1983 Releases

Technically speaking, several of the titles described on the Game Network pages were also 1983 releases; the games listed here are the ones that did not carry a "Network" designation.

Mattel originally stressed the wide variety of games available for Intellivision, but by 1983 it was clear that the market was primarily asking for arcade-type games. Work on educational and strategy games was quietly discontinued or pushed off onto the Entertainment Computer System.

Also, the emphasis of advertising shifted from the system to the individual games themselves. The George Plimpton commercials comparing Intellivision to Atari were replaced by ads for individual games available for multiple systems (in Marketing's term, "for all flavors").

The packaging reflected these two changes. The Intellivision game networks were dropped, as was the "M Network" designation for the Atari 2600 and computer versions. And whereas M Network games had used different artwork and, usually, a different title on their packaging than their Intellivision counterparts, by the end of 1983 nearly identical versions of the packaging were used for the Intellivision, Atari 2600, IBM PC and Apple releases of the games.

The first of the games listed here to actually make it to market was BurgerTime. For the first time, the box didn't use artwork by the illustrator who had done all of the previous Intellivision packages; instead, it featured the artwork from the arcade machine. Subsequent releases used a variety of art styles on their boxes.

Despite the title "1983 Releases," several unreleased games are included below. They are listed here if a Mattel Electronics catalog or press release announced them as a 1983 release or, in the case of unannounced titles, 1983 would have been the most likely year of release.