Donkey Kong Junior


Release 1983

Released in Europe by CBS Electronics

Based on the Nnntendo of America, Inc arcade game

Design/Program: Frank Johnson (Roklan)


The tables have turned! Now Mario has Papa Donkey Kong locked in a cage ... and only Donkey Kong Junior can save him! Junior climbs and swings across vines to reach a special key to free his Papa. Mario sends jaw-snapping creatures to chase him; earn extra points by plicking fruit to bonk them. If Junior makes the rescue, he'll advance to another screen, where he must pick up more keys and elude more of Mario's dangerous helpers. The third screen is the most challenging of all! Help Donkey Kong Junior save his Papa from the revenge of Mario.


Junior has to climb vines, jump from platforms, and avoid snap jaws to save his Dad.

Nearly at the top but many hazards are in store for the brave Junior.

The next test is to move keys up the vines whilst avoiding snap jaws and nit picker birds.

When Junior reaches this stage, it gets harder not easier. But Dad must be rescued.

Development History

Versions were released for Atari 2600, ColecoVision and Intellivision.

FUN FACT: This was the only Intellivision cartridge released by Coleco that was not listed in their original 1982 catalog.

BUG: Doesn't work on Intellivision II.