Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball


Release 1989

Produced by Realtime  Associates for INTV Corporation

Design/Program: Steve Ettinger

Graphics: Connie Goldman, Steve Ettinger

Sound: David Warhol

Package Illustration: Keith Robinson

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Fast action, intense competition -- it's SPIKER! -- SUPER PRO VOLLEYBALL. Here comes the serve...just beyond reach! Dive! BAM -- got it! The ball's in play...set it -- it seems to hang above the net -- run and SMASH! Spike it over! All the fun and excitement of a real volleyball match!

• Realistic game play, animation and sound effects put you right on the court!

• ALL volleyball moves -- serves, sets, leaps, spikes, blocks, digs, even dives -- are under YOUR control!

• YOU direct every member of your team!

• Requires quick reflexes and sharp wits!

• Play against a friend or against a computer-controlled team!

• Special option lets two players work TOGETHER to battle the computer!

• "Smart" controls are easy for beginners, a challenge for experts!

• 6 difficulty settings let players of different skill levels compete evenly!

For one or two players


As with Chip Shot: Super Pro Golf, this game was a labor of love for designer/programmer Steve Ettinger. Steve had played intercollegiate volleyball in school and suggested the sport to producer Dave Warhol as an Intellivision cartridge. Dave, whose office at the time was in his living room overlooking a volleyball court on the sand at Hermosa Beach, California, readily agreed and sold the idea to INTV Corp.

Steve worked hard to replicate the speed and power of a real game, with particular attention to "pass-set-spike" play. By this time, 1988, Steve had been programming Intellivision code for over five years and knew how to get the most out of the system. He quickly completed an excellent adaptation of the sport.

But along with Stadium Mud BuggiesSpiker: Super Pro Volleyball sat on the shelf for a year while INTV Corp. raised the money to release them. Finally introduced in late 1989, they were the last games released for the Intellivision system.

In 2019, Blue Sky Rangers, Inc, rereleased Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball.

EASTER EGG: To display the credits, press 0 (zero) on either hand controller while the title screen is displayed.