Release 1983

Design/Program: David Crane


Danger lurks at every turn, as Pitfall by Activision brings a jungle no-man's land to life for your Intellivision. Jump into the shoes of Pitfall Harry, as he leads you on an incredible adventure in search of lost treasures. You'll race against time, through this hostile jungle, fighting off hungry crocodiles! Deadly snakes and scorpions! Treacherous tar pits and quicksand! Run, leap, swing from vines! And with any luck, you might even survive.


Pitfall!, originally released for the Atari 2600, was Activision's first big success (it spawned a sequel - Pitfall II: Lost Caverns - on Colecovision). David Crane, the game's designer, programmed this Intellivision version.

Activision later released versions of Pitfall! for Atari 5200 and Colecovision.

PLAYING TIPS: From designer David Crane in the Pitfall! instruction manual:

“As you set off on your first adventure with Harry, you'll notice two important features: that the logs always roll from left to right, and that the 'replacement' Harrys (after Harry loses a life) drop from the trees on the left side of the screen. So, to minimize the number of rolling logs to be jumped, and the catastrophic hazards to be retried, simply run to the left.

"Pitfall Harry's trip must be made through a maze of surface and underground passages through the jungle. To capture all 32 treasures in under twenty minutes, Harry will have to use some of the underground passages. I'd suggest that you make a map of the terrain each time you play. Knowing the jungle and planning the best route to all the treasures is the only way to insure success time after time.

"Until you get really skilled at making Harry jump from croc to croc, you might wait until the crocodiles' jaws are closed, jump to the top of the first croc's head, then wait for the jaws to open and close again before jumping to the next one. Soon, you'll be skipping across crocs like they were stepping stones in a stream."

FUN FACT: Players who sent a photo to Activision showing a score of 20,000 or more received an "Activision Explorers Club" emblem.