INTELLIVISION CARTRIDGE [Mattel Electronics #1819]

Release #22 October 21, 1981

Also released by Sears

Produced by APh Technology Consultants for Mattel Electronics

Program: Tom Loughry

Package Illustration: Jerrol Richardson

Instructions Posted Here


Slip into the powerfully muscled body of the fighter of your choice. Maybe you'll go for a power slugger. Or an agile defender. Or a completely unpredictable fighter.

There's the bell! You're playing at championship speed, so the action is lightning fast. Feint, duck, block, then move in for a quick combination.

Remember that your fighter is using up precious energy. And each punch he takes has its toll. So use your brains as well as your brawn -- and keep your warrior in shape to go 15 rounds.

  • Two players
  • Four skill levels
  • Six different boxers
  • 15 rounds, KO's point decisions, endurance limits


Boxing was one of the games to be included on the Go For the Gold album cartridge.