Intellivision Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 to 6 Players)

The slopes are groomed. Skiers are at the top of the course. It's the first run

of the day. Push off to start the race. Blitz through the downhill gates! Jump

the moguls and look out for the trees! Keep the skis flat to build up

speed...Then meet the challenge on the twisting slalom course. Dig in the edges

through the hairpin turns. Timing must be precise. Race the clock...compete with

other skiers! Best time in 3 heats wins!


UPPER ACTION BUTTON: For sharp turns!


DIRECTION DISC: To turn skier


SKIING can be played at any of 4 speeds. When you see the game title:

Press RETURN to play at normal speed.

Press 1 to play at slow speed.

Press 2 to play at slower speed.

Press 3 to play at slowest speed.


Press 1 to ski alone against the clock, or:

Press 2 through 6 for the number of players in a competition.

Then press RETURN.

(Skiers are identified by color, and always ski in the same order: blue, red,

tan, green, light green, yellow.)


Steepness determines how fast the skier accelerates as he skis downhill. The

flattest grade is 1 and the steepest is 15. There's a greater chance of losing

control on a steeper slope. We suggest that beginners start with slope 4. After

you've gained confidence, move up to the steeper hill.

Enter a number from 1 to 15, then press RETURN.


DOWNHILL is designed for maximum speed! Skiers pass through gates a fair

distance apart, jumping moguls, avoiding trees, while racing down the hill as

fast as possible. (We suggest you begin with Downhill.)

SLALOM is designed for precision skiing. Skiers must execute tight turns through

the twisting course. Slalom is a longer course than downhill. The gates are

closer together and there are no moguls. Slalom is a challenge to advanced


Press 1 for Downhill.

Press 2 for Slalom.

Then press RETURN.


Your skier is at the starting gate, and it's the first of 3 heats!


To turn your skier: Your skier turns in a circular motion. Press the LEFT SIDE

of the DISC and your skier turns clockwise. Press the RIGHT SIDE of the DISC and

your skier turns counterclockwise. When you keep either key pressed, the skier

rotates in a full circle.

Release the DISC and the skier stops turning and goes straight ahead in the

direction he's facing.

If you release the DISC when the skier is in a backward position, quickly turn

him around or he'll fall.

Slow down or stop: Just like real life, your skier gains speed until he makes a

turn. To slow down or stop, turn the skier uphill or parallel to the top of the

screen. To speed your skier up, just point him downhill!

Sharpen your turns: Your skier may need to turn sharply to make a gate or avoid

an obstacle. To do this, press the UPPER SIDE ACTION BUTTON at the same time as

pressing the DISC. The skier slides through the turn. Release the DISC and the

Button and the skier goes straight ahead in the direction he's facing.

Jump the moguls: There's a mogul ahead. Ski around it or jump it! Timing is very

important. Jump so that the skier touches down right after the mogul. If the

jump is too early, the skier will land on the mogul and fall. Press the LOWER

ACTION BUTTON to jump.  Since you can't control the skier in mid-air, it's

important to get him into position for the next gate quickly after landing!


The first skier is at the starting gate. When ready, press the DISC and the

skier begins down the incline. The clock starts and the race is on!

Ski through the gates, marked by pairs of flags. The left flag changes color

when you pass through a gate. A 5 second penalty is added to your time for each

gate missed. There is no penalty for hitting a flag, but it slows you down.

The time for each run appears at the finish line. The best time so far (the time

to beat) then appears at the starting gate.

Each skier has 3 chances for the fastest time. Skiers all race in order through

Heat 1, then 2, then 3. Skier with fastest time after 3 heats wins!


Safety hazard: above l50     

Snow plower: 126 -- 150     

Recreational skier: 76 -- 125

Hot-dogger: 51 -- 75     

US Ski Team racer: 39 -- 50

Olympic gold medalist: below 38     


Safety hazard: above 300

Snow plower: 201 -- 300

Recreational skier: 151 -- 200

Hot-dogger: 121 -- 150

US Ski Team racer: 106 -- 120

Olympic gold medalist: below 105


Quickly reach full speed on the Downhill Course. The momentum helps you get

smoothly through the turns. Minimize turning on Downhill. This costs you speed.

Pick a line to take you to the next gate instead of making lots of small turns.

In Slalom when the gates are close together, turn uphill out of the first gate

to get into position for the second gate.

If any part of the skier passes between the flags, the skier gets credit for

making the gate. So you can go beyond the gate and up through the bottom and it

will count.

If you think it will take more than 5 seconds to make a gate (penalty time for

missing it), skip it!


(c)1980, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.

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