Cartridge Instructions

(For 1 or 2 Players)

OBJECT OF THE GAME  Score the most runs in 9 innings of devastating

action and sheer sweat! Go for extra innings if tied! Your home team

is blue, the visitors are red. Here's your chance to beat the nearly

invincible computer-controlled red hats! Or take on any red team

who can stand the heat!


KEYPAD 1: Left Fielder / Speed 1 / Skill Level 1

KEYPAD 2: Center Fielder / Speed 2 / Skill Level 2

KEYPAD 3: Right Fielder / Speed 3 / Skill Level 3

KEYPAD 4: Shortstop / Skill Level 4

KEYPAD 5: 2nd Baseman

KEYPAD 7: 3rd Baseman

KEYPAD 8: Pitcher

KEYPAD 9: 1st Baseman


KEYPAD 0: Catcher / Skill Level 0


UPPER SIDE ACTION KEYS: Overrun / Flyball / Slide



DISC: Move players / Pitch / Top game speed

NOTE: Do not use the keypad and disc or any two or more keys on

keypad at the same time.

Before Game Starts:

� To select game speed press button 1, 2, or 3 (slowest). (For fastest,

press DISC.)

� To select number of players managing the game, press 0, 1, or 2.

Then press ENTER.

� To select skill level, press 0, 1, 2, 3, OR 4 (hardest). Then press


� To clear a wrong selection, press CLEAR.

After Game Starts:

� To throw the ball to any fielder, press the fielder who will receive

the ball. He'll turn black when in control, then, upon catching the ball,

he'll turn light blue if his color was blue or dark red if his color was


� To catch a fly ball, grounder, line drive, or bunt, press the nearest

fielder to the ball destination. If the ball is not directly in his way,

press Disc to move him to the exact location where he can field the


� To reposition an outfielder from his normal rest position to another

rest position at any time, press the outfielder first so he receives the

ball. Then press Disc to move him to the desired position, and press

ENTER. He'll automatically throw the ball to the pitcher and remain in

this position. Unless you press CLEAR when the pitcher has the ball

(anytime during the game), he'll retain this new position throughout

the game. Pressing CLEAR, however, will bring back ALL repositioned

outfielders to their original rest positions. Pressing ENTER when the

pitcher has the ball will switch ALL outfielders to their alternate rest



� To bat a fly ball, press either Upper Side Button when pitch crosses

plate. A fly ball may become a Home Run!

� To bat a line drive, press Left Lower Side Button when pitch

crosses plate.

� To bat a bunt, press Right Lower Side Button when pitch crosses


� To overrun 1st base, press either Upper Side Button while still

holding down on Disc.,

� To slide into any base (except 1st, when overrunning), press either

Upper Side Button while still holding down on Disc.


� To select fastest game speed (before game starts), press DISC.

� To pitch, press DISC.

� To move players (runners or fielders), press DISC.


To begin the game, press RESET.

"BASEBALL" Title will appear on the screen.

Select Game Speed:

Press 3 for slow

Press 2 for medium

Press 1 for fast

Press DISC for fastest

After selecting game speed, the game will ask you to select the

number of players and skill level. Use right hand controller to select.


0: Computer will control both teams

1: You against the computer

2: You against a friend


0: Easiest -- no flyballs

1: Easy -- computer chooses fielders when ball is hit

2: Moderate -- computer chooses fielders when ball is hit

3: HARD -- advanced pitching control if 2 players

4: HARDEST -- advanced pitching control if 2 players

Press ENTER to complete Number of Players Selection and Skill Level

Selection. Realize that in every higher skill level players will react

faster and more accurately to your commands!


As the diamond appears on the screen, watch the players quickly

take the field. The home team is BLUE and always begins in the field.

At bat, the RED visitors!

The scoreboard on the screen automatically keeps track of strikes,

balls, outs, innings and runs. Runs appear at the top of the screen.

Errors are not recorded, but they do occur.



...taking field: MEDIUM BLUE (Home) / MEDIUM RED (Visitors) control: BLACK (Home) / BLACK (Visitors)

...has ball: LIGHT BLUE (Home) / DARK RED (Visitors)

...lead runner: LIGHT BLUE (Home) / DARK RED (Visitors)

Most professional baseball rules apply -- 3 strikes for an out, 4 balls

for a walk, first two foul balls count as strikes. Batted balls can be

bunts, grounders, line drives, fly balls, foul balls or home runs!

Force-outs, double and triple plays can all be made! Baserunners can

overrun 1st base or slide into bases! Fielders can catch flyballs!

You'll hear roaring cheers when you score a run. Hit a grand slam

home run, and they'll go wild. You'll hear the crack of the bat, hear

the "ump" call the outs. "YER OUT!!"



Pitcher automatically has the ball at the start of each inning. After a

foul ball, the ball will automatically return to the pitcher. Other

times, you must press PITCHER to allow him to receive the ball from

other players.

The type of pitch depends on WHERE you press the Disc. You can

throw fast and slow, inside and outside curves, fast balls and change

ups by pushing different spots on the edge of the Disc.

TOP: Fast Ball

UPPER LEFT: Fast Inside Curve

LEFT: Inside Curve

LOWER LEFT: Slow Inside Curve

BOTTOM: Slow Ball

UPPER RIGHT: Fast Outside Curve

RIGHT: Outside Curve

LOWER RIGHT: Slow Outside Curve

Advanced Pitching: For 2-player games at hard and hardest skill

levels, you can really put on a dynamite pitching performance!

Assume full control of ball AFTER it leaves the mound! To speed ball

up, press and HOLD DOWN on top portion of Disc. To slow ball down,

press and HOLD DOWN on bottom portion of Disc. To curve ball out or

in, press and HOLD DOWN on right or left side of Disc.

After a pitch, if no contact is made by the batter, catcher would have

the ball. Return ball to the pitcher by pressing PITCHER.

With men on base, keep an eye on early runners trying to steal as

you're about to pitch. Catch any of them off-guard by throwing fast

to base or trap an advanced runner before he slides into next base!

Pitcher's throw to 2nd base is a lot quicker! So is a throw from 2nd

baseman to catcher! Remember -- push down on FIELDER you want

to RECEIVE the ball -- 1st base, 2nd base, etc. When throw is made,

baseman will automatically cover his base. Shortstop, however, will

not cover 2nd base automatically.

When baserunner takes too big a lead, try for a PITCH OUT play!

Pitch an outside curve to catcher, hoping batter will ignore it, then

quickly, push down on 2nd or 3rd base AHEAD of the baserunner!

Get that throw off fast! Make the baserunner swallow his own dust

as he slides into base -- GET HIM OUT! Or catch him in a RUN-DOWN

if he tries to creep back where he came from! Use the Disc, get your

basemen closer to the runner! Run him down and get the PUTOUT!

Pitcher cannot his a batter with a wild pitch.

Batter will his a fast ball FURTHER than a slow ball. A slow ball will

make it easier on a runner to STEAL a base!


Keep an eye on the direction of the ball when it leaves the bat!

Quickly, press nearest fielder to ball destination. Start fielder moving

toward the ball by pressing Disc. If a fly ball, try to follow the ball

shadow rather than the ball, and make the catch where both shadow

and ball meet.

When caught -- hey! -- the screen message and umpire's call is clear:

"YER OUT!" (1st out), "YER OUT!" (2nd out), or "THIRD OUT."

If a fielder misses the ball or it falls short, ball will bounce to a stop.

Fielder will have to go after the ball. Press fielder to make him react,

then press DISC to move him toward the ball.

After a foul ball, the ball will automatically return to the pitcher.

After a fly ball is caught, baserunners will automatically return to

tag up.

Any fielder, except the pitcher when he is on the mound, can run

with the ball to TAG OUT a baserunner. Press fielder to put him in

control, then use Disc to move him toward runner.

Any player can throw directly to any other player. If any fielder

throws from anywhere other than his normal position, he will

automatically return to position after the "throw."

Remember, outfielders can be repositioned for a new game strategy

(see above).


When ball is returned to the pitcher, batters automatically come up

to bat. All batters on the screen are right-handed. Batters cannot step

out of batter's box.

What do you have in mind? A bunt? A line drive? Or a fly ball?

Whatever it is, watch the pitch...When you think the "ball" is in a

good position to hit, press any of the four Side Buttons. Press Lower

Right Side Button for a bunt, Lower Left Side Button for a line drive,

and either Upper Side Button for a fly ball. Remember, you don't

have to swing if the pitch is bad. After 4 bad pitches, you take a


Time your Swing!  You'll get a strike if you swing at a ball over the

plate too early, too late or at too wild a curve. Also, if you don't hit a

called strike.

Try to place the ball.  Hit to right or left field by connecting with

pitch at the proper time. A little practice with the bat will improve

your placement.

When you hit the ball, START RUNNING! Press RIGHT SIDE of Disc at

once to run to 1st base! And while holding down the Disc, press

either Upper Side Button to OVERRUN 1st base!

Here comes the ball -- you swing -- and it's a HOME RUN! "HOME

RUN" appears on the hear roaring cheers and whistles

while you run...They all love you! Cheers are wilder and longer when

other baserunners score too!


As soon as the ball is hit, press RIGHT side of Disc. The right side

sends runners forward, left side sends them back along the base


Stealing a base! Press Disc to lead-off your runner, watch for the

pitch, press Disc and start running. If fielders are slow to react or

make an error, don't be afraid to take the next base! But watch out --

the other team can throw to the base you were on and to the base

you're going toward...and get you tagged out in a RUNDOWN!

IMPORTANT! With runners on base, Disc controls the LEAD runner

only. When LEAD runner steals, other runners stay on base! No

double steals possible! On a hit, with a man on base, pressing Disc

will advance the LEAD man -- the man on base. The hitter will take

1st automatically. But remember, LEAD runner is the man you

control. If you stop the LEAD runner between bases and send him

back to the base he was on before, he MAY COLLIDE with the other

runner coming behind -- for this one WON'T STOP! Should they

collide, the LEAD runner is OUT!

If batted ball hits you, keep running! You won't be out!

Break the tie! If score is still tied after 9 innings, keep playing until

one team takes the lead! (Home team still bats last.)


� Win by stealing! You'll be surprised how much it can do for you!

� When fielding, activate the fielder nearest the ball. Move him after

the ball, get his throw off fast! If he misses or the ball rolls out of his

reach, get another fielder after the ball!

� When batter bunts, move pitcher or catcher extra fast to pick the

ball up!

� Keep an eye on the pitch! Let the bad pitches to by, take a walk!

� When you hit the ball, start running at once! Overrun 1st!

� Avoid errors! When a throw is in the air heading for a particular

fielder, don't change your mind and have another fielder receive it!

It won't work! Ball will to out of control -- and you'll lose lots of time

trying to get your play together again!

� Practice catching fly balls by following the shadow! Watch how the

computer's smart players do it!

� Change tactics -- reposition your fielders!


�1986, 1998 Intellivision Productions, Inc.