Intellivision Cartridge Instructions

(for 1 players)

TO SUB SQUADRON: Enemy convoys approaching...All have destroyer

escorts...Station subs at sea...Stalk your targets...Fire torpedoes...Evade

surface gunnery and depth charges...Sink all ships...Good hunting!


You control 4 submarines, one at a time. Your targets: 6 convoys,

which are crossing the open sea. Navigate them, sight ships through

the periscope, then fire your ready torpedoes. Take evasive action to

escape hits from deck guns and depth charges. Sink the ships before

they can reach a safe harbor and form an almost-unstoppable

invasion force to attack your home base.


Top Side Buttons: Fire Torpedoes

Bottom Side Buttons: Reverse Engines

Disc controls Runner

Left Side: Port

Right Side: Starboard

Keypad 1-5 set skill level & Engine Speed

1 = Skill *** / Stop Engines

2 = Skill ** / Engines 1/4

3 = Skill * / Engines 1/2

4 = Skill **** / Engines 3/4

5 = Skill ***** / Engines Full


Keypad 5 = Return Key

Keypad 6 = Dive

Keypad 7 = Surface

Keypad 8 = Sonar On/Off

Keypad Clear = Select Submarine

Keypad 0 = Stop At Sea All Subs

Keypad Enter = Stop At Sea Active Sub


Press RESET.  You see the SUB HUNT Title Screen.

Set the game skill level:

Press * (3) for the Lieutenant's Game (easiest level)

Press ** (2) or the Disc for the Lt. Commander's Game

Press *** (1) for the Commander's Game

Press **** (4) for the Captain's Game

Press ***** (5) for the Admiral's Game (hardest level)

Note: for more info about skill levels, see below.


Phase One: Deploy Submarines

When you select the skill level (see above), the ocean map appears.

At the top of the screen (north) is the Enemy Staging Harbor. To the

right (east) is your Home Base. Just to the left of your Base are your

4 Submarines. On the far left (west) of the screen is the Convoy


In a few seconds, the first of six enemy convoys appears at the west

edge of this Ocean Map, heading eastward. Press SELECT [CLEAR] to

activate a sub. Touch the left side of the Disc to start it moving

toward the convoy.  Then send out your remaining subs. Press

SELECT [CLEAR] to turn a vessel dark, then deploy it toward the area

between the convoy and its staging harbor destination.  

All subs stop when the first battle begins. SELECT sub nearest the

convoy. Guide it by touching the Disc edge (press top to go North,

bottom to head South, etc.) Intercept the gray ship figure as fast as

you can.  When you contact the enemy, both ships start flashing, and

it is time to start...

PHASE TWO: General Quarters!

The screen now shows the situation on your "sonar map". You are

still east of the approaching convoy.

DEPTH GAUGE (marked "D"). In 20' Increments.  At far left, fully

submerged.  At far right, fully surfaced.

RUDDER (marked "R"). Shows rudder position relative to present

heading.  At far left, hard to port.  At far right, hard to starboard.

SPEED (marked "S"). Shows current sub speed. At far left, sub is in

reverse.  At far right, full speed ahead.

TORPEDOES. Show current status. Green means armed, ready to fire.

Red means torpedo tub not yet loaded.


YOUR TARGETS. At long range, press FULL [5] to move at Full Speed.

When you close in, and during your attack on the convoy, you should

proceed at a slower speed. When you touch an engine room

Telegraph symbol [1 to 5 on the KEYPAD], you start to move at that

speed. To go into reverse, keep pressing either lower action button.

To resume forward speed, release the button.

NOTE: Surface speed is about 25% faster than submerged speed.

NOTE: Your rudder is more responsive at every higher speed. When

you are stopped, the rudder does not change sub's direction at all.


When you get near the convoy, your sub flashes more slowly. You

are now almost within visual sighting range. Submerge to periscope

level at this point, by pressing DIVE [7] ONE TIME. Every time you

press this key you dive 20 feet deeper. The sky color darkens

slightly when you go from the surface to periscope depth. Destroyers

can also detect your location at this range if your sonar is on. Turn

your sonar OFF [9] if you want to mount a sneak attack!

A destroyer always leads the formation. At the 3 highest Skill Levels,

each convoy includes two destroyers. If you're sighted, the escort

ship leaves the convoy and chases you, firing its deck guns if you are

surfaced, and dropping depth charges if you are submerged. The

Destroyer tends to stay behind you, and you cannot outrun it. Try to

torpedo the destroyer as it approaches you. If you miss, dive as deep

as you can, stop the engine and turn off the sonar (because either of

them give away your position). After a while, the destroyer may give

up the hunt and return to escort portion. Depth charge sounds get

fainter. When your sub starts flashing at a faster rate, press RETURN

[6] to circle around in front of the convoy. When you see the ocean

map again you can start another attack.

NOTE: You cannot use RETURN [6] to escape when you're in close-

range battle position. You must be far enough from the convoy so

your sub is flashing at the fast, long- range rate.


When you're near the convoy, you can see the ships through the

periscope. You also see their position on the sonar map, as dots that

are dimmer and smaller than your flashing sub figure. With some

practice, you can relate these sonar blips to the periscope images, so

you can maneuver to attack each sub in turn.

You see the ships either from the side or head-on, depending on the

approach direction. If a ship looms very large on the periscope, then

disappears, it means you passed it. Press either Lower Action Button

to go into Reverse. The target ship will probably reappear.


When either of the torpedo symbols is green, you can fire one


It takes a few seconds to reload the empty torpedo tube.  During that

reload time, the torpedo indicator turns red.  There is no limit to the

number of times torpedo tubes will be reloaded.


Your maximum range is about halfway to the horizon, seen through

the periscope.

The torpedo direction is set at the center notch of the periscope view

when you press a "Fire" button.

You MUST be on the surface or at periscope level to fire torpedoes.


If you sink 36 ships you win the game. The count of sinkings is

shown at the left of the periscope view. When you win, you get a

spirited victory salute -- you're a naval hero! You can also win by

sinking so many enemy ships that they cannot form an invasion

force to attack you.

The convoys' primary destination is the STAGING HARBOR. Although

you can't see them, 3 destroyers are waiting there. As soon as

enough surviving ships arrive, an invasion fleet forms, consisting of 3

destroyers and 3 troopships. If there are not enough convoy ships

arriving to make up this invasion force, they will just be held in the

harbor until enough survivors get past your subs. The invasion fleet

appears as a dark shape, then moves out of the staging harbor,

heading for your home base.

You MUST sink all ships in this fleet before they arrive at your home


It will be very hard to sink 3 destroyers, but this is your last chance


avoid defeat. If the invasion force reaches your home base, the land


changes color, and the game is over.


The skill level you select at the start of the game affects the play a

great deal. At higher skill levels (3, 4 and 5), the destroyer escorts

are much tougher in battle. There are two of them in every convoy.

Their deck guns and depth charges are more accurate, and they are

able to find you more often, even when you dive deep. Also, the

convoys appear more frequently and move faster!


If the destroyer spots you, it will leave the convoy to attack your sub

with its deck guns and depth charges. Don't try to fight the destroyer

on the surface! Dive to maximum depth by pressing DIVE [7]

repeatedly, until your depth gauge needle is all the way to the left

side. You hear the depth charges and see the picture jiggle from the

concussion. You can't outrun the destroyer, especially under water.

A good strategy is to shut off your engine AND your sonar. You'll be

motionless under the sea, and without the sonar blips that show you

where the surface vessels are -- but this will deprive the destroyer

of noise-making clues what will give your position away. If depth

charges persist, and seem to be very close, start up the engine at full

speed for a short

time, then stop again. Keep the sonar off until depth charges stop.

Wait a few seconds, then press SONAR to see where your enemy is

located.  If you restart sonar and engines too soon, the destroyer will

come back and renew its attack, and you might have to dive and hide


When the convoy moves a long distance away from you, your sub

figure starts flashing faster. Press RETURN to go back to the big map.  

Now you can start another attack. REMEMBER, YOU CAN'T USE THE



1 Preparation for Game -- Game Title on Screen

Select easiest Skill Level: Press * (KEYPAD 3)

Select Skill Level 2: Press ** (KEYPAD 2) or DISC

Select Skill Level 3: Press *** (KEYPAD 1)

Select Skill Level 4: Press **** (KEYPAD 4)

Select Skill Level 5: Press ***** (KEYPAD 5)

2 Deployment Phase -- Large Map on Screen

Select Active (dark) Sub: Press SELECT (KEYPAD CLEAR)

Steer Active Sub: Press DISC edge at desired direction

Stop All Moving Subs: Press STOP ALL (KEYPAD 0)

Stop Active Sub: Press STOP ONE (KEYPAD ENTER)

3 Battle Phase -- Sonar Map and Periscope on Screen

Stop Engine: Press STOP (KEYPAD 1)

Go ahead 1/4 Speed: Press 1/4 (KEYPAD 2)

Go ahead 1/2 Speed: Press 1/2 (KEYPAD 3)

Go ahead 3/4 Speed: Press 3/4 (KEYPAD 4)

Go Full Speed ahead: Press FULL (KEYPAD 5)

Reverse Engine: Keep Pressing either LOWER ACTION BUTTON

Steer Sub: Press DISC; Left side to Port; Right side Starboard

Submerge 20 Feet : Press DIVE (KEYPAD 7)

Rise 20 Feet: Press SURFACE (KEYPAD 8)

Turn Sonar ON or OFF: Press SONAR (KEYPAD 9)

Return to big map for new attack: Press RETURN (KEYPAD 6)

Fire Torpedo: Press either TOP ACTION BUTTON


�1981, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.

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