Intellivision Cartridge Instructions

(for 1 or 2 players)



Take command of a fast battle tank and stalk your enemy in deadly

one-on-one combat.  Use the walls for cover, as you move fast into

firing position. But LOOK OUT!  During the battle the shells can

ricochet...suddenly it's like being in a shooting gallery -- and you're

both targets!


Take the wheel on a road full of've got 100 "miles" to go.  

And it's not easy, as you steer around wrecks, get stuck behind a

maddening crawler, cope with weaving road hogs!  You can play this

one alone and try to beat your best time -- or compete side-by-side

with a friend!


The red baron himself never had so many chances for glorious battle.

Put on your goggles and get up in the sky -- don't climb too fast, or

you'll stall out and crash! When you get some altitude, you can level

off and wait for the balloon to go up. Shoot it down!  And watch out

for the enemy plane...don't let him get you in his sights.  Do some

acrobatic flying -- right into a cloud!


Keypad Buttons 1-4 select game options.

Clear on the keypad changes options.

Enter on the keypad enters game and options.

Top side buttons: Accelerate Car/Fire Gun

Bottom side buttons: Brake Car/Move Tank OR Plane

The Disc controls the direction of your on-screen vehicle.


When you see the Triple Action title, press Disc or any button. The

screen shows:


Battle Tanks  1

Car Racing  2

Biplanes  3


Press Game Number, then press ENTER.


The Object: Outmaneuver and outshoot your opponent and score 15

points first.

Strategy: Keep moving...take shelter behind walls (trees won't protect

you)...figure the angles and distance, take aim and fire first.  Watch

out for bouncing shells, so you don't get hit yourself!

How to Play: Choose one of these options, then press ENTER:

1:  Long-range bouncing shells

2:  Short-range bouncing shells

3:  Long-range, non-bouncing

4:  Short-range, non-bouncing

Each option requires a different battle strategy.

* Press either LOWER Action Button to make your tank move


* Press edge of Direction Disc to steer your tank.

* To fire your cannon, press one of the TOP Action Buttons.  (Note:

You CAN be blown up by one of your own rounds when playing game

option #1 or #2, so be ready to get out of the way, fast!)

* Up to 3 shells from each tank can be visible at one time, and you

won't be able to fire again until at least one of them disappears.

* The game is over when one tank score 15 points.


The Object: To drive 100 "miles" in the fastest time.

Strategy: Drive fast, but carefully. Watch out for road hogs, reckless

drivers and other travelling fools!

How to Play: Choose one option, then press ENTER:

1  "Normal" traffic

2  "Heavy" traffic

* Press either TOP Action Button to make your car move forward.

Keep pressing button in to maintain top speed.

* Press either LOWER Action Button to brake (Note: it takes a while to

get your car stopped, so don't tailgate!).

* Press left or right side of Direction Disc to change lanes.

* Crashes cost you time, so drive defensively.

* The game is over when odometers read 100.


The Object: Score 15 points first, by shooting down your opponent's

plane or the ascending balloon...and by not crashing your own plane!

Strategy: Keep your plane flying under control to get more shots at

the balloon when it goes up..use cloud cover and aerial skill to

outmaneuver your opponent during "dogfights".

How to Play: Choose one of these options, then press ENTER:

1  Short-range bullets

2  Long-range bullets

* Take off by pressing either LOWER Action Button AND the top edge

of the

Direction Disc.

* Don't make your plane climb too fast, or you'll stall and crash.  If

you start to lose altitude, press bottom of Disc to head nose down --

so you can gain speed and stability.

* To fire at the ascending balloon or your opponent's plane, aim at

the target and press either TOP Action Button.

* You can do loops, dive, even fly upside down -- as long as you

maintain enough "air-speed" to have flying control.  Use the cloud

cover and daredevil flying to force your opponent into making


* The game is over when one plane scores 15 points.


(c)1981, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.

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