Adventures of TRON

ATARI 2600 CARTRIDGE [#4317]

Release 1983

Based on the motion picture TRON from Walt Disney Productions

Produced by Aph Technology Consultants for Mattel Electronics

Program: Hal Finney

CATALOG DESCRIPTION (January 1983, Consumer Electronics Show)

Outwit a complex master control program that sends out recognizers, grid bugs and cannon firing tanks in an attempt to destroy you! It'll take strategy, quick reflexes and a cool head to survive. Based on the movie TRON by Walt Disney Productions. (One player.)


This game was supposed to be an Atari version of the Intellivision TRON Maze-A-Tron cartridge. However, as development continued, the game less and less resembled the Intellivision original. After the game was finished, it was decided to give it a different title. A PAL version was also produced by APh for international release.

BUG: When grabbing a bit, sometimes the whole screen turns blue, other times just the I/O beam.

BUG: Not so much a bug as a complaint: there is no on-screen indication of how many lives you have left.

BUG: If you grab a bit and die at the same time, your new life doesn't start by sliding down the I/O beam as normal.

FUN FACT: Since the resulting game was so different from TRON Maze-A-Tron, which it was supposedly based on, APh also programmed a faithful Intellivision Adventures of TRON. Mattel decided not to release it.

FUN FACT: Consumers who purchased both TRON Deadly Discs and Adventures of TRON could receive a free TRON joystick during a srping 1983 promotion.