Las Vegas Roulette

INTELLIVISION CARTRIDGE [Mattel Electronics #1118]

Release #11 October 3, 1980

Also released by Sears

Produced by APh Technological Consulting for Mattel Electronics

Program: John Brooks

Package illustration: Jerrol Richardson


Can you parlay your pile of chips into a fortune? Do you dare risk it all on a single number that you just know is due to come up on the next spin of the wheel? Here's a great party game with all the sound and color of the big casino. Place your "bets" . . . all "bets" down? Then here goes the big wheel of fortune -- clickety-click-click -- and cross your fingers as the wheel slows and the ball bounces toward your lucky number.

  • Authentic roulette table layout
  • One or two players
  • Payoff table and odds listing