Dig Dug®


Release 1987

Based on the Namco arcade game

Produced by Atari

Release version prepared by Realtime Associates for INTV Corporation

Program: Mark Kennedy

Instructions Posted Here


Burrow your way through a maze of subterranean passages, hunting the deadly Pooka and the fire-breathing Fygar! Break into their tunnels, shoot 'em with your air hose, pump 'em up and...POP! Simple? Not exactly, because now they're after you! Run away! Dig under that rock just ahead...time it just right...BAM! The rock falls on Fygar! All the thrills and fun of the original arcade hit!


The Intellivision version of Dig Dug had been programmed at Atari by former Mattel Electronics programmer Mark Kennedy (Kool-Aid Man). The game had not been fully debugged, though, when Atari closed up their Intellivision division in 1984. INTV Corp. negotiated the rights three years later to release the cartridge for the first time.

The source code no longer existed, but Producer Dave Warhol uploaded the code from a prototype of the game still in Mark's possession. Working with the disassembled code, Mark fixed the game's remaining bugs and removed the Atari title screen.

EASTER EGG: While debugging the cross assembler and disassembler he had written to develop the new INTV games, Dave Warhol tested the software on one of his favorite Mattel Electronics game, TRON Deadly Discs. He substituted the men in the game with the hot dogs from the BurgerTime cartridge, creating a new game: Deadly Dogs! Later, while preparing Dig Dug for release, Dave found there was enough space on the cartridge to slip in his new game. To play it: Press 47 (four and seven simultaneously) on both hand controllers and press reset.