Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 or 2 Players)


Score points by performing in nine events, either individually or one

after the other. Compete against a friend, a computer driver, or

against your own top score.


Turn power switch OFF and insert cartridge. Turn power switch ON

and press RESET. STADIUM MUD BUGGIES title screen appears. Press

hand controller DISC to go to MAIN MENU.


The Main Menu gives you six selections that allow you to change

options or to begin an event. After an event, you can return to the

Main Menu to change one or more options, leaving the others the

same. Press the number shown on the Menu followed by ENTER to

make a selection. The selections are described below.


Options are:

1: 1 player(use the left hand controller to drive the red buggy)

2: 2 players (left controls red buggy, right controls blue)

3: player vs. comp (use the left hand controller to drive the red

buggy; computer controls blue)

4: 1 comp demo (computer controls red buggy)

3: 2 comp demo (computer controls both buggies)

Press the number of your selection followed by ENTER. If you do not

select player number, 2 PLAYERS will be automatically  selected.


The events are:

1: Hill Climb

2: Drag Race

3: Bog

4: Tug-O-War

5: Car Crush

6: Donuts

7: Drawbridge

8: Combo Course

9: MONSTER RALLY (All events in order)

Each event is described in detail later.

Press the number of your selection followed by ENTER.

If you do not select an event, HILL CLIMB will be automatically



Set the number of laps for each event by pressing a key from 1 to 9,

followed by ENTER. In the two straightaway events (DRAG RACE and

TUG OF WAR), the number entered sets the length in quarter miles.

If you do not select a race length, 2 LAPS will be automatically



Options are:

1: Right Right (Both buggies start facing right)

2: Right Left (Red starts right; blue left)

3: Left Right (Blue starts left; red right)

4: Left Left (Both buggies start facing left)

Press the number of your selection followed by ENTER.

Since both buggies stay on screen at all times during a two player

game, options 3 and 4 (buggies travel opposite directions) will only

apply to an event in which at least one buggy is computer controlled,

or to a two-player DONUT competition where the entire course is on


If you do not select buggy directions, RIGHT-RIGHT will be

automatically selected.


Determine the difficulty level for the event(s) by pressing from 1

(easiest) to 5 (most difficult), then pressing ENTER. The difficulty

level determines the top end speed of the computer-controlled

buggies, the slickness of the water hazards, and the speed of the


If you do not select difficulty level, EASIEST will be automatically



Displays an intermediate screen to give both players a chance to get

ready; press the DISC on either hand controller to hit the dirt!

You can call a halt to any event by pressing CLEAR.


Press the edge of the DISC to start your buggy moving in the

direction pressed. Once you start your buggy moving, it will continue

in that direction after you release the DISC.

Use either TOP SIDE KEY as the GAS PEDAL. Your buggy comes

equipped with a 4-speed transmission. To accelerate, press either

TOP SIDE KEY. To shift into the next higher gear, release then press

the TOP SIDE KEY again; you can do this until you reach 4th gear.

Practice shifting at different times to achieve maximum speeds.


Press either BOTTOM SIDE KEY to slow your buggy down. Each quick

press will throw the buggy into the next lower gear -- or keep it held

down, and it will automatically downshift into lower gears. Once your

buggy has come to a stop, pressing either BOTTOM SIDE KEY will put

your buggy into REVERSE. Press either TOP SIDE KEY to go forward


Your buggy will automatically downshift when the engine starts to

"lug" -- when you are driving up a steep hill in too high a gear, or

when you are slowed down in water or by crushing cars. Also, when

you crash or your buggy "bottoms out" after a nasty jump, your

buggy returns to 1st gear.


HILL CLIMB -- Course features numerous hills: build up speed before

attempting larger hills. It may be necessary to zig-zag up face of


DRAG RACE -- Level straightaway: timing when you shift gears is


BOG -- Course is covered with mud (brown patches) and water (blue

patches). Frequently the track crosses a stream: build up speed -- the

faster you are going, the further you will get before bogging down.

TUG OF WAR -- Both buggies head opposite directions on a straight

track connected by a chain. Score by pulling opponent over your

finish line. Pull straight for maximum force: steer to move opponent

into slick areas (mud water) while avoiding them yourself!

Occasionally, the chain will break and neither driver will score for

the event. (Note: When competing against yourself, there is no

opposing truck -- you win by default.)

CAR CRUSH -- Course is littered with cars: drive around them or over

them. Driving directly over them will crush them, but it may send

you in a direction you didn't expect. Either driver may crush either

color car.

DONUTS -- Tight, round course: a madcap event, made even crazier

when both buggies are heading different directions! Random patches

of mud and water appear on the course.

DRAWBRIDGES -- Course features drawbridges that raise and lower

as you drive: drawbridges face both directions -- in one direction,

you'll be able to use the drawbridge as a jump ramp. In the other

direction, the drawbridges appear as walls; time it just right to cross.

COMBO COURSE -- Combines elements of HILL CLIMB, DRAG RACE,

BOG, DRAWBRIDGE, CAR CRUSH, and some fancy cornering work all in

one course.

MONSTER RALLY -- Each of the above events are played one at a

time. The ultimate challenge!


After each event the score is displayed. Score for each buggy is

shown in that buggy's color.

Score for each event is based on how fast you run the course, plus

the number of cars you crush in the CAR CRUSH, COMBO COURSE, and

MONSTER RALLY events. Your score is based on a total of three runs

for the DRAG RACE, TUG OF WAR, and DONUTS events, and for those

events in the MONSTER RALLY.

When two players compete, a buggy is automatically pushed forward

if it falls too far behind, adding a penalty to the driver's score.

A score of 1000 for each event is viewed as better than average,

except the three-attempt events, where 1500 is better than average.

A good MONSTER RALLY is around 10000 points. The length of an

event does not effect the score.

After an event, press 1 to compete in the event again press 2 to

return to the Main Menu.


It's sometimes better to crash into your opponent rather than letting

him or her cross the finish line first.

Water is easier to drive across than mud.

In the DRAWBRIDGE event, build up enough speed and you may be

able to use a drawbridge as a ramp to jump the next one.

In the CAR CRUSH event, cut off your opponent and crush the cars he

or she is about to drive over.


�1989, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.