Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 or 2 Players)


    Oh, no! Duncan is on the loose! Duncan is a penguin who loves to

skate on thin ice, much to the dismay of the other penguins. As

Duncan skates he weakens the ice; if he skates completely around

another penguin -- KER-PLASH! -- the ice collapses and the penguin

falls into the pond.

    Duncan has only two worries -- the seal who loves to bounce him

on her nose, and the lumbering polar bears who like to bat him



    You control Duncan by pressing the hand controller DISC.  Skate

around the other penguins, dunking them in the pond. Avoid or dunk

the seal and polar bears. Gobble shrimp cocktails for extra speed.

Dunk all of the penguins, then take the Zamboni ice resurfacer out for

a spin to fix up the pond -- more penguins show up and the game

continues at the next level, harder than before!


    As Duncan skates on the thin ice, he cuts it. You can see the cut by

the thin white line trailing him. Draw a square with this white line

around a penguin, seal, or polar bear and -- KER-PLASH! -- they're


    Part of the line erases whenever a penguin or a polar bear touch

it, or whenever Duncan swims across a hole in the ice.  Part of it also

disappears anytime Duncan zigzags.


    As much as Duncan loves dunking penguins, the seal loves to

bounce Duncan around on her nose. The seal chases Duncan by

trailing the white line of cut ice (turning it red). If Duncan is quick,

he can dunk the seal by using the red line to complete a square

around her.

    He can also throw the seal off the trail by erasing part of the line

-- swim through a hole in the ice or zigzag! When the seal loses the

trail, she is momentarily confused and doesn't move -- a perfect

opportunity to dunk her!

    Whenever the seal catches Duncan, your turn is over!


    Polar Bears lumber around the ice looking for Duncan. If they

catch him -- FWAP! -- they swat him off the pond.

    The Polar Bears can be hard to dunk, since they move around so

much -- but they can be stopped! Press any ACTION KEY (side

buttons on the hand controller) to temporarily FREEZE them! This

gives you your best chance to dunk 'em, but use it sparingly -- you

start the game with only 5 "freezes." Extra freezes can be earned by

grabbing one of the lobsters that occasionally amble across the ice.

The number in the upper right corner of the screen tells you how

many freezes you have left.

    Whenever a polar bear catches Duncan, your turn is over!


    Each time you dunk all the penguins on screen, you move to a

higher, harder level. The level you are on is indicated by the number

of igloos shown at the top of the screen.

    WARNING: The longer you stay on one level, the faster the seal

and the polar bears become!


    Press RESET and the title screen appears. Press the disc on either

hand controller and the message "SELECT 1 OR 2 PLAYERS" appears

on screen. To play by yourself, press the number 1 key, then press

ENTER. For a two player game, press the number 2 key, then press


    You start the game with four turns. Your turn ends when Duncan

is thrown into the water or off of the ice by the seal or a polar bear.

A message to "GET READY" will appear before your next turn. You

earn an extra turn each time you score 10,000 points. The number of

turns you have left is displayed in the middle of the top right half of

the screen.

    With two players, you alternate turns. The message will say "GET

READY PENGUIN 1" or "GET READY PENGUIN 2." Player 1 uses the left

hand controller, Player 2 uses the right.

    Since players can earn extra turns, one player may run out of

turns before the other one ("GAME OVER PENGUIN 1"). The other

player keeps playing for however many turns are left.

    You can pause the game by pressing the number 1 key and the

number 9 key on either hand controller at the same time. The screen

will go black. Press any key or the DISC to resume play.

    The game ends when both players run out of turns.


    You get 1000 points for dunking the seal, 450 points for dunking a

polar bear, and 100 points for dunking a penguin.  Plus, you get

bonus points for the size of the hole you make when you dunk 'em --

from 40 points to over 6000 points for skating around the ENTIRE

POND (it CAN be done)!

    Gobble a shrimp cocktail (skate over it) to pick up 60 points and a

temporary burst of extra speed! Scarf up a lobster for 50 points and

an extra chance to freeze the polar bears!

    Get an extra turn for every 10,000 points you score!

    If you are playing by yourself, your score appears at the top of the

screen. During a two-player game, only one player's score is on

screen at a time. The first player's score is in blue, the second

player's score is in black. When the game is over, the two scores

alternate on screen.

    The highest score wins.

    Press RESET to play again.


�1986, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.