Release 1987

BurgerTime trademark used under license from Data East USA, Inc.

Produced by Realtime Associates for INTV Corporation

Includes code from the unreleased Masters of the Universe II produced at Mattel Electronics

Design/Program: Ray Kaestner

Graphics: Connie Goldman

Sound: David Warhol

Package illustration: Keith Robinson

Instructions Posted Here


Peter Pepper, the brave chef from BURGERTIME is back! But so are the evil Hot Dogs and some NEW villains -- a cheap Cherry, a bad Banana and Mugsy, the Mug o' Root Beer. Peter needs your help to escape these Rotten Foods and get lunch onto the plate!

For one or two players.


In reviewing the released and unfinished Mattel Electronics games, INTV Corp. decided that (1) they wanted a sequel to the very successful BurgerTime cartridge and (2) they did not want another Masters of the Universe cartridge.

While a BurgerTime sequel, PizzaTime, had been started at Mattel, development had been done at the French office and INTV had no prototype of the game. On the other hand, INTV did have the prototype of Masters of the Universe II, done at Mattel Electronics in California.

Coincidentally, BurgerTime and Masters of the Universe II had both been programmed by Ray Kaestner. Producer Dave Warhol hired Ray to convert the Masters sequel into a BurgerTime sequel. The two of them came up with the rather bizarre concept of Chef Peter Pepper kicking "food balls" past the bad guys from BurgerTime. The resulting game, however, introduced in mid-1987, was a winner.

EASTER EGG: Credits will roll automatically if you leave the title screen up long enough.