Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 Player)

(*) TRON DEADLY DISCS is a trademark of and used under license

from Walt Disney Productions


Score points by knocking out computer-controlled attackers with

flying discs. Your task is to bring your man, TRON, safely through

battle after battle. Attacking Warriors are also armed with destroyer

discs. They'll come at TRON in wave after wave of three against one!  

You get them. Or they'll get TRON. Game difficulty increases

dramatically in the later stages. 100,000 points is a good score.  

1,000,000 points are entirely possible!


Select Game Speed

1: Slow

2: Slower

3: Slowest

DISC: Fastest

Directional Fire Buttons

2: Up

4: Left

6: Right

8: Down

1,3,7,9: Diagonals

5: Block/Move

Side buttons are NOT used in this game.


Press button to throw disc in a specific directon (upper right, lower

left, etc.)  

If disc is in the air after a miss, press ANY Fire Button again. Disc will

return faster!


Press button (5) to switch TRON from MOVING mode to BLOCKING

mode. (Using

shield to block Warrior's destroyer discs.)  You can switch to

BLOCKING only when TRON is holding his disc. Pressing BLOCK with

disc in flight will make TRON crouch -- duck Warrior discs

If Warrior's disc hits TRON's shield, the disc will shatter. Unless the

warrior is destroyed, a new disc will appear for him within 10



Press DIRECTIONAL DISC or any keypad button EXCEPT 1, 2, or 3 and

you will automatically play the same game at the FASTEST speed of


Press (1) on the keypad to play at  SLOW speed.

Press (2) on the keypad to play at SLOWER speed.

Press (3) on the keypad to play at SLOWEST (beginner) speed.

NOTE: Speed you select goes the entire game. But the higher the point

score you reach, the more difficult the game will become in OTHER

ways than speed. (You'll have to fight tougher, harder-to-knock out




As the Game starts, TRON can stant 3 hits from a wave of Warrior

attackers.  Warriors destroyed by a disc from TRON will replace

themselves every ten seconds, UNLESS the grid is cleared by

destroying the whole wave of 3 Warrior attackers.  When a new

wave of 3 attackers appears, TRON can AGAIN take at least 3 hits!

In addition, TRON, BULLDOGS, and GUARDS recover from hits on a  

TIME BASIS. They recover and continue to recover from each hit

every four seconds until the maximum level is reached or that

particular combatant is destroyed (de-rezzed).

AND at higher point totals, TRON can stand extra hits.

* After 20,000 points, TRON can stand 4 hits.

* After 100,000 points, TRON can stand 5 hits. (See "Scoring", below).

NOTE: Taking hits SLOWS DOWN any fighter (TRON or any of his




* Press RESET, bring up game Title on TV screen.


* Press DIRECTIONAL DISC to move TRON, avoid hits. Press EDGES for

left or right movement.

* Press keypad buttons (see direction arrows). FIRE discs, knock out

attacking Warriors! The disc of TRON is YELLOW.

* Press BLOCK button to ward off Warrior discs. (Press BLOCK AGAIN

to make TRON start moving again.) BLOCKS count the same as

destroying a Warrior.  Their discs are normally BLUE.  (See

"Warriors", below.)


Points are won in this game two principal ways:

1. By destroying (de-rezzing) computer-controlled attackers by

hitting them with the YELLOW disc from TRON.

2. By blocking Warrior's (BLUE, etc.) discs with a shield raised by

TRON. (Press BLOCK key to switch to BLOCKING mode.)

BONUS points can also be earned as follows:

* Bonus points are earned for clearing the grid of attackers. TRON

must destroy all three attackers before they are replaced.  Bonus

earned is 5 TIMES Warrior value at that stage of the game. (See

"Warrior Point Score Table".)

* Bonus points are also earned for knocking out The Recognizer. (See

below.)  Bonus earned is 10 TIMES Warrior value.

REMEMBER: When higher point totals are earned (20,000 and

100,000) TRON can stand EXTRA hits. You will have a better chance

to reach higher scoring levels because TRON has a better chance to

last longer in the combat.

After 20,000 points are earned, TRON can stand 4 hits instead of just


After 100,000 points are earned, TRON can stand 5 hits instead of

just 4.


Your (TRON) point total : Warrior point value

0 : 50

1000 : 100

2000 : 150

3000 : 250

5000 : 300

7500 : 500

10000 : 750

15000 : 1000

20000 : 1250

25000 : 1500

30000 : 2000

40000 : 2500

50000 : 3500

75000 : 5000

100000 : 10000

BLOCKS count the same as destroying a warrior.

BONUS: 5 times Warrior value for clearing the board! (Must destroy

all 3 attackers before they are replaced to earn points.)

BONUS: 10 times Warrior value for knocking out RECOGNIZER.


In the earlier stages of the game, below 5,000 points, Warriors are

slow and not very accurage with the BLUE discs they blast at TRON.

Above 5,000 points Warriors are moe accurage and harder to hit.

LIGHT BLUE Warriors are the normal, rank & file Warriors.  1 hit

knocks them out.

PURPLE Warriors are BULLDOG Warriors.  It takes 2 hits to destroy

them.  They are also slower and less accurate.

DARK BLUE Warriors are LEADERS.  Just 1 hit destroys them.  But

with a LEADER on th GRID all Warriors (Leaders included) react

quicker and shoot straighter!  LEADERS can also carry SPECIAL more

leathal discs. Expect to see a LEADER above 10,000 points.

ORANGE Warriors are GUARDS.  After one million points, computer

switches tactics!  Instead of trying to destroy TRON with discs,

ORANGE guards enter the action. It takes 4 HITS to knock out a

guard! ORANGE guards carry white paralyzer sticks. If TRON is

touched by a white stick he's captured, GAME'S OVER!  Of course,

after scoring more than 1,000,000 TRON points you have already

racked up a fantastic score!


The disc of TRON is YELLOW.  Warrior discs are normally BLUE.

BROWN discs do DOUBLE DAMAGE! They score 2 hits on TRON! WHITE

discs are HOMING discs.  They score only 1 hit, but they chase TRON

like a guided missile, unless BLOCKED or unless the WHITE disc hits a


NO disc is deadly when returning. THIN flying discs do the damage!


DOORS OPEN whenever Warriors enter to join the battle against TRON.

DOORS SHUT automatically whenever Warriors are replaced by the

next set of Warriors.

DOORS can be JAMMED OPEN by TRON two ways.

1. By making TRON run into the CENTER of the door OPENING. (Side

door, top or bottom dor.)

2. By hitting any door CENTER with a disc from TRON.


When DOORS are JAMMED OPEN directly across from one another, try

a surprise FAST EXIT! Move TRON in one door, out the other.

Successfully execute a TELEPORT and TRON will automatically

recover one hit.


Here's GOOD news and BAD news!

The GOOD news: Knock out the Recognizer and you win BIG BONUS

POINTS! (10 times Warriors value total!)

Now for the BAD news! If TRON touches The Recognizer the GAME IS

OVER!  What's more...

The Recognizer is HARD to destroy!

The ONLY way to knock out the Recognizer and win the bonus, is to

score a direct hit on his eye with the disc of TRON. THE EYE IS WHITE.

You must hit straight on, from the top or from the bottom or from

the side.  No other hit will work.

Hit the WHITE EYE and The Recognizer will start to spark, stop and

sink out of sight. You've WON BONUS POINTS!

The Recognizer comes on to repair JAMMED doors with a BLACK

BEAM. Beam is harmless to TRON. Recognizer's eye will turn WHITE

just before BLACK BEAM appears!

As soon as The Recognizer stops, he sends out a Paralyzer Probe.

Probe will go after TRON. If TRON gets touched by the Probe, TRON is

stopped cold. TRON cannot move again until The Recognizer has

finished unjamming the open doors.  Repairs finished, Recognizer and

Probe will leave and TRON is free again.


* Use BOTH hand controllers.  Work the WHEEL with one hand (move

TRON.)  Work the FIRE direction keys with the other hand. (Fire TRON

disc!)  Remember, only one control at a time!

* KEEP one finger on the BLOCK button.  Be set to make TRON crouch

& duck a Warrior disc or set up a BLOCK.

* Practice BLOCKING!  Blocks of Warrior discs coming at TRON earn

the SAME POINTS as destroying Warriors!  (See "SCORING", above.)

* Always keep an OPEN door behind you for emergencies.  A quick

exit comes in very handy especially in the later stages of the game

when you're fighting off BULLDOG Warrior or LEADERS.

* WATCH OUT for The Recognizer! IF he touches TRON, GAME IS

OVER. Be alert for The Recognizer after you have completed a

teleport (See page 10) and all Warriors have been swept from the


* The Recognizer will defend itself with its paralyzer probe. You

don't have much time to get off an accurate throw!

* KEEP TRON MOVING throughout the game.  TRON will not move by

himself.  And keep an escape route open.  Don't let TRON get trapped

in a corner!

TO START A NEW GAME... Press RESET button. Bring Game Title Back


the TV screen.  Then select skill level and begin play again.


�1982, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.