Release 1983

Under license from Sega Enterprises, Inc.


Frogger is based upon one of the most popular arcade games. You must use your skill and quick reflexes to guide your grantic frogs home to safety in a Mad-Cap series of leaps across a busy road and a treacherous river crowded with Hazards.


It's tough to be a frog! Life isn't all lazy days and lily pads -- it abounds with dangers.

In fact, every leap Frogger takes could be his last!

Can youhelp Frogger survive some perils, and hop Frogger home to safety?

Get Frogger past all these obstacles, and you'll jump for joy!

For fast-hopping one- or two-player fun.

.First you have to move Frogger across a very busy highway. Watch out for the trailer trucks -- and all those cars!

Then try to cross a fast-moving river. Keep an eye out for the pink "lady" fron. When you see her, get Frogger to help her home. If you do you'll earn bonus points!

Jump Frogger carefully onto the diving turtles before they go under water! And don't be fooled by the alligators that look like logs...Frogger is safe on their backs, but a free meal near their mouths!

And beware of the frog-eating snakes! Watch out for them as they slither up and down the riverbank in search of Frogger.

And then. at higher levels, there are the river otters. They can grab Frogger off the end of a row of turtles or a log, so hop Frogger away from them!

Home at last! But look before you leap. If there's a fly waiting, Frogger can gobble up for extra points. But if there's an alligator waiting, it'll gobble Frogger!

Development History

Parker Brothers also released Frogger for Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 400/800/600XL, ColecoVision, Commodore Vic 20, Commodore 64 and TI99/4A.