Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 or 2 Players)

If you've ever muttered, "I'd certainly do better if I ruled that

country," then this game is for you. UTOPIA puts you in charge of

your own island state. You control the treasury, agriculture, industry,

housing, education, hospitals and military. You allocate funds to

create revenue and improve life on your island. If your decisions are

wise and the people are happy, you rack up points. If not, rebels

begin to infiltrate your paradise. Chances are, you'll find that running

a country is every bit as complicated as it seems.


1 Player: To score the most points possible in the number of rounds

selected (your term of office). Points reflect the overall well-being of

the people and are gained by earning and spending revenue to

improve living condition on the island you select.

2 Player: To outscore your opponent by improving living conditions

on your island either by cooperating with your opponent or by

causing rebellion and loss of revenue on your opponent's island.

1 or 2 Player Game: Both games are played by the same rules. In a 1-

player game, choose one island to control and ignore the other.



Number keys:

0 through 9: use number row (top of keyboard)

Clear: DELETE key

Enter: RETURN key

Direction keys (move cursor/boats):

Up: W key

Left: A key

Down: S key

Right: D key

Score keys:

Display total score: space bar

Display population (census): CONTROL key

Display last single year (previous round) score: OPTION key


Number keys:

0 through 9: use numeric keypad (right of keyboard)

Clear : CLEAR key (numeric keypad)

Enter : ENTER key (numeric keypad)

Direction keys (move cursor/boats):

Up: up-arrow key

Left: left-arrow key

Down: down-arrow key

Right: right-arrow key

Score keys:

Display total score: = key (numeric keypad)

Display population (census): / key (numeric keypad)

Display last single year (previous round) score: * key (numeric



1. Use number keys to select NUMBER OF ROUNDS (from 1 to 50). This

is your term of office. Then press ENTER.

2. Use number keys to select length of each round (from 30 to 120

seconds). Then press ENTER.

3. Before ENTER is pressed, the numbers keyed in can be erased by

pressing CLEAR.


At the bottom of the screen are four numbers. Left to right, these


"Gold bars" in Player 1 Treasury

Rounds left in game (including present round)

Time left in present round

"Gold bars" in Player 2 treasury

You may also see:

Rain clouds (white)

Pirate ships (three masts)

Tropical storms (dark clouds)

Schools of fish (groups of dots in ocean)

Hurricanes (white, spinning)

The computer controls these elements, which come and go at random.


You win by accumulating POINTS, not money. Your gold bars are

meant to be spent. Each player starts the game with 100 gold bars.

Select items to purchase using the numbers below:

1. FORT (50 gold bars). Protection: Guards surrounding land area

against rebels. Guards nearby fishing boats against pirates and

opponent's PT boats.

2. FACTORY (40 gold bars). Income: Earns at least 4 gold bars per

round. (More as well-being of people increases.) Pollution increases

death rate.

3. ACRE OF CROPS (3 gold bars). Income/Points: Each acre feeds

approx. 500 people. When rained upon, yields added revenue

(approx. 1 gold bar per acre). Average life of an acre of crops is 3

rounds, but this number varies.

4. SCHOOL (35 gold bars). Income/Points: Increases well-being of

people and productivity of factories.

5. HOSPITAL (75 gold bars). Increases population and greatly

increases factory productivity.

6. HOUSING PROJECT (60 gold bars). Points: Increases harmony on

island by housing 500 people.

7. REBEL SOLDIERS (30 gold bars). Aggression: Cause opponent to lose

points or income.

8. PT BOAT (40 gold bars). Protection/Aggression: Guards your

fishing boat against pirates. Sinks opponent's fishing boat.

9. FISHING BOAT (25 gold bars). Income/Points: Automatically feeds

500 people and earns 1 gold bar per round. If moved over a school of

fish, earns 1 gold bar for every second remaining over fish. Can be

sunk by pirates, PT boats or hurricanes.

Use the DIRECTION KEYS to position your cursor over the area of your

island where you want to build or plant crops. DO NOT use the cursor

to place rebels on your opponent's island or to buy a boat. Rebels are

placed randomly by the computer and boats automatically appear in

your island harbor when purchased.

Check your treasury to make sure you have enough gold bars to buy

the item you want. Press the number of the item, then ENTER.

The item symbol will appear on your island where the cursor was

positioned. The cost will be deducted from your treasury.

You may purchase items at any time during any round, as long as

you have sufficient funds. (If you try to buy with insufficient funds,

you get nothing but a RAZZ.)

At the end of a round, all action freezes for a few seconds. You hear a

"time's up" signal. Your treasury display changes to show your score

for the last round (points gained), then your total score so far. When

the game resumes, action picks up where it left off. Your treasury

display returns, with any earning from the last round added.


Check score or population any time during a round using the scoring

keys (see CHECK YOUR CONTROLS, above).

You automatically earn 10 GOLD BARS per round, even if you do

nothing during that round.

Be aware of your census count, so that you can provide adequate

food, housing, schools and hospitals for the people. Remember:

1 housing project per 500 people.

1 fishing boat OR 1 acre of crops per 500 people.

Hospitals and schools are up to you.


You can't control it, but you can try to anticipate it.

RAIN STORMS help your crops grow. Try to plant where the rain

most frequently falls. There are no set paths for rain, but you will

notice general patterns.

TROPICAL STORMS bring a deluge. They may either help your crops

or destroy them. On rare occasions, they may destroy a building or


HURRICANES usually lay waste to everything in their paths. Fishing

boats will be sunk if moving, but have a chance of surviving if

anchored. Everything else over which the hurricane passes has a 2/3

chance of being leveled. As in real life, the faster a hurricane moves,

the less damage it inflicts.


If the people are not satisfied, rebels may spring up on your island.

Your opponent can also pay to establish rebels on your island. (And

you can do the same to your opponent.) Rebels appear at random

points, destroying anything on which they land. Peace can be

restored only by increasing the people's well-being. A rebel faction

will then disappear, usually within one round.

A FORT protects everything within a one-cursor radius around itself

(including boats, if the fort is on the shoreline).


TO CONTROL your fishing boat or PT boat, move the cursor over the

boat, then press 0 (zero). The cursor will disappear and you will be

able to use the DIRECTION KEYS to move your boat.

If you have a boat docked in your harbor, you must move it before

you can buy another boat.

Watch out for invisible SAND BARS near the shore lines. They can

slow you down when you are trying to move quickly. Avoid sand

bars by moving parallel to shore whenever possible.

TO REGAIN CONTROL OF THE CURSOR, press 0 (zero). The cursor will

reappear and you can move it, using the DIRECTION KEYS. The boat

will be anchored at its current position (except in the bottom inch of

the screen where the score is displayed).

Once a boat is anchored, it will not move. A FISHING BOAT can still

fish (if it is over a school of fish)...or be sunk, so best not to leave it in

open water. A PT BOAT cannot attack when anchored...but it can be



* A PT boat can sink opponent's fishing boat by occupying the same


* PT boats cannot sink pirate ships or other PT boats.

* PT boats can stop pirate ships by moving in front of them. Use a PT

boat to protect a fishing boat in harbor.

* PT boats can ONLY be sunk by hurricanes or tropical storms (rare).

* PT boats cannot fish.

* You cannot control BOTH PT boat and fishing boat at the same time.

* Pirates can ONLY be sunk by hurricanes or tropical storms (rare).

* Pirates can sink fishing boats by occupying the same space.


1. Start with a greater number of shorter rounds (30 - 45 seconds),

since earnings and points are added each round.

2. Buy a fishing boat in the first round, and hang on to it. It's the only

income source that you can really control.

3. Get housing established early in the game, then go for a factory.

Remember that factories cause a slow-down in population.

4. Hospitals dramatically increase productivity, but they also boost

population. Since the point value of each individual improvement

DECREASES as population increase, save hospital construction for late

in the game.

5. Do your planting early in the round. Crops planted late may

disappear as soon as the round ends.

6. Don't overplant. Crops are an unreliable source of income, since

they depend on rain. They also require replanting.

7. Don't drop anchor for long in the upper left section of screen. All

hurricanes originate here.

8. Prepare for the possibility of aggression. Build your town in a

circle with a space left in the center for a fort, so it can protect the

entire town if necessary.

9. Don't be afraid to take aggressive action yourself, if your score

falls behind your opponent's. But build your fort first.

10. As a cooperative tactic, BOTH players can invest in PT boats early

in the game, then position the PT boats where they will block the

arrival of pirates. Pirates usually appear first in the corners.


(c) 1981, 1997 Intellivision Productions, Inc.