Release 1983

Based on the Nintendo of America, Inc. arcade game featuring characters licensed form King Features Syndicate, inc.


In the Popeye arcade game, you race Popeye up steps, across beams and down ladders - all to win the affection of his sweethears, Olive Oyl. Popeye must catch the hearts, musical notes, and calls for help sent by Olive Oyl. Meanwhile, Brutus is chasing him. Punch the bottles thrown at Popeye and escape danger. Eat/punch the spinach and Popeye can defeat Brutus.


Put yourself in Popeye's place. You've got a daffy girl friend who goes by the name of Olive Oyl. Right now, she's got you running in circles, chasing hearts and notes all over the place. (Well, blow me down!)

Then, there's that blubber-brain, Brutus, who's out to get you. (He's meaner than mean!!) While you're dashing around, he's taking shots to knock you overboard.

And if that's not bad enough -- you've got that nasty ol' biddy, the Sea Hag, pelting you with bottles. And vultures diving right for your head.

Now you'd think with all this going on, you could rely on your spinach. NO CHANCE! It's there one second -- gone the next. (When you do grab it, Brutus is in big trouble!)

So go ahead, put yourself in Popeye's place -- if you think you can handle all the action!

Development History

This game was also released for Atari 2600, Atari 5200 and ColecoVision.