The Electric Company® Math Fun

INTELLIVISION CARTRIDGE [Mattel Electronics #2613]

Release #15 October 16, 1980

Trademark used under license from Children's Television Workshop, Inc.

AKA Math Fun

Produced by APh Technology Consultants for Mattel Electronics

Program: Kimo Yap

Title screen graphics: Jerrol Richardson

Instructions Posted Here


Who would guess that learning basic arithmetic skills could be this much fun!

To solve the math problems, two players race their clever gorillas along the river bank, ducking past obstructing animals.

The math gets more challenging when the players are ready for it. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division -- all are more fun with Math Fun.

  • Accommodates wide range of learning levels
  • One or two players
  • Developed in conjunction with The Children's Television Workshop


Although it has a higher production number than Word Fun, Math Fun was released first -- it was one of the original four cartridges test marketed in 1979.

Initially, the solutions for math problems had to be entered ones column first. For example, when subtracting 5 from 24, the solution, 19, would have to be entered as 9, then 1. While this was designed to duplicate how people solve problems with pencil and paper, many customers complained; intuitively, they wanted to simply press in 1 then 9. A running change was ordered so that later copies of the cartridge use this intuitive method of entry instead.