Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 or 2 Players)

Guide your knight through the deadly mazes of Thunder Castle,

slaying evil dragons, sorcerers and demons as you go. Watch for

gates that block your path...magic objects that grant special powers,

extra points, or extra lives...and magic creatures that energize your

knight. Complete all three mazes -- forest, castle and dungeon -- and

the game starts over at a faster speed. Continue playing, increasing

your score, until all of your knight's lives are lost.

OBJECT OF THE GAME: To score the highest number of points by

slaying the evil guardians of each maze and collecting magic objects.

The player with the highest score at the end of the game is the



Game title will appear and the game will go into Demo Mode,

repeating titles and sample mazes for forest, castle and dungeon.

TO START THE GAME: Press any key. Select the number of players by

pressing Key 1 or 2, then Enter, on the right hand controller.


One-player game -- use either hand controller. Two-player game --

player 1 (First Knight) uses the left hand controller; player 2 (Second

Knight), uses the right hand controller.



Press any side action button to activate a magic object after your

knight picks it up. Object can be activated only once, unless picked

up again.

Press the direction Disc to move your knight. Release the Disc to stop

the knight. The Disc moves the knight in four directions:

TOP EDGE: Knight moves up

BOTTOM EDGE: Knight moves down

RIGHT EDGE: Knight moves right

LEFT EDGE: Knight moves left

To save time, press the Disc to turn your knight before he reaches a

turn in the maze. The knight will continue in his present direction

until the turn is possible.


(see next section for game details)

1. Three dragons appear in the forest maze, one at a time. Slay all

three dragons and advance to the castle maze.

2. Six sorcerers guard the castle maze, appearing two at a time. Slay

all six sorcerers and advance to the dungeon maze.

3. Nine demons guard the dungeon maze, appearing three at a time.

Slay all nine demons and advance to the next, faster forest maze.

4. To slay a dragon, sorcerer or demon, move ENERGIZED knight on

top of guardian. If knight comes into contact with guardian while not

energized, knight will lose one life.

5. To energize knight, touch a magic creature: bat in forest, mouse in

castle, or red skull in dungeon. Energy lasts several seconds, then


6. Pick up magic objects for extra points, lives or powers. Avoid the

comb. To pick up object, move knight on top of it. Object picked up

replaces any unused object in possession. To use object, press side

action button. Object disappears after use.

7. Knight starts with four lives. Additional lives are earned by

picking up candle stick or accumulating points. Game ends for player

when that player's knight loses all lives.

8. In a two-player game, a player's turn lasts until his knight loses a

life. Game ends when both players' knights have lost all lives.



There are three levels to Thunder Castle -- forest, castle and

dungeon. Forest level is slowest. Dungeon level is fastest. If your

knight makes it through all three levels, game play resumes at the

forest, but game speed continues to increase.

There are several possible mazes at each level. Once a maze appears,

it does not change until the next level is reached.


Knights and evil guardians can move only along open passageways.

Magic creatures can move through walls and gates. All mazes have

gates that randomly open and close. Gates are invisible until they

close. Gates remain closed for a few seconds, then open again.


All mazes have magic creatures that energize your knight when


Forest maze: 2 bats

Castle maze: 1 mouse

Dungeon maze: 1 red skull

The knight remains energized for a few seconds, during which he

flashes and special music plays. Only while energized can the knight

slay evil guardians.


All mazes have evil guardians that must be slain to advance to the

next level. Evil guardians come in three colors. Green: slower than

your knight and worth 300 points when slain. Gold: almost as fast as

your knight and worth 400 points when slain. Red: faster than your

knight and worth 500 points when slain.

Guardians pursue your knight when he is not energized; flee from

your knight when he is energized. If your knight touches or is

touched by a guardian while not energized, he will lose a life.

Different mazes contain different evil guardians.

� Dragons: Three in the forest maze. Dragons appear one at a time.

� Sorcerers. Six in the castle maze. Sorcerers appear two at a time,

and can move as a pair or split up and attack from different


��Demons. Nine in the dungeon maze. Demons appear three at a

time, and can move together or split up and attack from different



Magic objects appear at various times, in various locations

throughout each maze, remaining for several seconds before

disappearing again.

To pick up a magic object, move your knight on top of it. To use the

object picked up, press any side action button.

An object's power can be used only once each time it is picked up. An

object remains in your knight's possession until it is used or replaced

by a different object. (A knight can carry only one object at a time.)

� Grail: Energizes knight

� Crown: Freezes guardian(s) for a few seconds

� Necklace: Speeds knight up for few seconds

� Lantern: Doubles knight's energy

� Key: Lets knight move through gate or wall

� Ring: Moves knight to random location in maze

The above objects also add points to your score. The first object

picked up within a maze adds 100 points. The second adds 200

points. All subsequent objects within that maze add 300 points.

Some objects can be picked up without replacing the object already

in possession.

� Coins: Add 500 points to score

� Candlestick: Grants an extra life

� Comb: Cuts your score in half


Each knight starts with four lives, and loses one life if touched by an

evil guardian while not energized.

Additional lives can be earned by picking up a magic candlestick, and

by reaching scores of 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000

points. Game ends for you when all of your knight's lives are lost.

The number of lives left, in addition to present life, appears in the

upper right corner of the screen, next to your game score.


Slay a guardian:

� Green: 300 points

� Gold: 400 points

� Red: 500 points

Pick up magic object (except coins, candlestick and comb):

� 1st object in maze: 100 points

� 2nd object in maze: 200 points

� All other objects in maze: 300 points

� Coins: 500 points

Remember: If you pick up the comb, your score is cut in half!

Extra lives awarded when score reaches 5,000, 10,000, 20,000,

50,000 and 100,000 points.


1. Lure an evil guardian as close as possible to your knight before

touching a magic creature. Your knight will be energized for only a

few seconds and meanwhile, the guardian is running away from you!

2. Try to anticipate gates, to trap an evil guardian in a dead end.

Corners also slow guardians down.

3. Pick up the most useful magic objects. Although all objects give

points, some are more useful than others. Exceptions: Always pick up

coins and candlesticks. The extra points and lives don't affect other

magic powers.

4. Avoid touching the comb whenever possible, but don't be afraid to

sacrifice points, if the comb stands between your knight and a safe



�1986, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.