Release 1983

Under license from Konami Industry Co.


Players wander King Tut's Tomb in search of fabulous treasure. Keys are used to unlock passageways to the treasure. But the sprits of the tomb will guard it at all costs. With lasers and flash bombs, players defeat the protectors of the tomb and use a warp zone to escape with theloot.

BOX DESCRIPTION (international)

An archaeologist's dream come true...to explore the underground burial chamgers inside King Tut's tomb and to recover his fabulous treasure. But do you dare? Ancient and eerie creatures roam the maze-like passageways ready to defend the treasures you most desire. Can you stop them with your laster gun and snatch the loot before it is too late? For the really daring...find the keys that unlock the doors to four different bural chambers. Feel the tension mount as you descend deeper and deeper, facing new creatures in every chamber an dever-increasing odds. Suspense, surprise, and the supernatural await you at every turn when you enter...King Tut's tomb!

Development History

This game was also released for Atari 2600 and ColecoVision.