Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back


Release 1983

Under license from Lucasfilm, Ltd.


This video game cartridge is based on the classic battle scene from "The Empire Strikes Back". Take your Snowspeeders into battle against the gigantic Imperial Walkers on the Ice Plant Hoth. Quick reflexes and nerves of steel are needed to halt the Walkers and gain as many points as possible before they blow up the power generators at the rebel base.


Things are really hot on the Ice Planet Hoth. Imperial Walkers are approaching the Rebels' power generator and unless you can prevent them, they'll blow the entire Rebel base sky high!

There's still time, so blast off in your Snowspeeder and stop the Imperial!

Your instructions: Aim, fire, "weaken" and eliminate the Imperial Walkers with missile fire. Hit a bomb hatch and POW...instant destruction. Look sharp for smart bombs! Outfly them or shoot them down. If you Snowspeeder is damaged, land in a valley for a quick repair. And when you gain The Force...the mighty Imperial Walkers are at your mercy. May The Force be with you.

Development History

This game was also released for Atari 2600 and Atari 5200.