INTELLIVISION CARTRIDGE [Mattel Electronics #5356]

Release 1983

Design & Program: Minh Chou Tran, Bob Newstadt

Graphics: Peggi Decarli, Monique Lujan-Bakerink

Sound: Mark Urbaniec

Instructions Posted Here


A challenging and exciting video version of the time-honored Pinball machine you find in arcades. You get it all -- five balls, flippers, two-player scores, with all the sounds and action of the real thing. If you've ever "tilted" a real pinball machine, try our Pinball. You're in for some surprises and a whale of a lot of fun.

• One or two player game

• Realistic arcade action

• Authentic sounds


Pinball was in production longer than any other Intellivision game -- well over two years. Chou Tran, who started the game, could never get the ball motion debugged. Finally, Bob Newstadt was assigned to help her. He got the motion problems worked out, then he and Chou expanded the design from it's original single screen to its final multi-screen layout.

Although originally announced as part of the red-boxed Action Network, the game was released in 1983, after the "network" concept was dropped. Pinball was released in a purple box.