Sears Console

As was Sears' practice at the time, the Intellivision systems sold at sears were rebranded as Sears Tele-Games. The insides were the same as a 2609, but the controllers were removable and the outside of the unit was totally different.

Sears Games

The Intellivision games sold at sears were also rebranded as Sears Tele-Games. The Mattel 0910 and 0920 part number suffixes stil appear on the inside of the box and the (Sears) manual, respectively, but the first four numbers on each game are not the same as the Mattel versions. Nor are they related to the part numbers on the outside of the box. This Sears part number is on the upper right of the front of the box and the right end of the spine, as well as usually on the top of the box. The game name is in blue on the top of the box as well as on the back. All games come with standard Mattel overlays.

Most of the games came in Hong Kong boxes, with "Cartridge made in Hong Kong, Controller overlays printed in U.S.A, Balance made and printed in Hong Kong." on the back. The Hong Kong titles all have the top of the box oriented such that the text is right side up when the box is laid down with the gatefold on the top. At this writing, the Soccer and Basketball titles are not confirmed in this unmodified state (see below)

Hong Kong overlays exist for four Mattel games. Their inclusion in a box require modifying the box remove the text saying the overlays are printined in the USA.  Sears games are modified from the above box by either a "MADE IN HONG KONG." sticker or by blacking (or bluing) out all the text that says otherwise. Three of the four games that have Hong Kong overlays available have been identified in one form or the other (or both), with Football being the other possibility for this variation.

The remaining games were printed in the USA. Most of these games come with the game name on the box top upside down compared to the Hong Kong boxes. One exception is Night Stalker, which is also the only game that exists in both Hong Kong and USA versions. It still uses the HK orientation. Four games (Astrosmash, Bowling, Boxing and Space Armada) have the game name right side up, but do NOT have the part number information on the box top. Space Hawk is one of the last games to appear in a Sears box, and it restores the part number to the top, in the upside down orientation, but changes the ink color to black. The name on the back is also in black instead of blue, and the part number on the spine and upper right of the box front are removed.