Super Cobra


Release 1983

Under license from Konami Industry Co.

Design/Program: Frank Johnson (Roklan)


Based on a top Arcade game, Super Cobra provides a teset for the most skilled and daring player. You can reach the enemy base only by helicopter. But to get there, players must fly through dangerous mazes, caves and cities of tall buildings. The enemy attacks with missiles, tanks, meteors, and UFO's. It takes speed, cunning and guts to make it through.

BOX DESCRIPTION (international)

You're a helicopter gunship pilot on a daring and dangerous mission: air surveillance of enemy territory. Success depends on how far you can penetrate enemy airspace. Can you handle the pressure? Because the further you go, the more difficult the mission becomes.

Show taht you've got what it takes by manoeuvring your chopper around craggy mountain peaks, through deep dark tunnels, over tall city buildings. All while you face enemy tanks and missiles and weird sky-flying weapons. But you can fight back with high-flying, quick-thinking, fast-reaction moves. Good luck and good flying.

Development History

This game was also released for Atari 2600, Atari 5200 and ColecoVision.