Rocky and Bullwinkle


Based on the Jay Ward TV series, licensed from P.A.T. Ward, Inc.

Design/Program: Steve Crandall

Sound Effects/Music: Patricia Lewis Du Long

CATALOG DESCRIPTION (January, 1983, Consumer Electronics Show)

Rocky and Bullwinkle must stop the evil Boris and Natasha from robbing a train full of priceless valuables. While Boris uses "Upsidasium" to float the valuables up to Natasha’s waiting helicopter, Rocky must fly around and intercept them. When Rocky catches the valuables, he gives them to Bullwinkle for safe keeping.


This was a rare case where the Atari version of a game was designed before the Intellivision version. Although both versions were in production at the same time in mid-1983, the Atari version was started first and wound up defining the Intellivision version.

Although a working version of the game completed Quality Assurance testing on May 24, 1983, the cartridge was cancelled for unknown reasons.

BUG: The score rolls over at 1,000,000 points to zero.

FUN FACT: Rocky and Bullwinkle received its first public showing at the Las Vegas Classic Gaming Expo in August 1999. Atari fans were able to play the cartridge in the Intellivision Productions booth.