Learning Fun II


Release 1987

Includes code from the preivously released Electric Company Word Fun

Produced by Realtime  Associates for INTV Corporation

Design/Program: David Warhol

Graphics: Connie Goldman

Sound: David Warhol

Instructions Posted Here


Four exciting games in one game cartridge that strengthen your spelling and memory skills while you have fun!

• CROSSWORDS: Build words from a random jumble of letters!

• WORD ROCKETS: Exercise both manual dexterity with spelling skills -- launch vowel "rockets" to complete words!

• WORD HUNT: Scramble through a jungle, finding letters to build words!

• MEMORY FUN: Uncover hidden letters two at a time, looking for letters that match. A challenge to your memory!

For one or two players

CROSSWORDS, WORD ROCKETS, and WORD HUNT are enhanced versions of games previously released as WORD FUN. MEMORY FUN is an entirely new game!


As with Learning Fun I, this was mostly recycled material that Dave Warhol could put together himself quickly and profitably.

BUG: While enhancing the game Crosswords, Dave accidentally left off a prefix that indicated a number was supposed to be base 10 instead of base 16. As a result, the computer only selects words beginning with letters A through T instead of A through Z.