'll take a running jump at the bail, smashing it down over

the net at high speed -- IF you hit it.

Warning: If you're running toward the net, you'll likely run into it,

causing a violation and awarding the other team the serve or point.

Instead, run alongside the net before jumping.


Your primary defensive move is the block, used against the spike. It

requires anticipating which opposing team member is about to spike.

Position yourself next to the net in front of the spiker. Press either

TOP SIDE KEY to jump. Time it right and you'll deflect the spike right

back over the net.

If your timing is slightly off, you may just tip the ball as it comes

over onto your side of the net. In this event, THE BLOCK DOES NOT



You'll hear the referee's whistle for the following violations:

* Player touches the net

* Player goes under the net while diving

* Bail hits the ground

* Serve touches the net as it goes over

The serve or the point goes to the other team.


KEYS 1 TROUGH 9: Select zone to aim for

CLEAR & ENTER: Select different team member

0: Hit ball over net early (first or second hit)

UPPER SIDE KEYS: Jump (for spikes or blocks)

LOWER SIDE KEYS: Dive in direction running

DISC: Run in direction pressed


�1989, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.